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Get Ready For Taylor Swift's New Album & Revisit 10 Iconic Hairstyles
AI/AR Hair

Get Ready For Taylor Swift's New Album & Revisit 10 Iconic Hairstyles

Apr 19, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor Swift just released her new album THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT and fans everywhere are buzzing with excitement.

Taylor Swift announced her new album on Instagram in february 2024But before we dive into that anticipation, let's pause and celebrate another aspect of Taylor's journey: her fabulous hairstyles. Do you have a favorite?

Taylor's hair journey has been as iconic as her music career. From cute country curls to sleek bobs and everything in between, her hair always steals the spotlight. And now, thanks to apps like YouCam Makeup, you can try out Taylor's signature looks yourself.

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But first, let's revisit Taylor's most amazing hairstyles:

10 Most Iconic Taylor Swift Hairstyles

1. The Eras Tour 

Taylor Swift's long straight Hairstyle at The Eras Tour

Source: Instagram @mattswen

For her ongoing concert tour "The Eras Tour", Taylor's hairstyles are just as beautiful as her outfits. Wearing her long hair straight with blunt bangs creates a modern, strong, and sophisticated look that goes perfectly with her stage outfits.

Wanna try Taylor's hairstyle? Upload your photo to YouCam Makeup's AI Hairstyle feature and try the "Long Straight" hairstyle.

2. Glamorous Waves

taylor swift's glamorous wavy hairstyle in london in 2023

Source: Instagram @taylorswift

In December 2023 Taylor shared glamorous photos of her attending Beyonce's movie premier, showcasing her beautiful long wavy hair styled in a side part hairstyle.

3. 70s Retro Waves

Taylor swift's 70s retro wavy hairstyle at the American Music Awards 2022

Source: Shutterstock

For the American Music Awards 2022, Taylor perfectly combined her 70s-inspired golden rhinestone jumpsuit with retro side-swept waves.

4. Summer Selfie with Colorful Highlights

Taylor swift showed her natural hairstyle with colorful hightlights

Source: Instagram @taylorswift

In May 2020 Taylor shared this cute summer selfie with her Instagram followers, showcasing a cute look, combining her natural wavy hair with colorful pink and blue highlights.

5. Elegant Birkin Bangs

Taylor swift wearing a classic updo and birkin bangs at the Billboard Music Awards in 2019

Source: Shutterstock

For the Billboard Music Awards in 2019, Taylor Swift combined her beautiful lavender dress with a simple hair updo and Birkin bangs, perfectly balancing the ruffled dress style with a sleek hairdo.

6. Blunt Bob

Taylor swift wearing a blunt bob hairstyle in 2016

Source: Shutterstock

This is unquestionably one of my favorite hairstyles of hers on this list: a straight, blunt bob with bangs.

It seems like a simple hairstyle, but the little details make it shine. The bob is slightly parted to the side, giving it a softer vibe and tucking a few strands behind one ear further enhances the asymmetry.

This look perfectly fits her face shape and the diamond choker necklace adds some extra glamor.

7. Modern Curly Lob

Taylor swift with a curly long bob hairstyle in 2014

Source: Shutterstock

In 2014 we saw Taylor Swift rocking this side-parted wavy lob with dramatic side-swept bangs.

8. Classic Long Straight

Source: Shutterstock

In 2012 we could already see Taylor with a hairstyle that she has just recently rediscovered: long wavy hair with blunt bangs, a classic and sophisticated style.

9. Romantic Curly Faux Bob

Taylor swift with a Romantic Curly Faux Bob in 2010

Source: Shutterstock

In 2010 we saw Taylor Swift rocking this beautiful curly faux bob hairstyle, creating a romantic look that perfectly fits her fairy-tale dress. 

10. Iconic Tight Curls

Taylor swift's iconic tight curly hairstyle

Source: Shutterstock

In 2008 we could still see Taylor Swift with her iconic side-parted tight golden curls, paired with a classic

Wanna see yourself with this iconic hairstyle? Upload your photo to YouCam Makeup's AI Hairstyle feature and try the "Tight Curls" hairstyle.

Try Taylor Swift's Hairstyles On Your Photo With YouCam Makeup

Try ai hairstyles with the youcam makeup app

YouCam Makeup is the best AI hairstyle app to virtually try on hairstyles, available for Android and iPhone. The app offers 45+ hairstyles, including long and short, straight and curly styles, with bangs and without. 

Try Taylor Swift's most iconic hairstyles on your photo, including her iconic long curls, short bob styles and beautiful updos.

To see yourself turn into Taylor's hairstyle twin, ideally, your hair color is similar to hers. If not, you can try the AI hairstyle option "Blonde Long Wavy", which will turn your hair blonde no matter your original hair color. Alternatively, you can first change your hairstyle and then use YouCam Makeup's Hair Color feature to add a hair color filter to your photo.

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate Taylor's new album with an amazing look transformation and turn into Taylor Swift's hairstyle twin!

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