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5 Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo
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5 Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo

Jan 18, 2024 · 3 minutes read

You and your friends just had the perfect selfie shoot. Your lighting was flawless, the angles nothing short of magical, and your hair was on point; but as you look back over your photos, you feel something is missing. Then it dawns on you, you forgot to do your eye makeup!

Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo: YouCam Makeup

The good news is that you don’t have to fret. Even if you neglected to brush on your mascara or missed your monthly trip to the eyelash studio, you can now add eyelashes to photos after the fact.

Or maybe you want to buy eyelashes but don't know which ones to get. Before spending money on buying popular brands such as "KISS No Filter Lashes", use an eyelash filter app first to find out which eyelash style suits you best!

With a makeup app you can quickly touch up your photo with a luxe set of lashes.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the five best makeup apps to add eyelashes to photos, with a special highlight for our top pick — YouCam Makeup.

5 Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photos

If you are looking for an eyelash app that will quickly transform your eyes with a set of long lashes, we’ve got your list.

Check out the top five best makeup apps for adding eyelashes to your selfie.

Best Eyelash Apps in 2024: Overview

AppAccessBest Features
YouCam MakeupFreeHighly realistic results, photo & live-camera try-on, 60+ styles
MakeupPlusFreephoto & live-camera try-on, 45+ styles
FaceyPremiumphoto & live-camera try-on
Lash WardrobeFreephoto & live-camera try-on of KISS products, application tutorials
photo try-on only, 12+ eyelash styles

1. YouCam Makeup - Best App to Add Eyelashes To Photos

Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo: YouCam Makeup

Available on iOS and Android
Rating: 4.8 / 4.4

YouCam Makeup is our top choice for adding eyelashes to your photo. To add a stunning set of lashes, all you have to do is snap a selfie, upload it into the app, and play around with eyelash add-ons.

Download the best eyelash filter app

Adjust the shape of your eyelashes, increase or decrease eyelash density, and find the perfect mascara color to match the scene. This app is chock full of great makeup features, which is why we give it our top rating for eyelash apps.

Best Makeup Apps for Eyelashes Filter: YouCam Makeup

Top Features:

  • Free to use
  • Highly realistic and natural-looking results
  • You can edit in Photo & Live Cam Mode to see before and after effects
  • In Photo mode, you can choose from multiple eyelash shapes and densities with various mascara colors to try on
  • In Live Cam mode, you have access to the same features as photo mode, plus more eyelash brands to choose from
  • In addition to adding eyelashes, you can take advantage of other built-in features for a full makeover, such as adding lip color, editing your face shape, removing blemishes, and changing your hair color

Best Makeup Apps to Try Brand Eyelashes: YouCam Makeup

When you have found your perfect eyelashes, you can explore the app's other makeup features to get the perfect eyebrow shape, foundation shade or contour and its reshape features, including double chin removal, face slimming and eye, lip and nose filters.

2. Makeup Plus - Makeup & Fake Lashes App

Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo: MakeupPlus

Available on iOS and Android
Rating: 4.6 / 4.2

With Makeup Plus, you can quickly add eyelashes to your selfie, or even try on eyelashes through a live camera option. It is worth noting that there is a limited selection of eyelashes available for free. To access all options, you’ll need a premium account.

Top Features:

  • Edit an existing photo or use the live photo feature
  • Choose from numerous eyelash styles
  • Touch up your face with beautification tools

3. Facey: Face Editor & Makeup Cam

Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo: Facey

Available on iOS only
Rating: 4.5

With Facey: Face Editor & Makeup Cam, you can upload a photo or edit a live photo to add eyelashes to your image. This app has numerous beautification tools built in, however, to access eyelashes, you’ll need the VIP package.

Top Features:

  • Choose from pre-designed stylized looks
  • Add eyelashes to your photo with the purchase of the VIP package

4. Lash Wardrobe - Easy Eyelash Try-On

Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo: Lash Wardrobe

Available on iOS only
Rating: 3.9

This app is geared toward helping you try on eyelash products virtually. You can also use the app to apply eyelashes to your photo, which can then be saved and uploaded to social media.

Top Features:

  • Eyelash application tutorial videos
  • Pick supplemental products such as glue, as well as browse makeup ideas

5. Picsart - Eyelash Photo Editor

Available on iOS and Android
Rating: 4.7 / 4.1

PicsArt's eyelash filter enhances your eye makeup game by adding beautiful eyelashes to your selfies. With a selection of 12 distinct filters to experiment with, PicsArt offers a variety of lash styles to complement your look.

Top Features:

  • Choose from 12 eyelash styles and 6 eyelash colors
  • Slider function to adjust eyelash filter intensity

How to Add Eyelashes to Photo With an App

To add eyelashes to your photo with an app, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Download YouCam Makeup

Download the best eyelash filter app

First, you’ll need to download the YouCam Makeup app on your iOS or Android device.

Step 2: Open a Photo or Use Live Cam Mode

Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo: YouCam Makeup

Once you have downloaded the app, upload your photo or open the live camera within the app.

Step 3: Try on Eyelashes

Best Makeup Apps to Add Eyelashes to Photo: YouCam Makeup

Either through live mode or via a selfie you already took, tap on the eyelash feature. Try different eyelashes until you find your preferred style results. You can test out different eyelash densities, lengths, and colors.

Keep tweaking the options until you find the perfect match for your face, mood, and desired result.

Step 4: Save & Share

Best Makeup Apps to Try Mascara: YouCam Makeup

Save the photo to your phone and share it on social media or with your friends.

Download YouCam Makeup: Best Makeup App to Add Eyelashes to Photo

Download the best eyelash filter app

If you want to add eyelashes to photos, download YouCam Makeup, the best makeup app for eye touch-ups, mascara additions, lip color changes, and more.

More Makeup Filter Ideas

Eyelashes Filter FAQ

1. How Can I Add Eyelashes to a Photo?

To add eyelashes to a photo, download YouCam Makeup. From here, simply open up your photo and use the built-in eyelash tool to add lashes.

2. Which App Can I Use to Add Eyelashes to Photos Naturally?

For a natural look, download YouCam Makeup. This app will add eyelashes that look real.

3. How to Apply False Eyelashes?

If you want to apply false eyelashes, start by testing out eyelashes with YouCam Makeup. This will help you determine which style of false eyelashes is the best fit for your eye shape.

Add Eyelashes to Photos for Extra Glam With a Free App

Download the best eyelash filter app

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