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Add Shallow Depth of Field to Photos Easily With AI [Free]
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Add Shallow Depth of Field to Photos Easily With AI [Free]

Apr 26, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Add Shallow Depth of Field to Photos Easily With AI [Free]

Are you a photographer seeking more precise control over the shallow depth of field in your photos?

Are you looking for the best AI background blurring tool to achieve a realistic photo focus effect?

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, we now have an easy-to-use advanced AI tool for achieving pro-level depth of field control without requiring any photo editing skills.

In this article, I will introduce this newly developed tool—AI Focus—and teach you how to add a depth of field effect to a photo using this tool for free.

AI Focus: The Best Tool for Easily Controlling Depth of Field in Photos in 2024

AI Focus allows you to fine tune the depth of field effect in the photos

  • Available Platform: iOS
  • App Rating: 4.7

AI Focus is a newly developed feature (April 2024) in the free AI photo editing app YouCam Enhance.

This feature offers the most precise "AI Background Blurring" effect and provides customizable functions, including "Blur Strength," "Focus Distance," and "Focus Coverage", which you can use to easily create a "Shallow Depth of Field" effect in photos.

How to Easily Add Depth of Field in a Photo With AI: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Next, without further ado, I will guide you through the simple process of achieving shallow depth of field in a photo using the 'AI Focus' feature.

  • Step 1. Download the Free AI Focus App
  • Step 2. Upload a Photo
  • Step 3. Tap the Person or Object You Want to Focus
  • Step 4. Adjust "Focus Distance"
  • Step 5. Adjust "Focus Coverage"

Step 1. Download the AI Focus App for Adding DOF Effect in Photo: YouCam Enhance

YouCam Enhance offers AI Focus to Add Auto Focus Effect to Photos

First, download the app for the “AI Focus” feature. It’s currently available only on iOS.

YouCam Enhance is an AI photo editing app that offers various AI tools for professional photographers to edit and enhance photos to the best quality, such as “AI Enhance,” “AI Color Correction,” and “AI Lighting,” among others.

It’s highly rated for its powerful engine, which can identify portraits and objects in a photo, making it the best app for adding depth of field to photos as it can apply realistic blurring effects.

Step 2. Open the App and Choose the Photo You Want to Edit

Once the app is installed, open it and select the photo you wish to edit from your device's gallery. This will be the image that you'll enhance with depth of field.

Step 3. Tap to Select the Object or People You Want to Focus

Once the object is tapped, the AI will automatically focus on it

Within the app, use your finger to tap on the object or people in the photo that you want to focus on. This will mark them as the focal point of the depth of field effect.

The AI identifies the distance between elements in the photo

Furthermore, you can adjust the 'Focus Distance' slider to precisely control the blurring effect from the foreground to the background. This feature is ideal for professional photographers seeking precise control over the blurring effect in post-processing.

Step 4. Adjust the Focus Coverage for Precise Focus Area Control

Change the focus coverage for precise focus area control

▲The original focus coverage was too small, so I increased the focus coverage to include the objects in the foreground.

Next, adjust the "Focus Coverage" slider to control the precise area that you want to keep in focus. This allows you to achieve accurate control over the depth of field effect.

Step 5. Adjust the Background Blurriness to Make the DOF More Realistic

AI Focus allows you to fine tune the depth of field effect in the photos

▲ The background blurring effect looks good in this photo

Lastly, adjust the 'Blur strength' to the level you want to achieve a more realistic depth of field effect.

Congratulations! You've successfully added depth of field to a photo. This tool is incredibly easy to use and offers better control over depth of field on mobile devices.

Why AI Focus is the Best Tool to Add Depth of Field in Photos

1. Easily Select the Element You Want to Focus on with Just One Tap

AI Focus simplifies the process of selecting the focal point in your photos with just one tap, allowing for effortless customization. With its intuitive interface, users can easily highlight the subject of their choice, ensuring precise depth of field adjustments.

2. Adding Depth of Field to Photos Already Taken

Unlike traditional methods that require taking photos with specific camera settings, AI Focus enables users to add depth of field to photos already taken.

This feature allows photographers to enhance the depth and realism of their existing images without the need for extensive re-shooting.

3. Free Alternative to Photoshop’s Depth Blur

If you’re a professional photographer accustomed to Photoshop’s neural filters, you might be familiar with its 'Depth Blur' feature, which enables you to fully control the shallow depth of field in photos.

Photoshop's Depth Blur feature interface

AI Focus provides almost the same functions as the Depth Blur feature. If you're interested in using this feature and seeking a more affordable tool, you might consider YouCam Enhance's AI Focus as a free alternative app.

Start Enhancing the Depth of Field in Photos With AI Focus

With the advancement of AI technology, an increasing number of AI tools are available to make our photo editing more efficient while providing realistic results.

AI Focus offers convenience and affordability for mobile users to quickly adjust the depth of focus in photos without requiring professional photo editing or photography skills.

Try using this amazing app to effortlessly enhance your photos!

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Depth of Field FAQ

Can I add a shallow depth of field effect to the taken photos?

Yes, you can achieve it with an advanced AI tool - YouCam Enhance’s AI Focus feature, similar to Photoshop’s Depth Blur effect. This feature allows you to control depth of field functions, including “Blur Strength”, “Focus Distance”, and “Focus Coverage”, enabling precise adjustments.

What is shallow depth of field?

Shallow depth of field refers to a photography technique where the subject is sharply focused while the background appears blurred. This effect is achieved by using a wide aperture, resulting in a narrow area of focus and emphasizing the subject against a soft, out-of-focus background.

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