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5 Best Free Trending Nail Color Try-On Apps for iOS & Android

Oct 21, 2022 · 4 minutes read

Nail polish is such a fun way to express your personality, but up until now, it has been a difficult thing to try on. You can paint your nails different colors but it takes time and money, and it’s hard on your nails to change the design with harsh chemicals every time. But now, there’s a solution to that! Forget about nail polish swatches or tedious application and removal to see what the color would look like. Now you can virtually try on nail color using apps like YouCam Nails mentioned in this article.

Try Different Nail Colors Using Best Free Nail Color App for iOS & Android

Discover 5 Best Trending Nail Color Try-on Apps

If you’re considering using an app to test different nail colors, you probably don’t know which one to try! This article will showcase five apps you can use to try out nail polish colors — let’s check them out.

  1. YouCam Nails
  2. Wanna Nails
  3. Natural Nail Polish
  4. NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color
  5. OPI Nail Studio

1. YouCam Nails - Best Free Nail Color Try-on App

▲ Change your nail color in real time

Rating: 4.6 / 4.3

Available on: iOS / Android

Without a doubt, you’ll want to try out YouCam Nails if you’re interested in virtually trying on nail colors. It’s best for first-timers because it’s very easy to use, yet still has a wide range of options available. It has a respectable 4.3 rating on the Google Play store and a 4.6 on the Apple App Store so you know it’s up to par!

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Download YouCam Nails Now

On the app, you’re able to use a model’s hand to see different nail styles, but you can also take a photo of your own hand to work from. The technology in the app makes, either way, quick and painless, even if you’ve never used it before.

Try Different Nail Colors Using Best Free Nail Color App for iOS & Android

In addition, YouCam Nails has a few unique features. Instead of taking a picture of your hand, if you’re using an Apple device, you can use a live view of your hand to test colors! Plus, you can edit nail color in photos as opposed to taking a picture specifically for this purpose.

Easily Change Nail Color Using Best Free Nail Color App for iPhone and Android

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2. Wanna Nails

Nail Color App: Wanna Nails App Interface

Rating: 4.4

Available on: iOS

Wanna Nails is currently available only on the iOS App Store, but it has a solid 4.4-star rating. This app is best for trying on a multitude of brand name options — you can even try on the best nail polish color collections from Amazon and AliExpress, making it super easy to shop for them afterward. 

3. Natural Nail Polish

Nail Color App: Natural Nail Polish App Interface

Rating: 3.9

Available on: Android

One more option for you is Natural Nail Polish. This is available on the Google Play Store only and has a decent 3.9-star rating. Users say it’s a good way to see some natural nail polish options, but they wish you could try them on within the app itself. 

4. NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color

Nail Color App: NailMatch App InterfaceImage Source: App Store

Rating: 1.6

Available on: iOS

NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color isn’t as popular as some of the other apps listed here, but it still gets the job done. It is available only on the Apple App Store and has a 1.6-star rating. One of its cool features is that you can match any color you see to nail polishes from top brands. All you have to do is aim your device at a color or object you like and take a picture. From there, you’ll instantly see a list of top nail polishes that match that color. It does not allow you to see the polish color on your own nails, unfortunately. 

5. OPI Nail Studio

Nail Color App: OPI Nail Studio App Interface

Rating: 1.5

Available on: Android

Nail polish fans are probably familiar with OPI, which has its own nail polish try-on app. Although it’s only available on the Google Play Store and has a 1.5-star rating, you can try on many OPI styles. Plus, you can create a wish list of your favorite shades so you know which ones are the best for you when you’re shopping in-store. 

Download YouCam Nails: The Best Free Nail Color Try-on App for iPhone & Android

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Download YouCam Nails Now

Now that you’ve learned about a few of the apps on the market that make it possible to try on nail color virtually, you’re ready to do it yourself! While there are many great options available to use, the YouCam Nails app is a great place to start thanks to its easy-to-use design and multitude of features. To do so, simply download the free app for iOS or Android now to get started and see your new nail color on your hands. 

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Nail Colors FAQs

Is there an app to change nail color?

There are several apps on the market that allow you to try on different nail colors, and even nail patterns! Some of the top-rated options are YouCam Nails, Wanna Nails, OPI Nail Studio, NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for Any Color, and Natural Nail Polish. If this is your first time experimenting, we’d suggest going with YouCam Nails.

Is there an app to add nail polish?

Adding polish to your nails in real life takes quite a few steps and some time, but with a virtual app, it can be done in just a few taps. We recommend YouCam Nails as a good app to get started with before exploring other options.

How do I know what nail color suits me?

To find the color that is best for you, start by looking at your skin tone.

  • Pinks, blues, and purples will look good on most skin tones, but when it comes to nudes and reds you’ll want to take a closer look.
  • For reds, if you have pale skin, go for a bright, classic red and avoid sheer tones.
  • For medium skin, red-orange shades look great.
  • For darker complexions, go for a deep wine red.
  • If you have light or medium-toned skin, then try out some nudes!

How can I change the color of my nails in a picture?

Using the YouCam Nails app, it’s very simple to change the color of your nails.

  1. Start by tapping the nail photo in the center of the home screen.
  2. Then, tap the camera in the upper part of the screen and upload a photo of your hand.
  3. From there, use the multitude of options located on the lower navigation bar to pick a color, change the shape of your nails, or select a coordinated set of nails.

What nail color looks best on short nails?

When it comes to colors and nail shape, the sky's the limit! All colors look good on nails of all lengths, but if you have short palms and short fingers, you might want to opt for rounded oval and almond shapes.

Try on Different Nail Colors in Real Time With the Best Nail App

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Download YouCam Nails Now

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