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Red Hair Filter: See What You Would Look Like With Red Hair
Hair Color

Red Hair Filter: See What You Would Look Like With Red Hair

Jul 5, 2024 · 3 minutes read

If you’re considering dyeing your hair red, there are many shades to choose from, and the best way to find the one that suits you is through true-to-life virtual hair filters.

Read on to learn how you can try 10+ red hair color filters for free, from auburn to ginger-red, and how to find the best auburn shade for your skin tone.

Best Red Hair Filter

Table of Contents
  1. Ginger Red Hair Filter
  2. Auburn Red Hair Filter
  3. Dark Auburn Hair Filter
  4. Copper Red Hair Filter

Best Red Hair Color Filters For Virtual Try-On: YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is the best and free hair color app to try hundreds of hair color filters.

Best hair color filter app youcam makeup

With up to 150 hair color options, including 10+ auburn-red hair color shades, the YouCam Makeup enables you to change hair color through both live cameras and photos.

Not only can you test different hair dye color ideas, but there are also four different hair dye styles available, from ombre to hair highlights, making the virtual hair color try-on even more realistic than actual hair dye.

Read more: Try On Hair Color Filters With the Best Free Hair Color App

Red Hair Filter Try-On

Continue reading to discover how you can try auburn hair color on the photo or through the live camera with this free app easily!

Best Red Hair Color Ideas to Try On Virtually

Discover 4 classic red hair colors you can try for free in the YouCam Makeup app!

Ginger Hair Filter

Free ginger hair filter app to see yourself in ginger hair color.

The ginger filter is taking social media by storm. If you're eager to join the craze, simply use the best ginger filter app YouCam Makeup to apply the filter either on live camera or to your photos.

Wondering if ginger hair suits you? Ginger hair color can complement a wide range of skin tones and eye colors. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, and whether your eyes are blue, green, brown, or any other color, you can experiment with ginger hair color.

> Click here to learn how to try a ginger filter.

Auburn Hair Filter

Auburn Red Hair Filter
Auburn red hair color falls into the middle ground between brown and red, and it’s one that flatters almost every complexion. Auburn red is an excellent starter shade because it’s sort of like an over-the-top brunette with slight red accents.

Dark Red Hair Filter

Dark Red hair filterIf you’re a sucker for a classic shade, dark auburn is the perfect choice for you. Not too brown but also not too red, this auburn hair color strikes a perfect balance between the two.

Copper Hair

Free copper red hair color filter to see yourself in red hair.

Copper red hair is perfect if you are looking for a warmer tone. It will also look great in the form of hair color highlight, giving light hair colors like blonde more volume and depth.

How to Try Red Hair Filters

  • Step 1: Download the Best Hair Filter App YouCam Makeup
  • Step 2: Open Camera or Upload Photo
  • Step 3: Tap "Hair" and then "Hair Color" Feature
  • Step 4: Try On Red Hair Filters
  • Step 5: Save Photo or Video with Ginger Hair Filter

You can virtually try on multiple hair colors in real-time with the YouCam Makeup app to see which one you should commit to before actually dyeing your hair.

Step 1: Download the Best Hair Filter App

Download the best red hair filter app youcam makeup

To try it out, first, download the free YouCam Makeup app, available for both iOS and Android.

Step 2: Open Camera or Upload Photo

Next, open the app, and tap Makeup Cam to try hair color filters in real-time. You can also select Photo Makeup to upload a photo from your gallery.

Step 3: Tap "Hair Color" Feature

Best hair color filter app YouCam Makeup
After uploading a photo or opening the live camera, you need to tap "Hair" and then "Hair Color" to access all the 150 hair color filters available to virtually try on, including several ginger filters.

You can adjust the saturation of the color as well as the shine of your look. If you happen to find a color and product you love, you can quickly and easily purchase it with just a few more taps.

Step 4: Try On Red and Ginger Hair Color Filters

Hair Color Picker tool to try red hair filters
On top of the 150+ default hair shades, the app's got an ace up its sleeve: the Color Picker tool. Take your pick from the color scale and try any red shade you can imagine!

Step 5: Save Your Photo With A Red Hair Color Filter

Snap a photo with your favorite auburn hair color!

Download YouCam Makeup: Best Free Red Hair Color Filter App

Download the best red hair filter app youcam makeup

Now that you know all about how you can try auburn red hair on yourself with just a few taps in the YouCam Makeup app, you’re ready to do it yourself!

Download the app for iOS or Android today to get started.

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