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Try AI Makeup Transformation: No Plastic Surgery Needed!
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Try AI Makeup Transformation: No Plastic Surgery Needed!

Feb 2, 2024 · 3 minutes read
AI makeup transformation before and after

We have been seeing all kinds of makeup transformations before and after online, and no plastic surgery needed!

But let's be real, not everyone can nail that amazing makeup technique. (Count me out.) Luckily, there's an AI makeup transformation that lets you try out different makeup looks in your selfie videos.

Let's check out how it works!

In this article:
  1. Apply all kinds of makeup - from eye makeup to lip colors
  2. Try AI Makeup Looks
  3. Have skin problems? Use “Retouch” to fix them
  4. Face Reshape

What is makeup transformation?

First off, let's talk about makeup transformation (or some might just call it a makeup transition).

So, makeup transformation is basically using makeup to make a big change. It's all about reshaping the face, making eyes look bigger, giving lips a boost, and smoothing out the skin - all without going under the knife.

Here are a few examples from TikTok and YouTube creators.

Makeup Transformation before and after

⬆️Video from WappaModa

The thing is—not everyone has super makeup skills.

But no worries, we've got an option for you. Even with minimal makeup knowledge, you can easily go through your very own makeup transition.

Try AI Makeup Transformation with YouCam Video

YouCam Video is the first-ever app for editing selfie videos. It's great for adding makeup and making your selfie videos look just how you want them.

Check out some of the cool features in YouCam Video below:

Apply all kinds of makeup - from eye makeup to lip colors

You can easily try all the makeup options on YouCam Video, including:

  • Lip color
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows
  • Eye Shadow
  • Blush and more

It's similar to having a makeup kit powered by AI on your phone.

Try AI Makeup Looks

If you don't feel like going through all the trouble to find the perfect look, we've got a shortcut for you.

The “Looks” feature lets you pick from ready-made AI makeup styles with just a tap. It handles your eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick color, and even hair color.

We really dig this feature because it saves you a bunch of time experimenting with makeup from the beginning.

*Here's a small can also find the looks that you like, and then make little tweaks with all kinds of makeup tools. This is way faster than applying each makeup one by one.

Have skin problems? Use “Retouch” to fix them

Some people deal with skin problems like spots, pimples, wrinkles, or just not-so-great skin. And you know what? That's totally normal.

It's impossible to have perfect skin all the time.

Go through makeup transition with YouCam Video

That's where the "Retouch" feature comes into play. This tool figures out what's up with your face and helps you:

  • Get rid of spots, pimples, or acne
  • Make your skin look smoother and brighter
  • Cover up those dark circles under your eyes

▸Remove Blemishes in a blink

🔷 With YouCam Video, you can remove blemishes and apply makeup looks

▸Hide unwanted wrinkles

Remove blemishes using makeup transformation app

Thanks to clever AI tech, YouCam Video can spot and hide any flaws in a way that looks totally natural.

Face Reshape

Most of the people are not so happy with how they look—maybe make it slimmer, get fuller lips, or wider eyes.

Well, you can do just that in your selfie video using the "Face Reshape" feature.

👀YouCam Video - Face Reshaping Features:

  • Face size adjust
  • Jawline shaping
  • Chin shape adjust
  • Cheekbones adjust

🔷 Make magical adjustments to your face shape, chin, and cheekbone

▸[Bonus] Try fuller lips and nose job filter

You can find these two makeup tools under Reshape and Retouch features.

By scrolling the slider, you can immediately see the effect displayed right on your selfie video. 

Plump your lips and undergo makeup transition

🔷 Who can say no to plumper lips? You can also remove lip wrinkle with Retouch feature

Nose Job Filter in YouCam Video

🔷 Want a thinner or straighter nose? This nose filter/tool gets you covered.

Closing Line

As makeup kits get fancier, so does AI makeup transformation.

We suggest trying these AI makeup options before splurging on real cosmetics (or thinking about plastic surgery).

Most of the time, it's about finding what looks good on you rather than just following trends. The AI makeup transformation in YouCam Video lets you do exactly that.

Hopefully, YouCam Video can help you discover your own awesome makeup look, making your makeup transition a breeze.

Try the Best Video Makeup App to See Before & After Makeup Transformation

AI Makeup Transformation - YouCam Video

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