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TikTok Trend: What is PokéDance? And How to Make One
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TikTok Trend: What is PokéDance? And How to Make One

Mar 22, 2024 · 3 minutes read
TikTok Trend: What is PokéDance? And How to Make One

There's a POKÉDANCE frenzy on TikTok, with people trying out the cute dance moves in the video and sharing the fun on social media.

If you're interested in learning more about it and how to create your own POKÉDANCE video, we've put together a super detailed guide to help you out!

In this article:

What's this New POKÉDANCE Trend about?

Pokemon Dance Video

On February 27, 2024, a video named "Time to POKÉDANCE! 💃🎶" was released by The Official Pokémon YouTube channel as a fun celebration of Pokémon Day.

In this video, we can see the first generation of Pokemon like Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander dancing with their trainer.


And that’s not it! This video shows 9 animation styles in total, with different generations of Pokémons and their trainers.


With its catchy song that sticks in our heads and adorable dance moves, this video has quickly become a hit, gaining 1 million views on YouTube.

A lot of Pokémon fans also jumped on board, trying out the dance steps and sharing their own videos on TikTok.

Create your own TikTok Pokemon Dance Video

POKÉDANCE Song & Lyrics

You can find (or download) the POKÉDANCE Song through this link.

And here’s the lyrics to help you sing along if you can’t help it.😂


Hey! Boogie woogie bang bang
Let's Go! Buddy buddy boom boom

Hey you're my my ma my buddy!

Be my buddy clap clap clap
With my buddy get up and dance!
C'mon now

Choose ya choose ya buddy!
And let's move ya move ya body!

Let's enjoy and get closer day by day

Come on choose ya choose ya buddy
And let's move ya move ya body!
Let's enjoy and get closer day by day

La la la la la la la la
Love your smiley face, ha ha ha
Happy to meet you, my buddy buddy


How to Create a POKÉDANCE Video?🤔

If you want to create a POKÉDANCE video that stands out from the rest, but don’t know where to start.

Here’s some good news for you – Anyone can make a POKÉDANCE video with a video editing app.

How to create Pokedance video

In this section, we'll walk you through how to create one using the popular app "YouCam Video," known for its excellent dance video capabilities, especially animation effects.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open YouCam Video

First, turn on the app and create a new project by tapping on the blue + button below.

Then select your POKÉMON DANCE video and import to YouCam Video.

Import your Pokemon dance video

Step 2: Apply AI Effect

To make a TikTok video go viral, the first two seconds are key.

If you want your POKÉDANCE video to stand out, we recommend using dynamic AI effects to make it pop.

We have all sorts of popular AI effects like:

  • Border
  • Bling
  • Spiral

Basically, it puts a border around your body as you dance, making your moves look more eye-catching.

Just choose your favorite effect to instantly liven up your POKÉDANCE videos.

Step 3: Try Different Video Layouts

You can also choose different layouts for your video, such as Grid, Mirror, and Geometry.

We've tested these arrangements on our video, and they really add a new feel to the original. A great choice for people who want to go for new video styles.

(Results can be surprisingly entertaining!)

Step 4: Add Cool Effects

In YouCam Video, you'll also discover a range of Effects to enhance your POKÉDANCE videos.

We have tried several effects and love the outcome!

You can apply these two effects in the example by going to Effect > Art category.

  • Cartoon effect
  • Bling!

Step 5: Insert POKÉDANCE Music in Video

Lastly, you can add the POKÉDANCE song via “Add Music”. And import the music from there.

Add PokeDance Song

How to Download the full POKÉDANCE Song?

It's usually more straightforward to download the POKÉDANCE video from YouTube and transfer the video into MP3, but if you don't have YouTube premium to download the video, this is how you do it with YouCam Video:

  • Download a POKÉDANCE video from TikTok
  • Tap on Music at the toolbar below and choose Add Music
  • Go to My Music and select "Extract", and choose the POKÉDANCE video. YouCam Video will automatically extract the music from the video
  • And that's how you get a POKÉDANCE song

Add PokeDance SongAgain, if you only need the music for your TikTok video, you can always find it on TikTok via 'Add sound.' There are options for a 22-second Pokedance song or the full version.

Where can I find Pokemon dance song

👉 Read more: 7 Free Ways to Add Music to Video on iPhone [Best Apps Reviewed]

Free Apps You Can Use to Create POKÉDANCE

#1 YouCam Video

Create your Pokemon dance video

If you want to easily make a great POKÉDANCE video, we suggest using "YouCam Video".

Besides basic editing like adding music, effects, and text, it also has tools for fixing faces, applying makeup, and even changing hair color, all without sacrificing video quality or speed.

Its simple interface and easy-to-use functions make it perfect for beginners to create cool videos.

#2 CapCut

Create your Pokemon dance video

"CapCut" is a video editing app offered by TikTok.

It comes with various special features, like removing the background of subjects in videos, and even allows you to incorporate Pokémon characters.

You can use it in a web browser, making it convenient to edit Poke dance videos on different devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets.

#3 VivaVideo

Create your Pokemon dance video

"VivaVideo" is an app that lets you edit short videos on different themes, including Poke dance videos and Vlogs.

It offers plenty of features to enhance your Poke dance, like precise timing adjustments from 0.001 seconds, speed alterations, and reverse playback.

If you're aiming for a cute vibe in your videos, give it a try!

Some Popular POKÉDANCE on TikTok

Here are a few viral POKÉDANCE videos we came across on TikTok. Feel free to check these out if you need some inspirations!

#1 Popular POKÉDANCE @dedanigi

How to create your Pokedance on TikTok

Source: @dedanigi

You don't always have to go for something big or fancy. Simplicity is another option and a good way to start things off.

In @dedanigi's version of POKÉDANCE, she changed the dance moves slightly (moving her shoulders instead of hips). It will be fun to explore your version of POKÉDANCE.

#2 Popular POKÉDANCE @sukisukipainpain

How to create your Pokedance on TikTok

Source: @sukisukipainpain

If you want to make your POKÉDANCE stand out, dressing up in costumes is a surefire way to catch people's attention!

We absolutely adore the outfits, especially Pikachu, and all the Pokémon elements in @sukisukipainpain's TikTok video.

#3 Popular POKÉDANCE @scarletsaya0831

How to create your Pokedance on TikTok

Source: @scarletsaya0831

We also see people dancing in sync with the POKÉDANCE playing in the background, like @scarletsaya0831 did in her full dance video.

But first, you have to memorize all the dance moves, which might be a little tricky, but it's worth a try.

If you want to finish the whole song, it's around 1 minute long, and adding some cute effects can really help keep your audience engaged.

Closing Line

In this blog, we've demonstrated how to make a POKÉDANCE video and introduced YouCam Video for editing such videos.

With this dance video editing app, anyone can easily make a POKÉDANCE video that catches on and spreads like wildfire.

We hope our content is helpful for you to create a POKÉDANCE video that's unique and stands out in TikTok.

How to create Pokedance video

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