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8 Best Video Editing Apps to Retouch Videos in 2024
Video Editing

8 Best Video Editing Apps to Retouch Videos in 2024

Mar 7, 2024 · 3 minutes read
8 Best Video Retouching Apps

If you want to up your video editing game, look no further. Here are eight of the best video retouching apps that allow you to retouch videos and make them pop!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, these best video retouching apps have something for everyone.

8 Best Video Retouching Apps to Retouch Your Videos

If you're looking to take your video editing skills to the next level, we've got you covered.

Check out these 8 amazing video editing apps that will help you retouch your videos and give them a professional touch!

1. YouCam Video - Best Video Retouching App

YouCam Video is a great option for anyone looking to take their videos to the next level. With powerful video retouching tools like face smoother, color correction and filters, it's easy to make your footage look professional.

In YouCam Video, there are many powerful retouching tools. Here we summarize the most popular retouch features.

AI Retouching Feature: Face and Skin Smoothing

Retouch Feature: Face and Skin SmoothingThe Face and Skin Smoothing feature in YouCam Video can enhance the appearance of a user's face in the video.

It uses advanced algorithms to smooth out skin texture and create a more youthful and flawless look.

AI Retouching Feature: Makeup Filters

YouCam Video's Makeup feature offers an array of makeup options to adjust with just a few clicks, including Lip color, Eyelashes, and Foundation.

With this feature, you can enhance your appearance and achieve a flawless look in your videos without ever leaving the app.

AI Retouching Feature: Remove Blemishes

Retouch Feature: Remove Blemishes

The Concealer feature in YouCam Video allows users to quickly and easily remove unwanted spots, marks, or blemishes from the face in the video.

It can help create a more polished and professional look, while still preserving the natural appearance of the user's skin.

AI Retouching Feature: Teeth Whitening

The Teeth Whitening feature in YouCam Video is a tool that allows users to adjust the whiteness and brightness of a user's teeth in the video.

It can help create a more confident and attractive smile, without the need for expensive dental treatments or procedures.

2. InShot - Filters to Retouch Videos

Try InShot's easy-to-use filters to retouch your videos

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.9 / 4.8

InShot is an all-in-one video editing tool that lets users trim their clips down, adjust their lighting & hue , add text & emoticons, plus much more!

Additionally, InShot allows users access various stock photos & audio tracks which makes creating content even easier.

3. VSCO - Retouch Videos Easily with Filters

Retouch your videos easily with VSCO video filters

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.7 / 3.3

VSCO is another great app for editing videos on the go. It features both basic controls (like brightness and contrast) and more advanced tools (like curves).

With VSCO, you can also easily apply filters to give your footage that extra bit of flair.

4. Prequel - Aesthetic Retouching Video Filters

Use Prequen's aesthetic retouching video filters

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.8 / 4.2

Prequel is one of the most popular video editing apps out there. It offers features like beauty retouching, motion graphics, 3D effects, and more.

From creating stunning Instagram stories to making YouTube intros, Prequel has everything you need to take your edits from ordinary to extraordinary!

5. CapCut - Quick and Easy Video Retouching

Try quick and easy video retouching with CapCut

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.7 / 4.3

CapCut is another great option if you're looking for an all-in-one video editing solution. It offers an intuitive interface with powerful retouching filter effects so you can tweak any aspect of your clips with ease.

Plus, CapCut makes it easy to share creations directly on social media or save them in HD quality for later use.

6. Funimate - Fun and Easy Video Retouching

Try fun and easy video retouching with Funimate

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.7 / 4.4

Funimate is perfect if you're looking for a fun way to get creative with your videos. With this app, you can add cool retouching effect with tons of filter styles to make sure your creations stand out from the rest.

Plus, Funimate has its own dedicated community where users share ideas and collaborate on projects together!

7. Videoleap - Professional Video Retouching Filters

Try professional video retouching filters with Videoleap

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.6 / 4.4

Videoleap is a great choice if you want features similar to those found in professional video editing software but don't want to pay for expensive software subscriptions or hardware upgrades.

With its wide range of options of retouching filters, it's easy to make stunning videos without breaking the bank!

8. Filto - Quick Video Retouching Effects

Try quick video retouching effects with Filto app

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.7 / 3.4

Filto is an incredibly versatile app that allows users to use many different video retouching filters while maintaining the clip's original resolution quality.

Filto makes it easy for anyone with any level of experience to create amazing content quickly & efficiently .

How To Retouch Videos with Best Video Editing App

If you want to learn how to retouch your videos like a pro, look no further! Follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect look using the best video editing app available.

Step 1. Download Best Video Retouching App

YouCam Video: The Best Video Retouching App

The first step in getting started with YouCam Video is to download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Once it's installed, open up the app and get ready to start retouching.

Step 2. Upload a Video to Retouch

Upload Your Video to Retouch

Once you've opened up the app, click on "+" icon to import a video you'd like to retouch.

Step 3. Retouch Your Video

Tap "Retouch" to browse the retouching tools in YouCam Video.

Try Face Smoother for skin retouching in videos

The "Smoother" tool is great for retouching the overall look of your video while "Face Smoother" specifically targets skin smoothing effects.

Try eye and lip retouching filters to retouch your videos

There are also "Eye" and "Lip" retouching options available along with "Brighten" and "Teeth Whitner" tools that really add some sparkle to your video!

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Step 4. Save and Share Retouched Video

Once you’re finished retouching your video, don't forget to save it so that all of your hard work doesn't go to waste!

You can also share it directly with friends and family if you'd like - just select one of the sharing icons at the bottom of the screen.

Download the Best Video Retouching App: YouCam Video

YouCam Video: The Best Video Retouching App

With YouCam Video’s retouching tools, anyone can become flawless in videos.

This app makes it easy to edit videos like a pro without any technical knowledge required. So what are you waiting for? Give this amazing app a try today and see what kind of creative magic you can create!

More Video Retouching Tips

Retouch Videos FAQs

What is retouching in video?

In video editing, retouching refers to the process of enhancing or modifying visual elements within a video to improve its overall quality or appearance.

This can involve various adjustments such as:

  • Color correction
  • Adjusting brightness or contrast
  • Removing imperfections
  • Smoothing skin tones
  • Adding visual effects, and more

The goal of retouching in video is to refine the footage, correct any flaws, and enhance the visual appeal of the final product.

What is the app that retouches videos?

The app that retouches videos is usually called "video retouching app" or "retouch video editor".

This type of apps typically offers a variety of tools and features for adjusting color, brightness, contrast, and other aspects of the video. Users can also apply filters, remove imperfections, add visual effects, and perform other editing tasks to enhance the quality of their videos.

One popular app for retouching videos is "YouCam Video." With this video retouching app, you can smooth skin, remove blemishes, adjust lighting, and apply various filters to improve the appearance of your videos.

What is the best video retouching tool?

When considering video retouching, YouCam Video stands out as a top choice.

Offering a comprehensive suite of tools including color correction, makeup filters, face retouch features, and face reshape options, YouCam Video caters to various editing needs.

Whether you're looking to enhance your appearance in the video or retouch the entire footage, YouCam Video provides the necessary tools for effective retouching.

How to I retouch my skin in a video?

With YouCam Video the easy-to-use video retouching app, you can make your videos look like they’ve been edited by a professional.

Can I retouch videos on iPhone?

When it comes to retouching your iPhone videos, there are a few different options you have with YouCam Video.

The Smoother tool is great for retouching the overall look of your video while Face Smoother specifically targets skin smoothing effects. There are also eye and lip retouching options available along with Brighten and Teeth Whitner tools that really add some sparkle to your video!

Retouch Your Videos Easily and Quickly

YouCam Video: The Best Video Retouching App

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