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10 Romantic Couple CapCut Video Templates - Editor's Pick
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10 Romantic Couple CapCut Video Templates - Editor's Pick

Mar 8, 2024 · 3 minutes read
10 Romantic Couple CapCut Video Templates - Editor's Pick

If you want to make a quick couple video for your loved one, applying Romantic Video Templates is no doubt the best way to go.

In this blog, we will share 10 Romantic Couple Video Templates from CapCut. We literally went through all the trending TikTok cute couple shorts to pick these out. We hope you'll find the one you like!

Let’s walk through them together.

10 Romantic Couple Video Templates
  1. Scrapbook Styles
  2. Photo & Video Mixes
  3. Copy that Phone Vibe
  4. Go from Fuzzy to Clear
  5. Retro Effect
  6. Go Vintage!
  7. Cool Effects
  8. Keep This Love in a Photograph
  9. Pixar Couple!
  10. Just Go with the Beat

Editor's pick: 10 Romantic Couple CapCut Video Templates

#1 Romantic Couple Template: Try Scrapbook Styles

#2 Romantic Couple Template: Photo & Video Mixes

#3 Romantic Couple Template: Copy that Phone Vibe

#4 Romantic Couple Template: Go from Fuzzy to Clear

#5 Romantic Couple Template: Retro Effect

#6 Romantic Couple Template: Go Vintage!

#7 Romantic Couple Template: Cool Effects 😘

#8 Romantic Couple Template: Keep This Love in a Photograph

#9 Romantic Couple Template: Pixar Couple!

#10 Romantic Couple Template: Just Go with the Beat

More Romantic Couple Video Ideas:

If you are looking for more romantic effects, here are 3 ideas you can try!

❤️ Turn Your Video into Cartoon!

❤️ Romantic Filters

❤️ Try Love-themed Effects

These features can be found on YouCam Video - one of the top Romantic Video Apps.

Feel free to give it a go and add romantic touches to your video.

YouCam Video: Try Romantic Filters & Effects

YouCam Video is currently the most user-friendly romantic video app. It provides a range of instant cute couple effects for your videos that you can apply in seconds. 

See how these romantic filters and effects will work on your couple video!

Create your couple romance video

How to use these CapCut Romantic Couple Video Template?

To start using these CapCut romantic couple video templates, here's what you need to do:

  • Install CapCut app on your phone
  • Choose the template you want to try
  • Tap on the "Use Template in CapCut"
  • Start adding photos and videos to create videos for Instagram Reels and TikTok Videos
  • Export and Share!
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