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AI Video Stabilizer: How to Stabilize Shaky iPhone Video
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AI Video Stabilizer: How to Stabilize Shaky iPhone Video

May 9, 2024 · 3 minutes read
AI Video Stabilizer: How to Stabilize Shaky iPhone Video

There are times when you shot a video with your phone, but the footage is just so shaky that it's unbearable to watch.


This is usually where a handheld video stabilizer or an AI video stabilizer comes in. Given that a physical video stabilizer can be pricey and you are probably not that devoted to video shooting, we will be focusing on how to stabilize your iPhone video with an AI one. 

How to Stabilize Shaky iPhone Video?

When filming a video on an iPhone 14 or later model, you can enable "Enhanced Stabilization" to avoid a shaky footage. However, for those who have models before iPhone 14 requires a different approach. 

That is why we will demonstrate how to transform your shaky footage into a more stable one, using YouCam Video instead.

All it takes is 4 simple steps to work the magic.

Step 1: Open YouCam Video

Download and open YouCam Video. At the homepage, you will see a 'Stabilize' icon.

Click on that, and then choose a video you want to stabilize.

Step 2: Stabilize the Footage

At this stage, your footage will be automatically stabilized. The app will display a slider, allowing you to see how much your video has been stabilized based on AI recommendations.

Each video may require a different level of stabilization.

Step 3: Decide the Stability Level

If you're not satisfied with the current result, you can also choose a different level of stability to see which one works best for your video.

Step 4: Export and Save

Lastly, just export the final footage and save on your device! 

In case your video still looks a bit blurry from the action, you can also try the unblur tool in YouCam Video. This should help you get rid of the blurriness.

👉 Read more: How to Unblur a Video

Other Tips for Stabilizing Video

Besides using a third-party video stabilizing app to help you stabilize iPhone video, here are 4 tips that might come in handy during the recording.

#1 Use a tripod

A good old-fashioned tripod might not seem like much, but it can certainly help you steady your iPhone during shooting.

Its downside is that it might limit your flexibility since you have to remain in one position with the tripod.

While you can still hold it and move with the action, it's not as convenient.

#2 Enable electronic stabilization features

As mentioned before, if your device has a video stabilizer feature, make sure to turn it on. This way, you can have smoother footage even before any edits.

For iPhone 14 or later model, you can use a feature called 'Enhanced Stabilization', and here's how to find it.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Camera
  • Tap Record Video
  • Toggle 'Enhanced Stabilization' on or off

#3 Avoid zooming

Sometimes, you might zoom in and out during a shot, but try to avoid doing so.

Zooming can result in a blurry effect that requires extra post-editing to stabilize the video and improve quality.

#4 Use both hands

It's more helpful if you use both hands to hold your iPhone steady during the shoot and keep it as close to your body as possible. This can help eliminate blurry footage effectively.

Video Stabilizer FAQ

How do I stabilize my video?

There are two ways you can stabilize a video. One is AI-based tools, like an AI video stabilizer, or physical video stabilizer.

Take YouCam Video for example, it helps you smooth out camera shakes in video shots, to produce a steady video result. Whereas, physical video stabilizer also provides the same outcome that requires less post editing.

What is the difference between physical video stabilizer and an AI one?

🔹 Physical Video Stabilizer

Handheld stabilizers are physical devices, often with a handle and counterweights, designed to reduce camera shake and stabilize footage.

  • Less Post-Processing
  • Reduce camera shake effectively during recording
  • Require manual adjustment and control
  • May be pricey
  • Need to carry extra weight

🔹 AI Video Stabilizer

AI-based video stabilizers utilize algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze footage and automatically stabilize it in post-processing.

  • Automated operation
  • Able to work with existing footage
  • No extra equipment needed
  • Require post-editing
  • Can only do limited improvement if the footage quality is too low

How to stabilize video using AI?

Take YouCam Video for example, you can stabilize your iPhone video by taking these steps:

  • Tap on the 'Stabilize' feature
  • Choose the video you wish to stabilize (at this stage, you video will be automatically improved)
  • Switch between different level of stabilizing until you are satisfied
  • Export your video and save

Why my footage seems even shakier after stabilizing?

Sometimes, your footage might be even shakier after the stabilizing. If this happens to you, here are some possible reasons:

  • Over-correction: Stabilization algorithms can try too hard to fix movement, making the stabilized video look unnatural or shaky.
  • Incompatible Settings: If the stabilization settings aren't right for your video, it won't stabilize well.
  • Low-Quality Source Footage: If your original video is blurry or low-quality, stabilizing it might make it look worse instead of better.
  • Hardware Limitations: Sometimes, the device or software you're using for stabilization just isn't up to the task, which can lead to shaky results.
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