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10 Gem Nail Design Ideas: Create Your Own Gem Nails

Mar 23, 2023 · 3 minutes read

Gem nails give your manicure a unique and sophisticated look, whether you apply bold, glimmering rhinestones or a geode-inspired look. With a virtual nail app like YouCam Nails, you can try all kinds of gem nail styles before you go to the salon.

100+ Best Gem Nails Ideas | Best Free Nail Design App

Keep reading to discover the best gem nail styles that you can recreate with YouCam Nails!

YouCam Nails: Best Nail Design App for Gem Nails 2023

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Download YouCam Nails: The Free Nail App for Nail Arts & Nail Colors

YouCam Nails brings your new manicure to you with virtual tools for creating your glamorous new look. It has tons of nail colors and designs that you can apply with a single tap and customize however you want. You can choose your nail shape from five different ones and get a hyper-realistic effect every time.

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download the Free YouCam Nails App: Best Free Nail App for iOS and Android

10 Gem Nail Designs to Try in 2023

  1. Pearl Nails
  2. Diamond Nails
  3. Cat Eye Nails
  4. Marble Nails
  5. Crystal Nails
  6. Jade Nails
  7. Bridal Nails
  8. Foil Nails
  9. Jewel Nails
  10. Rose Quartz Nails

1. Gem Nails: Pearl Nails

Gem Nails: Pearl NailsSource: @mydumbnails

These nails are perfect for a classy event. Their silver gem nails turns your nails into gems!

Gem Nails: Pearl Nails

 You can create any pearl nail look yourself by going to Jewels in YouCam Nails. 

2. Gem Nails: Diamond Nails

Gem Nails: Diamond Nails

These rhinestone nail designs have a brilliant glaze on your nail with shining jewels decorating the tips. You can adjust your nail length to add more diamonds or stick to more subtle rhinestone nails. Choose Color and go to Jewels to create yours. 

3. Gem Nails: Cat Eye Nails

Gem Nails: Cat Eye Nails

This nail style mimics the chrysoberyl cat’s eye, a rare gemstone with a wavy look and a sharp, clear eye like a cat. Get that same pattern with YouCam Nails’ complete nail looks and change the color to match your aesthetic. Try it under Prints!

4. Gem Nails: Marble Nails

Gem Nails: Marble Nails

This nail look gives you a beautifully sculpted look that you can shape any way you want. You can create your own with YouCam NailsNail Looks and Patterns tools, or try YouCam Nails’ blue and gold marbled nails for a unique effect on each finger. 

5. Gem Nails: Crystal Nails

Gem Nails: Crystal Nails

Source: @nailtam2na

These translucent gems create a simple but elegant look. They add texture to your nails along with a subtle glimmer that pairs well with a French tip. Get the look when you go to the Color and Jewels tools.

6. Gem Nails: Jade Nails

Gem Nails: Jade Nails

These deep green nails give you a natural look while creating a slightly varied pattern across each nail. Choose this jade pattern under Prints in YouCam Nails to create the gemstone effect. 

7. Gem Nails: Bridal Nails

Gem Nails: Bridal NailsSource: @nailtam2na

Whether you choose a consistent style with tiny pearl gems or go all out with big rhinestones and sparkles for your bridal nails, you can find gemstones of all kinds in YouCam Nails. Just choose your Color and tap each nail to add your own gems with the Jewels feature. 

8. Gem Nails: Foil Nails

Gem Nails: Foil Nails

This simple look adds a gorgeous, classy touch to your manicure. The gold foil partially covers your nails, and you can even keep your natural nail look under it. Go to Color to get started applying your own gold foil nails! 

9. Gem Nails: Jewel Nails

Gem Nails: Jewel NailsSource: @peachinails

With this manicure, the jewels are the star of the show. With longer nails, you can add even more gems and coordinate different styles, shapes, and colors on your jewel nails. Go to Color to select your base coat and choose Jewels to get started. 

10. Gem Nails: Rose Quartz Nails

Gem Nails: Rose Quartz Nails

YouCam Nails has rose quartz nails in its complete looks to give you a marbled pink and soft purple look to spread the love with this beautiful gemstone. Go to Prints to apply your own! 

Explore More Gem Nail Ideas

100+ Best Gem Nails Ideas

It's time to take your gem nails style game up a notch! With over 100 gem nail styles available to be experimented with on the YouCam community, you can express yourself however you'd like. Whether you're thinking of glamorous gem encrusted tips, gem ombre colors or gemmed out statement pieces, you can create looks that are social media ready. When it comes to gem styles, your imagination is the limit! So get creative and show off your style in the YouCam community today.

How to Apply Gem Nails on Your Hands?

Step 1. Download YouCam Nails- The Best Gem Nail App

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Nails: The Free Nail App for Nail Arts & Nail Colors

You’ll find YouCam Nails in the Apple Store and Google Play. Search the app, select the option when it comes up, and tap the download button. 

Step 2. Live Try On Gem Nails

Live Try On Gem Nails

With the live try-on feature, you don’t need to have a photo of your nails on hand. Instead, position the camera over your hand to see your manicure in real-time. You can also take a photo of your nails on the spot with the photo try-on feature. Simply tap the camera icon at the top of the screen and snap a pic before you start on your manicure! 

Step 3. Find Popular Gem Nails

Find Popular Gem Nails

If you want a complete nail look in one tap, go to Nail Looks to explore full-gem nail looks. You can also create your own by going to Color and customizing your look for each nail. 

Step 4. Apply Gems to Nails

Customize Your Gem Nails

Tap each individual nail and select the Jewels tool. This brings up lots of gem shapes and styles that you can apply instantly to each nail, whether you want just one or several for a sparkling effect. YouCam Nails also has other features, like stickers and patterns, that you can explore for a truly unique effect. 

Step 5. Save Gem Nail Design

Save Gem Nail Design

Tap the pink save button in the top right corner to download your new gem nails. Now, you can bring your look to the salon so that you can show your manicure off-screen, too!

Download YouCam Nails — Virtual Nail App for Gem Nails

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Nails: The Free Nail App for Nail Arts & Nail Colors

YouCam Nails has all the tools you need to create your own gem nails with shiny rhinestones, glitter, and endless customization tools. Download the app to explore how you can turn your nails into diamonds, cat’s eye, and jade!

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Gem Nails FAQs

1. How do you do gem nails?

With YouCam Nails, upload your photo, choose your color or look, and use the jewel feature to add your own gemstones. Then, bring your photo to the salon!

2. How long do gems on nails last?

Most gems on nails last about two weeks. This varies based on the quality and kinds of gems you use. With YouCam Nails, you can keep your virtual gems on as long as you want!

3. Do nail gems fall off easily?

Nail gems can fall off soon after application, so it’s important to be careful with them and apply them correctly. With YouCam Nails, you don’t have to worry about gems falling off, and you get the perfect look every time!

4. How much do nails with gems cost?

The cost depends on where you get your nails done and how elaborate you want your design to be, but you may pay around $45 and more for your gemstone manicure. You can also use YouCam Nails, which is free!

Virtually Try on Gem Nail Designs 2023

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Nails: The Free Nail App for Nail Arts & Nail Colors

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