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3 Ways to Promote Healthy Protected Skin

3 Ways to Promote Healthy Protected Skin

May 17, 2023 · 3 minutes read
3 Ways to Promote Healthy Protected Skin

With summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about overhauling your skincare regimen. Summertime is full of fun events and time with friends, but it also brings ample exposure to the sun and harmful UV ray.

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To help you keep your skin glowing and healthy this summer, YouCam Makeup has teamed up with skincare expert and esthetician Ian Michael Crumm to provide you with the ultimate guide to protected skin.

Read on to discover Ian’s top tips for summertime skincare as well as getting started with a skincare routine.

Table of Contents

Never Skip The Sunscreen

When it comes to protecting your skin and promoting skin health, the most important skincare product to add to your daily routine is sunscreen.

Skincare expert and esthetician Ian Michael Crumm

“80-90% of skin aging is due to UV radiation from the sun, making sunscreen the most crucial anti-aging product,” says Crumm, “Apply and reapply sunscreen daily! Thankfully, in recent years, the assortment of sunscreens on the market has expanded tremendously. This means there are plenty of options with different finishes and formulations to suit various skin tones, types, and personal activity levels. The best sunscreen is the one you'll wear every day, and it's perfectly fine to have multiple sunscreens on hand. Some are formulated to be thicker for outdoor exercises, while others are lightweight and sit well under makeup. When picking sunscreen, don't get discouraged if it doesn't suit you. We all have our individual skin and preferences, so it takes time to find the perfect sunscreen(s) for your skincare wardrobe.”

Skincare expert and esthetician Ian Michael Crumm

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In addition to a regular sunscreen regimen, Crumm notes that there are several products and lifestyle habits that can help combat the effects of damaging UV radiation.

“Other items that are great for protected skin are antioxidant products and UPF clothing,” says Crumm, “Antioxidant products, such as a vitamin C serum, work as an added layer of protection within the skin. When UV radiation penetrates the skin, antioxidants can bind to the free radicals from the sun and neutralize them, preventing cell damage. This is extra protection that happens at the cellular level within the skin.”

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, YouCam Makeup partnered with Ian to share top tips for protecting your skin with the exciting SPF filter experience.

Virtually try on the SPF filter in the app to spread the word on the importance of SPF for protected skin.

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Get inspired to use your sunscreen this summer! Download the YouCam Makeup app to try on Ian Michael Crumm’s sunscreen filter and remember that protected skin wins.

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Begin with a Simple Skincare Routine

Beginning a skincare routine can be overwhelming, which is why Crumm recommends going back to basics.

“Keep it simple if you don’t have an existing routine!”, advises Crumm, “I recommend starting with a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. If you're looking to expand your routine, consider treatment serums, eye creams, and beauty devices.”

Finding a strong yet manageable skincare regimen that you’ll adhere to everyday is the best way to ensure protected skin for the summer.

Learn More About Your Skin Type and Skin Concerns

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Building the optimal skincare regimen starts with understanding your skin and your core skin concerns. With tools like the YouCam Makeup app’s AI Skin Diagnostic, you can snap a selfie and receive a detailed skin assessment in seconds.

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The AI Skin Diagnostic is the ultimate tool for understanding your unique skin concerns and identifying the best products to treat and improve your skin. Try the AI Skin Diagnostic in the YouCam Makeup app today.

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Above all, remember that skin care is very important when it comes to promoting overall health. This is true during the summer as well as all year round. Educating yourself about your skin and the best ways to care for it is an essential aspect of the wellness journey, and one that will ensure many benefits in the years ahead.

“Skin is the body’s largest organ. It’s easy to disregard it and not think of it the same as our hearts or brains, but it has a massive job protecting us from outside aggressors, including viruses, and regulating our body temperature.” says Crumm. Remember that protected skin wins!

Skincare expert and esthetician Ian Michael Crumm

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Don't miss out on Ian Michael Crumm's expert advice and tips to keep your skin glowing and protected all year round! Follow Ian's journey and learn more about his sun safety recommendations by accessing his exclusive Protected Skin Wins Toolkit.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. By sharing facts about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and encouraging people to check their skin for warning signs, we can and will save lives.

Ian is a committee member for the Skin Cancer Foundation's Champions for Change Gala, which supports The Skin Cancer Foundation's vital work in education, community programs, and research. You can help Ian reach and surpass his personal goal of $15,000 by contributing to his fundraiser. And remember, #ProtectedSkinWins!

Click here to show your support:

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Unlock the secrets to healthy and glowing skin with the powerful collaboration between YouCam Makeup and skincare expert Ian Michael Crumm.

Download the app today to unlock exclusive features, including Ian Michael Crumm's expert skincare advice and the opportunity to virtually try on his SPF filter!

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