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5 Best Video Pimple Remover Apps on iPhone & Android
Video Editing

5 Best Video Pimple Remover Apps on iPhone & Android

Mar 27, 2024 · 3 minutes read
6 Best Face Clear Apps on iPhone & Android

Maybe you've wondered if you can remove pimples or retouch your skin in a video like you might remove a blemish on a selfie, as it turns out, you can!

There is an ever-growing collection of video editing apps that let you smooth your skin, remove acne, and more to give you a glowing complexion in all your videos.

▲ Retouch skin in videos with the YouCam Video App

We've rounded up our favorite face clear apps to get rid of acne in videos that will make your skin glow in every TikTok, IG Video, and more.

Discover how easy it is to retouch your skin on videos with our top picks for the best acne remover apps for video.

Table of Contents

5 Best Pimple Remover Apps for iPhone and Android

  1. YouCam Video
  2. Facetune
  3. B612
  4. Meitu
  5. BeautyPlus

Here we've gathered and tested the best pimple editing apps to remove acne in your TikToks, Instagram, and YouTube videos.

Read on to pick out the best pimple remover apps for your videos.

1. YouCam Video: Best Pimple Remover App for Videos

YouCam Video - Remove Acne App

  • OS: Android, iOS
  • Key Features:
    ✔️ Auto detects pimples & blemishes 
    ✔️ Extensive retouch tools
    ✔️ Easy to use

YouCam Video is the top pimple editing app to beautify your videos on iPhone and Android.

Try face clear app to remove pimple in video

It is an app that excels in its retouch tools thanks to smart AI algorithms that let it accurately identify and conceal any imperfections in a natural way.

Aside from pimple removal, the YouCam Video app also lets you:

  • Smooth skin
  • Conceal spots
  • Brighten your skin

Test acne remover app and see how it works

Alongside retouch tools, there are also many other reshaping features including:

  • Face reshape
  • Lip plumping
  • Eyes, nose, and jaw shaping

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2. Facetune: Best for Skin Smoothing

Test acne remover app and see how it works

OS: Android, iOS
Ranking: 4.4 / 4.6
Key Features:
✔️ Tons of retouch features
✔️ Extra filters & effects
✔️ Basic makeup tools

Facetune is well-known for its strong ability to touch up faces in videos, making it a popular choice for editing. It offers basic tools like Smooth, Smoother, Conceal, Touch Up, and more to enhance your appearance in videos.

Here's how it works: You use the Patch feature to select and fix blemishes on your face, and it automatically applies the correction to your video.

However, it might not give you as precise edits as some other apps. Also, if you leave the app during editing and come back later, your changes might not be saved properly and could look different. 

Do be careful about it.

3. B612: Best for Beauty Filters

B612: pimple remover app

OS: Android, iOS
Rating: 4.3 / 4.7
Key Features:
✔️ Easy use beauty filters
✔️ Tons of retouch & makeup tools
✔️ Fun stickers & additions

B612 is a photo and video editor with AI technology, offering makeup features like lip color, eye color, contour, blush, and more. It also provides a range of beauty filters and tools for editing your body appearance.

However, unlike its photo editing options, B612 doesn't have a Retouch feature for videos. Instead, you can use beauty filters to reduce imperfections on your face to some extent.

4. Meitu: Best for Airbrushed Skin

Meitu: acne remover app

OS: Android, iOS
Rating: 4.5 / 4.8
Key Features:

✔️ Gives airbrushed skin 
✔️ Can fine-tune retouch tools

In Meitu, you will find several features that help you adjust your portrait. These effects include makeup, face, and teeth adjustment. I would say Meitu has many retouch related features. You can remove smile lines, lip wrinkles, neck wrinkles, and forehead wrinkles.

However, most exclusive retouch functions are behind a pay wall. You need to become a VIP to have access to wrinkle removal, eye retouching, teeth correction, and hair bangs adjustment. 

5. Beauty Plus: Best for Auto-Retouch

Beauty Plus: video pimple removal

OS: Android, iOS
Rating: 4.5 / 4.8

Key Features:

✔️ Unique eye shape feature
✔️ Easy auto retouch function

Beauty Plus offers an auto retouch function that effectively clears away pimples or acne blemishes. You can access this feature under Retouch > Acne. 

Moreover, you can experiment with reshaping the head, removing dark circles, firming up features, and adjusting contours. There are plenty of options to explore.

While there are plenty of features to try out, it's worth noting that most tools and filters, which were once free, now require a premium subscription. New tools released often go straight into the premium package.

How to Get Rid of Pimples in Video for iPhone and Android

Now you've learned some more about the apps that let you remove pimples from videos, we'll show you how to smooth your skin on a video easily with the following steps:

Step 1. Download the Best Face Clear App

Try face clear app to remove pimple in video

YouCam Video is a pimple editing app that lets you get rid of pimples, smooth your skin, remove blemishes, cover acne, and much more. Simply download the app for free from the App Store or Google play store to get started.

Step 2. Upload Your Video

  • Choose the video to edit, a portrait video is best.
  • Trim the video and pick orientation for your favorite socials, IG (Square or 1:1, or 9:18 for Reels), TikTok (9:16, portrait), & more.

Step 3. Remove Pimples, Acne Blemishes, Scars & More 

How to remove pimple from video

  • Once your video is ready, simply tap "Retouch" to get started. 
  • Remove pimples, acne blemishes & wrinkles with the retouch tools.

How to remove acne from video

Remove pimples and get glowing skin on every video with the various retouch tools:

  • Concealer
  • Brighten
  • Face smoother

All these tools let you fine-tune your look to make your videos pop, even on a bad skin day.

Step 4. Save the Video

  • Save your video in HD, 720p, 1080p, 2k & 4k.
  • Edit bitrate
  • Edit frame rate
  • Save your video & share it to your favorite socials!

No matter your skin troubles, from acne to irritation, this video editing app makes sure the camera always catches your good side. 

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Download YouCam Video: Best Video Pimple Remover App

Try face clear app to remove pimple in video

If you’re feeling self-conscious about acne and don’t want it in your videos, YouCam Video has the tools you need to make it disappear. You don’t have to disrupt your posting schedule when you have an app to clear your skin without buying more skincare products.

Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android to discover how you can make your skin clear like magic!

Remove Pimples and Acne in Videos FAQ

What is the app that removes pimples from videos?

If you want to enhance your appearance in a video, look for a video editing app with facial retouching features. You can also search for pimple remover app, acne remover app, or face clear app.

These apps typically either automatically remove facial imperfections or allow for manual editing. For instance, YouCam Video is an example of such an app. It allows you to remove pimples, acne, or spots using a slider tool.

This can enhance your entire face without the need for manual brushing over the areas you want to retouch.

How do you edit pimples out of photos on your iPhone?

You can edit pimples out of photos on your iPhone using various photo editing apps available on the App Store.

One popular option is YouCam Makeup. With this photo editor's AI removal and retouch features, you can easily clean up your face naturally in photos. These features include the acne remover feature, the oil absorption effect, and the skin smoother tool.

To remove acne from a photo using YouCam Makeup, follow these steps:

  • Choose "Beautify" and upload your photo.
  • Scroll over to "Acne." The app will start by performing automatic edits.
  • Tap "Manual," zoom in on where you'd like to make your edits, and tap the blemishes if you want to make further adjustments.

Can you edit acne out of a video?

Yes, you can edit acne out of a video using video editing apps that come with retouch features. You can also search for acne remover apps or pimple remover apps specifically designed for videos.

For example, YouCam Video is a popular makeup editor for videos available on both iPhone and Android. As a face clear app, it offers an easy-to-use interface and allows you to edit your skin in videos effortlessly.

With YouCam Video, you can remove acne, blemishes, annoying spots, smooth skin, remove pimples, and much more using a slider tool. You have control over the degree of retouching by adjusting the slider from 0 to 100.

How do you touch up faces in a video?

To touch up faces in a video, you can use video editing apps (or online tools) that offer facial retouching features.

With YouCam Video, one of the best acne remover apps, you can touch up faces by following these steps:

  • Import your video
  • Access facial retouching tools in the toolbar below
  • Apply facial retouching features, including Smoother, Face Smoother, Brighten, Concealer, and more
  • Use the slider tool to control how much you want to retouch your face (be careful not to overdo it)

How to get rid of pimples in videos?

  1. Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android from the app store.
  2. Choose the video from your phone that you want to use to refresh your look.
  3. Go to Retouch.
  4. Under the Touch-up tab, find the Concealer feature. Tap to apply and cover any blemishes you don’t want your friends and followers to see.
  5. Adjust the different touch-up features until you get the look you want to show off.
  6. Save your video and share it to TikTok, YouTube, or your other social media channels!

Start Removing Pimples with the Best Face Clear App

Try face clear app to remove pimple in video

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