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Best Free Face Shape Detectors & Face Shape Filter Apps
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Best Free Face Shape Detectors & Face Shape Filter Apps

Apr 15, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best Face Shape Detectors and face shape analyzer filters

Face shape detectors and analyzers help you understand your unique facial features and make smarter choices in styling.

Imagine being able to choose the perfect hairstyle and eyebrow shape that highlights your best features effortlessly or finding the ideal pair of glasses that complements your face shape!

detect your face shape with the best face shape detectors

6 Most Commen Face Shapes

With face shape detectors, you're in control, celebrating what makes you uniquely beautiful and expressing your style with confidence.

Keep reading to learn more about the top 4 face shape detectors in 2024:

4 Best Face Shape Detectors in 2024

1. Perfect Corp: AI Face Analyzer & Shape Detector (Free)

Best Face Shape Detector by Perfect Corp

Perfect Corp's free AI Face Shape Detector detects your face shape and analyzes 70+ facial features, including your eyebrow shape, eye shape, lip shape, and skin tone!

To use the face shape detector tool, simply take a photo or upload a selfie. The tool will analyze your facial features and provide makeup recommendations based on your results.

👉 Try makeup looks that suit your face shape with the best free makeup try-on app.

👉 Try eyebrow shapes that suit your face shape with the best free eyebrow filter app.

2. TikTok Face Shape Filter: Simple Face Shape Finder (Free)

Tiktok Face Shape FilterThe face shape filter "MyFaceShape" trending on TikTok allows you to experiment with different face shapes in real-time. You can use this interactive feature to apply various face shape stencils to discover your face shape.

While the face shape filter on TikTok is a simple and entertaining tool for exploring different facial shapes, if you are looking for a more in-depth face shape analysis using the latest AI technology, you may find more comprehensive options among the other face shape analyzers in this list.

3. Face Shape Detection: Face Shape Analyzer & Style Guide

Best Face Shape Detector: Face Shape Detection

Face Shape Detection is another great tool that allows you to upload a photo and discover your face shape.

It helps understand your unique characteristics by determining your face shape and even detecting your jawline. With the intelligence of our AI algorithms, it provides precise and reliable results.

The tool also provides a detailed guide on the styles that go best with your face shape, including hairstyles, beard styles and makeup styles.

👉 Try virtual beard styles that suit your face shape with the best AI beard filter app.

👉 Try virtual hairstyles that suit your face shape with the best AI hairstyle app.

4. FaceShape: Find Your Celebrity Look Alike

Best Face Shape Detector: FaceShape

The FaceShape tool uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your face, detecting facial features such as face shape, face length, and jaw type. The tool was trained with a vast dataset to provide highly accurate results and can even reveal your celebrity look alike!

Reshape Your Face With the Best Face Editing App

Once you've learned more about your face shape using one of the above-mentioned face shape detectors you might be curious what you would look like with a different face shape. The face shape editing app YouCam Makeup can help you with that!

Reshape your face with the best face editing app youcam makeup

The best face editing app YouCam Makeup can help you edit your face shape in photos using its extensive collection of face reshape features for changing your face shape, chin shape, chin length, forehead and more!

Download the best app to edit your face shapeFace Shape Detector FAQ

How can I find out what shape my face is?

To find out what shape your face is, measure the broadest areas of your face. If your cheekbones are the widest part, you could have an oval or diamond face shape. If it's your forehead or chin, you might have a heart-shaped or triangle face shape. Alternatively, you can use a face shape detector like the AI Face Analyzer & Shape Detector to let AI tell you what shape your face is!

Is there a face shape scanner?

Absolutely, the AI Face Analyzer & Shape Detector can scan faces and identify your face shape. Simply use the face shape scanner to take a selfie, then wait a few seconds to find out your face shape, and even your eye shape, lip shape and skin tone!

Is there a filter for face shape?

Try the TikTok filter for face shape! It has nine shapes to experiment with on your face. You can test and try out various options in live-camera mode from round to triangle and even rectangle.

What is my face shape detector?

Face shape detectors help you find your face shape. They analyze a photo or selfie and figure out the shape of your face using AI. Face shape detectors help you know your face shape, and can be useful for picking hairstyles, glasses, and makeup that look great on you.

Does TikTok have a face shape filter?

Yes, TikTok has several face shape filters, the most popular in 2024 being Choi's MyFaceShape filter! This simple and fun filter has nine different face shapes to try on your face.

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