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Online AI Color Filter: Add Realistic Colors to Your Photos
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Online AI Color Filter: Add Realistic Colors to Your Photos

May 10, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Online AI Color Filter:  Add Realistic Colors to Your Photos

Are you in search of online color filters to modify your photo hues?

Discover the top AI color filter app, accessible for both online and mobile users.

This article will delve into the seamless process of utilizing its AI filters to effortlessly alter photo colors.

Best AI Color Filter App to Change Photo Colors With AI [Online, Mobile]

Add different color filters to your photo

YouCam Enhance is one of the most advanced AI color apps, offering 'AI Color' to add color filters to your photos.

What makes it unique is that it automatically adjusts the colors in your photos when applying these filters, resulting in high-quality photos with your preferred color scheme.

How to Change Photo Color by Applying AI Color Filters to a Photo

Next, let’s see how you can apply an AI color filter to your photos easily with this tool.

Step 1. Open the Best AI Color Filter Tool

Best AI Color Filter Tool: YouCam Enhance

If you're an iPhone user, start by downloading YouCam Enhance from your App Store.

If you're using Android or PC, you can alternatively click the provided link to access 'YouCam AI Photo Colorizer'.

While this tool is primarily designed for colorizing black-and-white photos, I've confirmed that it also offers color filters for regular photos.

Step 2. Tap “AI Color” to Upload Your Photo

Tap on "AI Color" to upload your photo, initiating the AI color enhancement process. Upon completion, the result page will present 3 color filter options for you to choose from.

Step 3. Choose the AI Color Filter You Want

Select the AI color filter that best suits your preference from the three options provided.

Step 4. Save Your Photo

Save your newly filtered photo once you're satisfied with the applied AI color filter.

Why Change Photo Color With AI Color Filters: 3 Benefits

Exploring the advantages of using an AI Color Filter to adjust photo colors yields three compelling benefits.

1. Colorize Faded Photos: Add Rich Color to Photos

With YouCam Enhance's "AI Color" feature, you can breathe new life into faded or dull photos by adding rich and vibrant colors. Whether it's reviving old memories or enhancing recent captures, this tool effortlessly enhances the color quality, making your photos visually stunning.

2. AI Color Changer for Black and White Photos

Utilizing YouCam Enhance's "AI Colorize" functionality, you can seamlessly replace the color in black and white images, transforming them into captivating colored photographs.

Additionally, the tool allows you to apply custom color filters, enabling you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your photos with ease.

3. Restore Old Photos

With YouCam Enhance's dual capabilities of "AI Enhance" and "AI Colorize", you can effortlessly restore old and worn-out photos to their former glory.

The "AI Enhance" feature addresses blurry or damaged areas, ensuring clarity and sharpness, while "AI Colorize" breathes new life into black and white photos by adding realistic and vibrant colors, rejuvenating cherished memories for generations to come.

Start Adding Rich Color to Your Photos With the Best AI Color App in 2024

Best AI Color Filter Tool: YouCam Enhance

Ready to elevate your photo editing experience to the next level?

Why settle for mundane colors when you can infuse vibrancy effortlessly?

Embrace the future of photo editing with the best AI Color App and watch your images come to life like never before.

More AI Color Filter Tips

Color Filter FAQ

How do I add a color filter to a photo?

Simply upload your photo to YouCam Enhance, then choose the AI Color feature to access a range of color filters tailored to your preferences. With YouCam Enhance's AI technology, adding a color filter to your photo is as easy as a few taps.

Can I add color filters to my photos on an iPhone?

Yes, you can add color filters directly to your photos on an iPhone using the built-in Photos app. Simply open the photo you want to edit, tap on the 'Edit' button, and then select the 'Filters' option to choose from a variety of color filters.

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