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4 Free Ways to Blur Background of a Picture on iPhone [2024]
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4 Free Ways to Blur Background of a Picture on iPhone [2024]

May 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
4 Free Ways to Blur Background of a Picture on iPhone [2024]

Do you know how to blur the background of al ready-taken photos on iPhone?

Are you looking for a way to blur a photo background without using portrait mode?

The iPhone’s portrait mode offers excellent features for blurring picture backgrounds.

However, it does have some limitations. In this comprehensive guide, I will teach you how to blur photo backgrounds in 4 different ways, including methods using the Photos app and others requiring additional free tools.

How to Blur the Background of a Picture in iPhone’s Portrait Mode

iPhone's portrait mode can precisely blur photo background

To capture a portrait photo with a blurred background, simply switch your camera to 'PORTRAIT' mode and begin snapping away. While shooting, you have the option to tap on the main subject to automatically blur the background or adjust the 'Depth control' manually to refine the focus distance.

You might be wondering: “Can I blur the background of a photo I've already taken on an iPhone?”

Next, I will explain the process of blurring the background in the photos that have been taken.

How to Blur the Background of Already Taken Photos on iPhone

iPhone also allows you to add portrait mode effect to a photo

  • Step 1: Navigate to the gallery in the Photos app and select a portrait photo captured in your iPhone’s Photo mode.
    (Ensure that the photo contains identifiable subjects for the iPhone to activate portrait mode; otherwise, you won’t be able to enable it.)
  • Step 2: Tap on the “Edit” option, and then select the “PORTRAIT” button located at the top to apply an automatic background blurring effect to the photo.
  • Step 3: Adjust the “Depth Control” to finely adjust the focus distance as desired.

This iPhone feature is available only for photos taken in iPhone’s Photo mode.

In other words, if you download photos from elsewhere, you can’t blur the background directly in the Photos app on iPhone.

However, there's an alternative method to blur the background of a picture on iPhone without using the portrait mode.

How to Blur the Background of a Picture on iPhone Without Portrait Mode

Instead, what we need is a high-quality background blurring tool that can effectively blur backgrounds, similar to the portrait mode on the iPhone.

Allow me to demonstrate the straightforward process of effectively blurring photo backgrounds using the best tool of 2024.

Step 1. Open the Best AI Background Blurring Tool

  • Available: iOS
  • App Rating: 4.7

I've tried several AI photo apps capable of blurring photo backgrounds, and my top recommendation is YouCam Enhance.

YouCam Enhance is a free AI photo editing app that has introduced a new feature called 'AI Focus', which allows you to blur out photo backgrounds easily and also offers 'Depth control' adjustment similar to the iPhone’s built-in feature.

Best App to Blur the Background of a Picture on iPhone

Step 2. Select “AI Focus” and Upload a Photo

Once installed, open YouCam Enhance and select the "AI Focus" option. Then, upload the photo from your iPhone's gallery that you want to blur the background of.

Step 3. Adjust “Blur Strength”

Move the slider to control the level of bluriness

After uploading the photo, adjust the "Blur Strength" slider to control the intensity of the background blur. You can slide it left or right to achieve the desired level of blur.

Step 4. Adjust “Focus Distance” for Depth Control

Control Depth of Field by Adjusting "Focus Distance"

For more precise control over the blur effect, adjust the "Focus Distance" setting. This feature simulates depth of field, allowing you to choose which parts of the image remain in focus and which are blurred.

Step 5. Adjust “Focus Coverage”

Finally, fine-tune the blur effect by adjusting the "Focus Coverage" slider. This allows you to control the area of the photo that remains in focus while the background is blurred. Once satisfied with the adjustments, save your edited photo to your iPhone's gallery.

How to One-Tap Blur the Background of a Photo on iPhone With AI

If you're seeking the easiest method to blur photo backgrounds without any photo editing, here's the last method you can use: AI Background Blurring.

Many iPhone apps (including the mentioned YouCam Enhance) offer this feature.

By simply uploading your photo to the app, the AI will automatically identify the subject and blur the background. You can also control the strength of the blur for the best result.

Start Blurring Photo Backgrounds With the Best AI Background Blurring App in 2024

Best App to Blur the Background of a Picture on iPhone

Equipped with "AI Focus", YouCam Enhance distinguishes itself among various AI background blurring apps for its customizable functions. You can precisely control the blurring effect, making it ideal for professional photographers seeking to save time editing photos.

Download YouCam Enhance now and start using the latest "AI Focus" feature for free!

More AI Background Blurring Ideas

FAQ on Blurring Photo Background on iPhone

Can you blur the background on an existing photo?

Yes, you can use YouCam Enhance to blur the background of an existing photo using its "AI Focus" feature. This feature allows you to effortlessly add a background blurring effect automatically, utilizing AI technology, and it's completely free.

How do I edit the background of a photo on my iPhone?

You can easily remove or change the photo background on an iPhone using a free AI photo background editing app called YouCam Enhance. It offers features like “Background Remover,” “Background Changer,” and “Background Extender,” allowing you to edit backgrounds like a pro without needing any photo editing skills.

What’s the best app to blur the background of a picture on iPhone in 2024?

YouCam Enhance is the best app for blurring photo backgrounds, thanks to its 'AI Focus' feature, which functions similarly to Photoshop's professional editing tools but is more user-friendly. With this feature, you can control the blur intensity, focus distance, and focus coverage to achieve a better portrait mode effect.

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