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7 Best Free AI Image Extenders to Expand Images [April 2024]
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7 Best Free AI Image Extenders to Expand Images [April 2024]

Apr 12, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Have you tried the latest "AI Image Extender" tools?

In April 2024, we bring you a carefully curated list of the 7 Best Free AI Image Extenders, whether they're apps or online tools. Accompanied by simple tutorials, these tools redefine the boundaries of background extension.

Discover our detailed reviews to find the best free solutions that will elevate your image editing experience this year.

How to Choose the Best AI Image Extender: 3 Factors I Consider

I tested various free AI image extenders, including apps and online tools, to find the best options.

When evaluating these tools, I consider factors such as Image Expansion Quality, Versatility Across Image Types, and User Flow Fluency to assess their performance.

The following image will be used as the test image for every tool, so you can also compare the results yourself.

I will use this photo to test the performance of AI image extenders.

▲ Let’s see how the AI image extenders expand this image!

7 Best Free AI Image Extender Apps and Online Tools to Expand Photos in April 2024

After testing several AI image extenders, I compiled a list of the 7 best free AI image extenders, reviewed as of April 2024.

Image ExtenderPricePlatformMy Rating
1. YouCam Enhance
2. PicsartFree/$5.00iOS/ Android/
3. VmakeFree/$3.99Online★★★★☆
4. Photoleap
iOS/ Android/
5. Runway
6. Fotor
Online/ iOS/
7. TikTok
iOS/ Android

1. YouCam Enhance: Best for Realistic AI Image Expansion

Among the 7 options, YouCam Enhance is the one I recommend the most.

The AI image extender in YouCam Enhance performed effectively in extending various types of images, including landscapes, portrait photos, and even images featuring furry animals.

Its AI engine excelled in enhancing the results, guaranteeing high-quality image generation. You can use this tool to fix photos with flaws or resize images for Instagram, Facebook, or Line.

My Experience Using This Tool

The result looks really nice. The new flowers blend well with the original picture.

I was surprised to see it even added pink and purple flowers around the yellow one, which wasn't there before. But it actually made the picture look even prettier.

How about other images?

I decided to try another portrait photo as well. I cropped it in half and fed it into this app to see if it could generate something similar, or perhaps even better.

▲ The AI seemed to confuse the hat with her hair. Nevertheless, the hair extension looks very stylish.

I attempted twice with the same photo above. The AI was able to extend the face, clothes, and even the blurry background. YouCam Enhance’s AI Image Expansion performed exceptionally well in naturally extending images.

How to Use AI Image Extender to Expand an Image for Free

To extend an image or photo using AI, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1. Download YouCam Enhance App: Best Free AI Image Extension App
  • Step 2. Upload the Photo You Want to Extend
  • Step 3. Choose a Desired Aspect Ratio (1:1, 2:3, 3:4, or Social Media Ratio)
  • Step 4. Tap "Expand" to Start AI Image Expansion, Enlarging Photos to Your desired size.
  • Step 5. Save the AI-extended Image

More AI Image Expansion Tips

What I Like About This Tool

  • High-quality image generation results. It generates the most realistic content that fits perfectly, as if not edited.
  • Various size options are available, including those suitable for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Abundant AI tools (like AI Replace, AI Enhance, AI Color) are provided, facilitating easy post-expansion editing.


  • Free Option: Yes
  • Subscription Plan: (App) $9.99 per month; (Online Tool) $2.5 for 40 monthly credits.

2. Picsart: Best User-Friendly AI Image Extender for Beginners

Picsart: Best for Fast Online AI Image Extension

  • Available: Online/ iOS/ Android

Picsart ranks as the second-best AI image extender among my top seven options.

Its AI engine is exceptionally stable, ensuring that my images are extended with high quality and vividness. The user interface is highly intuitive, allowing for easy resizing by simply stretching with your mouse, facilitating quick adjustments to any image size.

Additionally, it's a popular mobile photo editor offering a wide array of creative tools and filters for users to enhance their images.

My Experience Using This Tool

Its background was extended with prominent blooming flowers.

▲ Its background was extended with prominent blooming flowers.

Take a look at the result. The image was extended similarly, but now it features even more noticeable flowers, giving it the appearance of an artistic painting.

However, the size of the generated flowers seems a little bit unnatural given their distance in the photo (Just a tiny flaw, not affecting the overall performance).

What I Like About This Tool

  • High-quality AI image expansion.
  • The 'Stretch and expand instantly' function is highly efficient for quickly experimenting with various image expansions, making it very user-friendly for beginners.
  • Integrated into an online editing platform, where designers can easily expand images and directly add them to the design.


  • Free Option: Yes
  • Subscription Plan: (App) $5 per month; (Online Tool) $7 for a monthly subscription

3. Vmake: Best for Customizing Image Expansion Size

Vmake AI Image Extender

  • Available: Online

Vmake AI is also an online AI photo editor that emphasizes AI fashion-related features, including "AI Image Expansion." Its distinction lies in its ability to expand by "Resolution numbers", making it suitable for designers to edit photo sizes to fit various platforms.

My Experience Using This Tool

I expanded the image with Vmake AI image extender

It automatically generates 4 results at once. I don't have to run it again if I'm not satisfied with the previous one.

Sometimes the generated parts appear blurry. I think it's because there is a blur effect in the original image, and the AI attempted to replicate similar effects. It means that its AI can not only extend the background but also create effects.

If you're a photographer, this tool can assist you in enhancing the background of model images with realistic results.

What I Like About This Tool

  • Customizable “Resolution” for expanding images, best for precisely adjusting image size
  • Realistic background extension, best for photographers.
  • It can generate 4 images at once.


  • Free Option: Yes
  • Subscription Plan: $3.99 for 20 monthly credits.

4. Photoleap: Best for Enriching Image Content With AI Image Expansion

Photoleap AI Image Expander: Best for High Expanding High Definition Images

  • Available: iOS/ Android/ Online

Photoleap is a photo editing app equipped with numerous AI tools designed for efficient photo editing. It offers innovative AI features such as AI Expand, Text to Image, and AI Costume, enabling users to edit photos effectively without the need for manual intervention. Its AI Expand feature, also known as "AI Uncrop", has gained popularity among users.

My Experience Using This Tool

Photoleap's AI Expand extended my image with more detailed objects

▲ The newly generated flowers are quite delicate and detailed

Did you notice? Photoleap has added some clouds to the sky in the photo.

Compared to other AI image extenders, Photoleap’s AI Expand tends to include more detailed objects in the photos, such as clouds and flowers, enriching and enhancing the content.

You can give it a try with your headshot photos; this tool can assist you in resizing them to fit various social media platforms and elevate their content as well.

What I Like About This Tool

  • The generated part is more detailed and prominent.
  • Best suited for resizing headshot photos with additional rich content.
  • It can generate up to 4 photos at once


  • Free Option: (App) Yes; (Online) offers 7 days free trial
  • Subscription Plan: (App) $7.99/month; (Online) $3.33/month

5. Runway: Best for Extending Images Online With Text Prompt

Runway's AI Image Extender: Infinite Image Tool

  • Available: Online

Runway's Infinite Image tool is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes image creation by allowing users to expand upon their visual ideas using simple text prompts.

Although mastering its usage may demand some time and effort, the tool offers an innovative approach to generating unique and limitless images, making it a valuable resource for creative individuals seeking to push the boundaries of visual expression.

My Experience Using This Tool

You can decide how the AI extend the photo by using different text prompts

Their tool stands out due to its distinctive "text-to-expansion" feature, providing advanced designers with the ability to customize specific expanded portions. This unique capability is the primary reason for my recommendation of this tool.

I've experimented with various prompts to assess the tool's capabilities and discovered that the AI heavily relies on the precision of the input prompt. When the prompt lacks clarity, the resulting output may not meet expectations.

What I Like About This Tool

  • You can decide how the AI extends the photo by using different text prompts.
  • Runway guarantees unique and diverse image expansion results, showcasing its advanced AI capabilities.
  • With Runway, you can explore an infinite number of variations, making it an ideal tool for experimental projects, facilitating the exploration of infinite variations.


  • Free option: Yes
  • Subscription Plan: $12 monthly subscription is required for the "Standard" package

6. Fotor: Best for Extending Portrait Photos

Fotor's AI Image Extender interface

  • Available: Online/ iOS/ Android

Fotor is a versatile photo editor designed for both mobile and online use.

With a plethora of editing features, including advanced AI tools like AI Image Extender, AI Image Generator, and AI Replace, it offers a comprehensive solution for all your editing needs. Its all-in-one platform allows you to accomplish all your editing tasks efficiently.

Let’s also see how their AI image extender works!

My Experience Using This Tool

Extending image using Fotor, sometimes the generated parts will become blurry

▲ It appears that some strange objects are flying in front of the camera.

It successfully generated the flowers and background, but the flowers don't quite match the style of the original ones. However, it's still acceptable.

For some portrait photos with a simple background, the software can still effectively extend the clothing and hair part of the portrait.

Moreover, you can customize the image size by adjusting the resolution settings.

What I Like About This Tool

  • Worked well in expanding portrait photos.
  • An all-in-one photo editing platform with various AI tools you can use.
  • It offers image size customization through adjustable resolution settings.


  • Free option: Yes
  • PriceSubscription Plan: (Online) $5.99/month; (App) $8.99/month.

7. TikTok: Best App for Free and Fun AI Image Expansion

TikTok AI Expansion Filter: Best for Free and Fun Image Expansion

  • Available: iOS/ Android

TikTok's AI Expansion feature has become a popular tool for users curious about the intriguing possibilities of image enlargement.

Many enthusiasts experiment with "How AI Expand My Image" to witness unique results, and TikTok goes a step further by providing a "reaction video" template, allowing users to directly capture their responses to the before-and-after transformations during the image expansion process.

My Experience Using This Tool

My test on extending an image using TikTok

▲ TikTok has an AI Expansion filter effect

When I tried using TikTok's AI Expansion filter, I discovered that its feature is essentially a "video template."

After uploading a photo to the app, it transforms it into a process video, allowing you to record your reaction as you witness the "amazing results".

As for its quality, I have to say... it's suitable for having fun and playing pranks with friends, lol.

While TikTok's AI Expansion quality may not be optimal, it has gone viral for its "See Interesting AI Expansion Result" trend, bringing enjoyment to users and keeping them engaged with the excitement of witnessing diverse outcomes.

If you're a casual user not expecting high-quality results, you can try using this tool for fun.

What I Like About This Tool

  • TikTok offers a platform for creating and sharing visually engaging image expansion videos with dynamic content.
  • The app provides creative tools to enhance the image expansion experience, including effects and music integration.


Completely free.

Start Enlarging Images With the Best AI Image Expanders in 2024

Are you ready to elevate your image editing game?

In 2024, harness the power of the best AI image extenders to make your images bigger.

Take the plunge and start extending images now – try these cutting-edge tools to witness a new era of creative possibilities and impeccable visual enhancements.

More AI Image Expansion Ideas

FAQ About AI Image Extender

What is the best AI image extender in 2024?

Here are the 7 best AI image extenders of April 2024:

  1. YouCam Enhance's AI Image Expansion (iOS, Android, Online)
  2. Picsart's AI Expand (iOS, Android, Online)
  3. Vmake AI Image Extender (Online)
  4. Photoleap's AI Expand (iOS, Android, Online)
  5. Runway's Infinite Image Tools (Online)
  6. Fotor AI Image Extender (OS, Android, Online)
  7. TikTok's AI Expansion Filter (iOS, Android)

What AI can extend a picture?

To expand a picture, consider using YouCam Enhance's 'AI Image Extender' feature. This app utilizes Generative AI to expand image size and automatically fill in the extended parts based on the original context. With this tool, you can resize images without losing quality.

Simply download the YouCam Enhance app, locate the "Image Expansion" feature, upload your desired picture, position it accordingly, and tap "Expand Photo" to effortlessly enlarge it. Lastly, download your expanded image with exceptional quality.

How do I extend an image using Photoshop?

  • Step 1. Open your image in Photoshop and navigate to the "Edit" menu, then select "Generative Expand" from the dropdown.
  • Step 2. Adjust the settings such as the expansion size and method according to your preferences.
  • Step 3. Click "OK" to apply the generative expand effect, and Photoshop will automatically extend your image based on the chosen parameters.

How do I enlarge an AI photo?

To enlarge a photo using AI, the most effective method involves utilizing AI image enlarger tools capable of expanding the image size to various ratios without compromising quality. For example, YouCam Online Editor offers an "AI Image Upscaler" for upscaling to 2X size and 4K resolution, as well as an "AI Image Extender" for adjusting the aspect ratio.

Which AI extends photos?

YouCam Enhance's AI Image Extender tool extends photos using content-aware AI that automatically generates new content to fill in the missing space, expanding images to your desired aspect ratios.

Can AI make my picture bigger?

You can utilize YouCam Enhance's "One-Tap AI Image Expander" to efficiently enlarge your pictures without distortion using AI technology. Simply upload a photo directly to the app, then select your desired aspect ratio from options such as 1:1, 3:4, or sizes suitable for Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Tap "Expand" to allow the AI to resize your image by generating new content to fill in the additional space, resulting in larger pictures without sacrificing quality or details.

How do I extend the background in AI?

You can utilize Generative AI tools such as YouCam Enhance's AI Image Expander to extend the background of your images. By uploading the photo and adjusting the canvas to your desired size, the AI will rapidly extend the background using content-aware technology.

Can AI expand an image?

Yes, you can utilize Generative AI tools such as YouCam Enhance's AI Image Expander to enlarge images through AI-based background extention. Simply upload your photos to the app, select the desired aspect ratio, and allow the AI to expand the image to a larger size without sacrificing details.

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