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Best Hairstyle App For Men: Discover Virtual Hairstyles & Beard Styles
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Best Hairstyle App For Men: Discover Virtual Hairstyles & Beard Styles

Mar 20, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Virtual Hairstyle and Beard Try-On For Men With The Best Hairstyle App

Are you wondering what you would look like with different male hairstyles? Discover YouCam Makeup, the best hairstyle try-on app for trying hairstyles for men in 2024!

The renowned AI photo editing app has extended its transformative powers to the world of men's grooming with an impressive array of virtual male hairstyles and beard styles.

Try  Different Male Hairstyles on your selfie in YouCam Makeup

In this blog, we'll introduce you to the best AI hairstyle app YouCam Makeup, its selection of male hairstyles, how to use it to find the hairstyle and beard style that suits you best.

Steps For Changing Hairstyle and Beard Style in YouCam Makeup

1. Best Hairstyle App For Men For Virtual Hairstyle Try-On

Try 10+ Virtual Hairstyles For Men in YouCam Makeup

One of the standout features of YouCam Makeup for men is its collection of 10+ diverse male hairstyles, ensuring there's something for every taste and preference, including:

  • Buzzcut
  • Bowlcut
  • Long Wavy
  • Crewcut
  • Curtain
  • Short Curly
  • Bald

2. Virtual Beard Try-On: Explore 15+ AI Beard Filters

Try Different Virtual Beard Styles in YouCam Makeup

Not just limited to hairstyles, YouCam Makeup also offers several beard styles to complete your look.

Whether you're going for a rugged or refined appearance, you can experiment with beard styles like mustache, anchor, walrus and many more to see which beard style suits you best!

Before And After No Beard Filter in YouCam Makeup

Alternatively, you can also use YouCam Makeup's No Beard filter to see what you would look like without a beard!

3. How to Test AI Hairstyles & Beard Filters On Your Face

Now, let's dive into how you can try out male hairstyles and beard styles virtually with YouCam Makeup's makeover tools.

Simply follow these 5 steps to see what you would look like with different hairstyles:

Step 1: Download YouCam Makeup

Download the best ai hairstyle app for male hairstyles

Step 2: Tap "Photo Edit" and Choose A Photo

Tap "Photo Edit" to open the photo you want to work on within the app. You can either take a new photo or choose one from your gallery.

Step 3: Try Beard Tool

Find the "Beard" tool, which allows you to try on various beard styles. Simply select the style you want to experiment with, and it will be superimposed onto your photo.

How To Try On Beard Styles in YouCam Makeup

Step 4: Try AI Hairstyle Tool

To try different hairstyles, locate the "Hairstyle" tool. Browse through the seven male hairstyles and select the one that piques your interest. The app will seamlessly apply the chosen hairstyle to your photo.

How To Try Virtual Hairstyles in YouCam Makeup

Step 5: Save and Share

Once you're satisfied with your new look, save the image to your device or share it with friends to get their opinions.

Try Hairstyle and beard filters with youcam makeup

YouCam Makeup: Best Male Hairstyle App For Virtual Try-On in 2024

With YouCam Makeup, you have the power to transform your appearance within minutes and without any commitment.

Download the best ai hairstyle app for male hairstyles

Whether you're exploring new hairstyles or contemplating growing facial hair, this app serves as your personal grooming assistant, helping you visualize your desired look before making a change.

In conclusion, YouCam Makeup is the ultimate men's hairstyle app, offering a wide range of male hairstyles and beard styles to experiment with. Its user-friendly interface and makeover tools make it easy for anyone to explore different looks and confidently choose the one that suits them best.

Say goodbye to hairstyle regrets and hello to a world of grooming possibilities with YouCam Makeup!

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