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Is AI Image Expander Truly Helpful? My Test With 5 Images
AI Image Generation

Is AI Image Expander Truly Helpful? My Test With 5 Images

Apr 18, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Have you explored the trendy AI feature known as AI Expansion?

Have you ever wondered if AI Image Expansion could genuinely enhance your photos?

I decided to put it to the test with 5 images of varying types with an AI image expander.

Additionally, I'll be addressing some frequently asked questions throughout this testing experience.

Join me as I share my firsthand experience with this technology!

What is AI Image Expansion?

▲ Demo video of how AI image expansion works

AI Image Expansion, also known as AI Outpainting, AI Uncrop, or AI Image Extension, is a new AI technology that enlarges an image by outpainting it through AI.

Unlike image stretching or upscaling, it automatically extends the image background instead of simply making the original picture larger.

What are the benefits? Here are 3 practical advantages from my point of view:

What are the benefits? Here are the 3 practical benefits from my point of view

  1. Enlarging images without losing quality, providing an alternative to image upscaling.
  2. Resizing images to fit different social media platforms: Autofill the blank spaces resulting from unfitting sizes.
  3. Automatic background generation: Extending the image background to enhance the appearance of your photos.

I Tried Expanding These 5 Images With an AI Image Expander

I wonder if AI image expansion can truly understand various types of images and produce realistic results. Therefore, I decided to expand five of my images to evaluate the outcomes.

For the sake of fairness, I will provide 2 AI image expansion results for each test.

1. Expand Portrait Photo: Can AI Generate Background and Portrait?

First, I tried the most common photo type - a portrait photo with a realistic background.

▲ The 1st one seems good, but the 2nd.... good but the clothing style is weird

To my surprise, the generated portrait and clothes fit the original photo so well!

What's more? Even the blurry background and people were extended in similar scene effects.

My Findings

If you want to resize your Instagram or Facebook photos, I believe this tool is trustworthy for expanding your portrait photos.

2. Cropped Headshot Photo- Can AI Generate Realistic Faces?

Secondly, I'm curious if the AI can generate realistic faces, considering that generating faces is a challenging task for AI.

▲ The AI seemed to confuse the hat with her hair. Nevertheless, the hair extension looks very stylish lol

I attempted a cropped headshot photo above. The AI was able to extend the face, hair, and even facial expression.

One interesting thing is that I've found it sometimes misunderstands the elements in the photo but still generates a really good-looking result.

For example, in the second result above, I believe it recognized the red hat as red hair and tried to extend the hair. It appears that AI image expansion has the potential to create amusing photo edits.

My Findings

AI image expansion also works well for enlarging headshot photos.

Additionally, I've discovered that if a photo is incorrectly taken, you can crop the image and use this tool to regenerate the content. This can be a secret weapon for designers to fix some imperfections in the image!

Read more: I tried changing facial expressions in a photo using this AI tool

3. Expanding Meme Images- Can AI Make Interesting Edits to Meme Images?

We all love memes because they always make us laugh. Can AI make them even funnier?

So, I decided to try expanding a meme image using AI image expansion to see the results.

▲ Now we know what pants Derek wears in this meme. (No one wants to know!)

Um... I don't know why, but it's so funny to see the whole scene of the meme image!

It strangely adds a sense of awkwardness to the image... I couldn't help but laugh.

My Findings

Many TikTokers also use its built-in AI expansion filter to see the interesting results of "Letting AI Expand My Photos".

I think it's popular for a similar reason as this: AI sometimes gives us interesting results.

You can also try using AI to expand your friends' photos and see how it makes interesting edits to them.

4. Expand Landscape Photos- Can AI Generate Complex Landscape?

How about the landscape? Can AI extend the natural landscape, such as trees, grass, mountains, and the sea?

I've uploaded a landscape photo with a slightly complex background to see if it will generate the entire scene or simply produce similar grass to the original photo.

I've created a video to demonstrate the remarkable process of how this photo was extended.

I assure you, it was truly processed by AI image expansion, not the original photo!

The AI rebuilt the background by seamlessly integrating a complete natural landscape, connecting everything together.

Even elements like clouds, flowers, and trees, which were not prominent in the original photo, were generated.

My Findings

The AI can not only identify the content and attempt to generate something similar, but it can also incorporate related elements to enhance its naturalness and realism like a professional designer. Thus, it can also expand photos with complex compositions.

5. Expanding Design Works-  Is AI Image Expander Helpful for Designers?

Last but not least, can AI image expansion help with professional design work or paintings?

Can AI replicate the original painting style?

Above is a cropped fan art image in a comic style that I tried AI expansion on. I want to know if the AI understands this painting style.

The result is also good; whether it's the armor, the buildings, or the sky, the AI expansion worked well in extending it in the same style!

My Findings

The AI works better on this kind of painting or fan art images than on real portrait photos. It successfully generates new content and fills in the blank parts with vivid details.

If you're a designer who is out of ideas for an image, you can try extending it with this tool, which can provide various results. There should be some good results that you can use!

What is the Best Free AI Image Expander? 3 Free Options in 2024

If you're interested in using an AI image expander like mine, you might wonder, "What is the best AI image expander?", "Are there free AI image expanders?" or "Which AI image extender is the best for beginners?".

I understand your thoughts; I've also tested many popular AI image expanders. After comparing their AI image expansion quality, user-friendliness, and distinguished features, here are the top 3 options I recommend for 2024.

1. YouCam Enhance: Best Free AI Image Expander for Highest Quality Results

Best Free AI Image Expander: YouCam Enhance

YouCam Enhance, the highest quality AI image expander available for free, is accessible across multiple platforms. Its AI image expansion is unrivaled in realism compared to other tools. Specifically engineered for portraits and faces, YouCam Enhance consistently delivers natural results when expanding these types of photos.

2. Picsart: Best Online AI Image Expander for Friendly-User Interface

Best Online AI Image Expander for User Friendly Interface

  • Available Platform: Online

Picsart is my second favorite AI image expander. I appreciate its user-friendly AI image expansion feature.

Unlike other tools that require selecting a size and clicking "Generate," Picsart's online AI image expander can instantly "Stretch and AI Expand," saving us a significant amount of time when enlarging images.
I highly recommend this tool for beginners.

3. Vmake: Best Free AI Image Expander for Customizable Image Size

Vmake: Best Free AI Image Expander for Customizable Image Size

  • Available Platform: Online
  • Price: Freemium

The third one - Vmake AI - comes with a distinctive feature for AI Image Expansion: Adjust Image Resolution. You can input your preferred canvas size for AI image expansion, which is particularly suitable for professional designers who require specific adjustments to image resolution.

I only list the top 3 options. For a more detailed comparison of additional popular AI image expanders, please refer to my review article, "7 Best Free AI Image Expanders in 2024.

How to Expand an Image for Free With AI: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Now, let me guide you through the simple process of how to expand an image using this powerful tool.

Step 1. Download the Best AI Image Extender App for Free

YouCam Enhance: Best AI Image Expansion App in 2024

Download YouCam Enhance, the best AI image expander app, renowned for its proficiency in high-quality image expansion. Leveraging advanced context-aware AI, YouCam Enhance ensures precise background extension, elevating your visual content to new dimensions with unmatched accuracy.

Download YouCam Enhance from the App Store for free and start using this app

Step 2. Tap "AI Image Expansion" and Upload Your Image

Within the YouCam Enhance app, locate and tap the "AI Image Expansion" option.

Select the image you want to expand by tapping on the upload icon.

Step 3. Choose Your Preferred Aspect Ratio

After uploading your image, the app will prompt you to choose your preferred aspect ratio for the expanded image. You can select from a variety of ratios that best suit your needs, ensuring the image fits seamlessly into your intended use or platform.

Step 4. Tap "Expand" to Initiate AI Expansion

Once you've selected the desired aspect ratio, tap the "Expand" button to initiate the AI expansion process. YouCam Enhance will utilize advanced algorithms to intelligently enhance and resize your image, preserving details while providing a larger, high-quality version.

Step 5. Saved Your Background Extended Image

After the AI expansion is complete, the app will display the expanded image. Save your newly enlarged image by tapping the "Save" or "Download" option.

Start Using AI Image Expander for Creative Edits and Enhance Your Visuals

Looking to take your visual editing skills to the next level?

Enhance your visuals effortlessly with this powerful tool, and unlock a world of creative editing potential.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities for stunning imagery.

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