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Best AI Avatar App to Get BLACKPINK Inspired Outfits
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Best AI Avatar App to Get BLACKPINK Inspired Outfits

Aug 10, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Best AI Avatar App to Get BLACKPINK Inspired Outfits

BLACKPINK In Your Area. Shout out to all Blinks! BLACKPINK 2023 anniversary date is here! As a proud member of Blink fandom, have you attended one of the Born Pink tour concerts and shared your inner Blink with the world?

Create Your BLACKPINK Pics

Create Your BLACKPINK Pics

Whether you were able to secure the tickets or not, we offer additional ways to express your love and support for the girls! Ready to taste that pink venom? Let’s go!

BlackPink Born Pink Tour Concerts 2023 Photo Cards And Light Stick

Table of Contents

How To Virtually Try On Outfits For BLACKPINK Tour

Don’t know what to wear to the BLACKPINK concert?

Find your best BLACKPINK outfits with the AI Fashion tool in YouCam Perfect App.

Virtual Try On Outfit For BlackPink Tour In Black & Pink Style

Step 1. Download The Best AI BLACKPINK Outfits App

First, download YouCam Perfect from the App Store to get started.

Tap to Download The Best BlackPink Tour Outfit Creator

Step 2. Use AI Fashion for BLACKPINK Concert Outfits Ideas

Click on the “AI Magic” button on the main page after you download the app, then choose “AI Fashion.”

Use AI Fashion for BlackPink Concert Outfit Ideas

Step 3. Upload Photos to Generate BLACKPINK Outfits

After uploading your photo, select the black or pink style. If you love to wear black like Jennie, then choose the "Gothic" black style; if you’re team pink like Rosé, then choose the “Pretty in Pink” or “Iconic Doll” style.

But if you wanna select both of them at the same time, it definitely works as well! Once you've settled on your preferred styles, our cutting-edge AI algorithms will seamlessly adorn you in your chosen looks.

Upload Photos to Generate BlackPink Outfit

Step 4. Ready to Show Your BLACKPINK Outfits!

It only takes 1-2 minutes for the app to generate the styles. You can pick the ones you like and then download them, or make more edits directly in the app, like combining the black and pink styles.

Create Your Exclusive BLACKPINK Merch

Design your own digital BLACKPINK crafts & Born Pink tour merch simply by using the YouCam Perfect App.

Outcome of Your Own Digital BlackPink Tour Merch Including T-shirt, Hat, or Bag

Even if you can’t join the BLACKPINK US tour in 2023, you still can create your own exclusive BLACKPINK Born Pink merchandise, such as the Born Pink hoodie, in YouCam Perfect app as well. Utilize our AI Clothes feature to incorporate BLACKPINK song lyrics, photos of BLACKPINK members, patterns of the BLACKPINK lightstick, or any other elements you desire onto your t-shirt, hoodie, hat, or bag.

Step 1. Download The Best AI BLACKPINK Merch Design App

First, download YouCam Perfect from the App Store to get started.

Tap to Download The Best BlackPink Tour Outfit Creator

Step 2. Use AI Clothes Feature for BLACKPINK Merch Design

Go to the “Photo Edit” page, navigate to the “Beautify” tab at the bottom, then scroll to find the AI “Clothes” feature.

Step 3. Edit With AI Clothes Feature For BLACKPINK Merch

Upon selecting the "Clothes" feature, our AI algorithm will identify the subject and proceed to automatically isolate the clothing portion. Then you can upload the photos you want to add to the clothes and adjust the lightness and details. Also, you can use the “Text” feature to directly add the Born Pink tour name, or any BLACKPINK song lyrics to your hoodie or t-shirt.

Use AI Clothes Feature for BlackPink Merch Design

You have the flexibility to not just incorporate patterns into your clothing, but also to opt for a monochromatic look by selecting solid colors such as black or pink.

Edit With AI Clothes Feature For BlackPink Merch

Step 4. Design With AI Tools For BLACKPINK Merch

What if you couldn’t get the BLACKPINK Starbucks limited drinks or merch? (Only available in the Asia Pacific region) Don’t worry, you can change your own cup into signature BLACKPINK colors as well. Capture an image of your cup, use “Cutout” to cut out the subject, and access the "Adjust" feature located in the "Tools" section. Scroll down to adjust "Tint" first, then locate the "HSL" icon, click it, and proceed to fine-tune the colors to your liking.

Design With AI Tools For BlackPink Merch

Step 5. Create With AI Tools For BlackPink Photo

Additionally, we offer an alternative method to Turn Up Your Summer experience. Do you recall the popular song "Ice Cream'' by BLACKPINK featuring Selena Gomez? We have added charming ice cream animated effects and stickers to make your summer photos “look so good, yeah, look so sweet” – and looking good enough to post!

Create With AI Tools For BlackPink Photo

Step 6. Ready to Show Your BLACKPINK Merch

Finally, whether it's attending the BLACKPINK tour concert, indulging in the BLACKPINK Starbucks drink, creating your own BLACKPINK merchandise, or acquiring the Born Pink photocards, the act of collecting and treasuring these memories is important, too.

So, make sure not to miss out on our Collage feature, where you can craft your very own BLACKPINK photo book or collection of photo cards. Preserve all those special BLACKPINK moments in style!

How to Show Your BlackPink Merch

We offer a variety of templates within the Collage feature, making it incredibly simple for you to create photo cards. Additionally, you have the option to save your creation and even print it out if desired.

Ready to Show Your BlackPink Merch

Create Your BLACKPINK - Inspired AI Avatars/Characters to Use as Your Profile Photos on Social Platforms

Create Your BLACKPINK Pics

Step 1. Download The Best BLACKPINK AI Avatar App

First, download YouCam Perfect to get started.

Tap to Download The Best BlackPink Tour Outfit Creator

Step 2. Use AI Avatar For BLACKPINK Style Avatars

Click on the AI Magic button on the main page. This time choose “AI Avatar”, then pick your preferred styles. We still recommend using “Iconic Doll” & “Gothic” styles.

Use AI Avatar For BlackPink Style Avatars

Use AI Avatar For BlackPink Style Avatars

You can select the avatars you wish to download and can also opt to make further edits once our AI algorithms complete the generation process. For instance, using AI Style filters can transform your characters, adorning them not just in BLACKPINK ensembles, but also giving them the cute looks of cartoon princesses.

Use AI Avatar For BlackPink Style Avatars

Step 3. Change Background & Add Text For BLACKPINK Avatars

Change Background & Add Text For BLACKPINK Avatars

Once you've created your avatars, you have the flexibility to modify their backgrounds, incorporate text such as Blink, logos, or even BLACKPINK song lyrics. This way you can personalize your profile picture on various social platforms.

Personalize Your Profile Picture With BlackPink Avatar

Step 4. Add More BLACKPINK Vibes With Filters

For Blinks seeking to infuse their photos with a touch of pink vibrancy, we offer the "Dream Doll" and "Soft Pink" filters as well. You can conveniently locate these filters within our "Effects" feature.

Add More BlackPink Vibes With AI Filter


Who is BlackPink?

BLACKPINK, a K-pop girl group that debuted in 2016, is not just a musical phenomenon; it's a lifestyle, a culture, and a family. With members including Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, they’re currently celebrating their 7th anniversary and holding the Born Pink World Tour 2023 in the States.

What is Blink?

The term "Blink" is the name of the fandom, combining the words “black” and “pink”. Blink represents more than just fans; it's a community of passionate individuals who share a deep love for BLACKPINK.

When is The BLACKPINK US Tour?

The girls are having encore US tours starting in August 2023 in East Rutherford, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Go grab the tickets before it’s too late!

How To Make My Own K-Pop Photocard?

The normal size of a K-Pop photocard is 55x85mm (2.2×3.5in). The K-Pop photocard is smaller than other trading cards like Pokemon, MTG, and Sports cards which are usually 63x88mm. You can simply upload a photo of your favorite K-Pop idols on YouCam Perfect, use the “Background” or “InstaFitfeatures, and then choose the aspect ratio 2:3. Now you can personalize your own photo cards by adding stickers and effects as well!

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best BLACKPINK Tour Outfit Creator & K-pop Digital Merch Maker in 2023

Don’t be the only one not living out your K-Pop dreams. Instead, get the app to enjoy the fun and show your creativity. Download the app on iOS or Android now to get started!

Tap to Download The Best BlackPink Tour Outfit Creator

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