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AI Image Fixer: How to Fix Common Problems in AI Art

AI Image Fixer: How to Fix Common Problems in AI Art

Mar 29, 2024 · 3 minutes read
AI Image Fixer: How to Fix Common Problems in AI Art

Generative AI tools sometimes fail to understand prompts that seem clear to us — often with amusing (and sometimes terrifying) outcomes.

Even with detailed or understandable descriptions, it’s never guaranteed that AI won’t produce something embarrassing or strange, especially when generating human figures.

AI image fixer to achieve perfect AI art restoration

This is where AI image fixers come into play, offering solutions to common problems encountered when generating AI art.

How to Fix AI-Generated Photo Mistakes with a Free AI Image Fixer

AI art created using popular AI art tools such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney might not be immune to issues such as face distortion, color inconsistencies, and irregular detailing despite its innovative nature. Here’s how you can fix these common AI art problems:

Step 1. Upload the AI-Generated Photo

Fix common AI art mistakes using AI Replace

You might be tired of seeing commonly mentioned mistakes such as weird hand positions and garbled facial expressions as you receive your AI-generated art.

Aside from spending time altering your prompt and losing more credit for generation, use AI Replace in the AI image fixer to restore AI art in seconds.

Step 2. Use AI Replace to Fix AI Image Mistakes

Fix AI Art Mistakes Using an AI Image Fixer

As you upload your AI art, paint on the area you wish to fix and enter the ideal outcome you prefer in the text input field.

Take our reference image as an example, you can paint on the hand area and type in "a hand on her side face" to generate a more natural AI portrait.

Step 3. Fix AI-Generated Face with Retouching Tools

More Editing Tools to Try in AI Face Fixer

Then, locate the "Beautify" tool to utilize handy fixing tools such as "Eye Size," "Eye Bag," and "Smooth" to get a more realistic human face with larger eyes and natural-looking skin.

Step 4. Save the Edited AI-Generated Photo

As you're satisfied with the edited result, save your AI-generated art or try another one!

*The AI Replace feature is currently available for iOS only

AI Image Fixer: Best Use Cases

AI Art Fixer: Edit Midjourney AI Art

AI Art Fixer: Edit Midjourney AI Art

If you've already got the AI art with satisfied visuals but only wish to make some slight adjustments without sending prompts, queuing for art generation, or losing credits, another way for you to edit/restore AI art is "AI Removal."

Say, we already have the AI girl image generated from Midjourney but don't want the blemishes on her face. Select Pro (for larger area removal) and paint on the unwanted area. Then, press "Apply" to view the removal result.

AI Art Enhancer: Personalize Your AI Waifu

AI Art Enhancer: Personalize Your AI Waifu

Already created your ideal AI waifu from scratch but want to change outfits, switch decorations, or try on different hair colors?

Describe what you want to accomplish in a few words in the input field of our AI Replace tool and the effect can be achieved within seconds!

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AI Image Fixer FAQs

What Is the AI That Fixes Photos?

Like any form of art, AI-generated art occasionally falls short of perfection. YouCam Perfect, a game-changer in the realm of AI art enhancement, addresses these imperfections with its AI Replace tool to “first erase, then replace” unwanted defects in AI-generated images.

  • Tap "Photo Edit" and upload your AI art
  • Locate "AI Replace" in the menu bar
  • Paint the area you wish to fix
  • Enter the prompt and press "Apply"
  • Save your enhanced AI art
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