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How to Do 5 Easy Eyeshadow Looks For Any Occasion
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How to Do 5 Easy Eyeshadow Looks For Any Occasion

Jun 18, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Do 5 Easy Eyeshadow Looks For Any Occasion

Eyeshadow has the power to bring your whole look together and draw attention to your eyes. William Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul”, and we agree. So why not give them the highlighted attention and unique expression they deserve? A quick application can elevate your entire makeup look, and we have the steps to help you achieve it.

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Step by Step Easy Eyeshadow Looks

To get a quick, simple, and easy eyeshadow look that is perfect for any occasion, here are 3 steps to keep in mind first:

  • Moisturize eye area
  • Apply eye primer
  • Select eyeshadow color and shade

Anytime you're applying eyeshadow, always properly prepare the eye area first. The skin around the eyes is very delicate so it's important to be gentle. Start with moisturizing the lid and overall eye area. This will help hydrate and even out your skin tone. Next, apply your favorite eye primer as the base so the color goes on smooth and lasts long. Lastly, pick your favorite look, choose from the inspirations, and have fun applying your shadow!

5 Best Easy Eyeshadow Looks

The easy eyeshadow looks introduced below are perfect for all occasions — day or night — and will accentuate your beautiful eyes. Don't let the plethora of must-have palettes and creative trends constantly circulating social media overwhelm you.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, these simple, quick looks will spark your daily makeup inspiration. Whether you're getting ready for a school day, long work trip, or a fun night out, there's a wearable eyeshadow look for everyone to master.

Try all of these looks in the free makeup app — YouCam Makeup to see them virtually first. Take your time and find what works best for you — you can even try on that date night outfit you've been planning along with the look to see the full effect.

Then, grab your palettes at home and have fun getting creative with eyeshadow. If you need more shades to work with at home, you can always explore many different brands and shop shadows that you love, all within the YouCam Makeup app.

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#1. Neutral Smokey Eyeshadow Look


A simple three-color eyeshadow look can easily open up your eyes. This, along with a shimmer eyeshadow color, can be great for natural looks and create an overall brightening effect. 

Find the shimmer shade that suits you best, and explore the countless natural ways to blend it in. You can use shimmering gold, bright rose gold, and muted brown color to create a shimmery smokey eye. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

#2. Perfectly Peachy Eyeshadow Look


A universally flattering color, a beautiful peach shade can enliven your eye area. Peach is a go-to color all year long, but spring and summer are great seasons to play around with peachy hues.

Choose a single color and swipe across the lid. This look can be romantic, fresh, or edgy, depending on styling choices. Voila, overall peachy perfection!  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!


#3. Classic Cat-Eye Eyeshadow Look


Create the cat eye with any color you love, the choice is yours! Swipe on your favorite powder eye shadow, and get creative with unlimited try-ons. Many powder eyeshadows are great for blending and layering, while the cat-eye visually widens your eyes, making them appear bigger. Follow with winged eyeliner for an added dramatic effect.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

#4. Single Color Soft Glam Eyeshadow Look


Match the nude eyeshadow shades to your skin tone and simply accent your eyes. Putting on eyeshadow doesn't always mean bright or dramatic looks. Sometimes less is more, and this look is one of those cases.

This soft glam is all about the barely-there smoothness but makes all the difference. Play up your natural beauty with simple colors and easy tones. You are the most beautiful version of yourself and we want to see more of it.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

#5. Matte Mauve Eyeshadow Look


Matte mauve colors can take you from daytime to nighttime thanks to this universally glam application. Never miss a night out because you're coming "straight from work or school" ever again.

Matte eyeshadows help create a smooth, natural finish and tend to blend very well while maintaining pigmentation. Use a light-to-medium mauve color for the ultimate any-occasion look. You'll be ready to socialize, regardless if it's your boss or babe that calls.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Explore 100+ Eyeshadow Looks Easily with YouCam Makeup

Ready to get started experimenting with your new favorite go-to eyeshadow looks? Download YouCam Makeup now in the App Store and Google Play to start playing with these easy eyeshadow looks in seconds.


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