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Blonde Hair Filter: Best Free Blonde Hair Color Try-On
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Blonde Hair Filter: Best Free Blonde Hair Color Try-On

Apr 12, 2024 · 4 minutes read

Are you looking to go blonde? Trying out blonde hair is a commitment and it always helps to preview the result before dyeing your hair for real. Thankfully, there are free hair color filters that let you experience blonde hair virtually!

Best free blonde hair filter for virtual hair color try on

Learn how to try platinum blonde hair filters before actually dyeing your hair blonde, or simply change your hair color on your photos for fun.

Table of Contents

Best Hair Color Try-On Experience: YouCam Makeup

Hair color filter try on with youcam makeup

YouCam Makeup is the best AI photo editor for hair color-changing in photos, using advanced AI technology to detect your hair and apply 150+ hair color filters, including red hair filters, brown hair filters, and white hair filters!

And if that's not enough for you, you can customize your hair color using YouCam Makeup's color picker to choose a color from the color scale or pick a color from your image!

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Best Hair Color Filters For Blonde Hair Filter Try-On

With YouCam Makeup, you can try platinum hair colors with a single color, two-tone, and trendy ombre.

Best blonde hair color filter app to see yourself in blonde hair for free.

Wondering how you would look with platinum blonde hair? This is the perfect hair color changer for finding out. Easily check out how you'd look with certain hair colors or editing the hair color on any given selfie photo.

How Would I Look Blonde? Try Different Blonde Hair Filters

Blonde Hair Color Filter

Find out how you would look blonde easily and quickly. Not only do the blonde hair filters look incredibly realistic, but they also come in a variety of shades so you can find an exact match for your current hair color or experiment with totally new looks!

How to Try Blonde Hair Filters for Free

Follow the below steps to try on platinum blonde hair filters with the best free hair color app!

Step 1: Download the Best Hair Color Filter App

Download the best hair color changer YouCam Makeup

To try blonde hair color filters, start by downloading YouCam Makeup.

Step 2: Open Live Camera

Next, select Camera to try the blonde hair color filters via live camera. You can also apply blonde hair color filters on existing photos by selecting Photo Edit.

Step 3: Try On 10+ Blonde Hair Filters

Tap the Hair feature on the toolbar, and start trying out blonde hair color filters!

YouCam Makeup offers dozens of platinum blonde hair color filters for virtual try-on, including ash blonde hair color, rose gold hair color, and ombre platinum blonde hair colors.

Step 4: Snap a Photo With a Blonde Hair Filter

Snap a photo with your blonde hair filter match and share!

More Hair Color Filter Ideas

Blonde Hair Filter FAQ

What filter makes you want to go blonde?

The platinum blonde hair color filters in the free YouCam Makeup app will be your biggest motivator to go blonde.

From ash platinum blonde, and highlighted platinum blonde to rose gold platinum blonde, the YouCam Makeup blonde hair filters will give you the most realistic preview of blonde hair color for free.

How do you know if you will suit blonde hair?

The free YouCam Makeup hair color filter app is the best way to know if you will suit blonde hair colors. You can virtually try on more than 150 hair colors with precise hair detection.

How do you know what will you look like with blonde hair?

YouCam Makeup is the best hair color filter try on app to see how you look with blonde hair for free. Download the free YouCam Makeup app on the App Store or Google Play Store, open the app, and tap hair color to try different shades of blond hair filter through a live camera or on your photo.

How do you get a blonde filter on TikTok?

Here's how to use a blond hair filter:

  • Step 1. Open the YouCam Makeup app
  • Step 2. Tap "Camera"
  • Step 3. Tap "Hair", and find the blonde hair filters
  • Step 4. Adjust "Shine" or "Color" density 
  • Step 5. Record a video or snap a photo

How can I try on a realistic blond hair filter?

YouCam Makeup is the best hair color try-on app with the most realistic blonde hair filter, with precise hair detection. Download the app for free and virtually try on the hair color filter through a live camera or on your photo.

How to get a blonde hair filter like Rapunzel on TikTok?

Use YouCam Makeup's realistic blonde hair filter for free to see how you will look with Rapunzel's blonde hair. You can try with your camera, or upload a photo to apply the filter. You can also see yourself with long hair with the YouCam Makeup app's AI hair extension before applying the blonde hair filter to look more like Rapunzel! 

How to get the strawberry blond hair filter on TikTok?

  • Step 1. Open the YouCam Makeup app
  • Step 2. Tap "Camera"
  • Step 3. Tap "Hair", and find the strawberry blonde hair filters
  • Step 4. Adjust "Shine" or "Color" density 
  • Step 5. Record a video or snap a photo
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