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Top 7 AI Replace and AI Inpainting Tools of 2024
Photo Editing

Top 7 AI Replace and AI Inpainting Tools of 2024

May 13, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Top 7 AI Replace and AI Inpainting Tools of 2024

Have you ever wanted to add some creativity to your photos by replacing parts of the image, such as changing outfits, to create eye-catching results? With the help of an AI replacer, achieving these effects is now easier than ever.

AI Replace Photo Using the Best AI Inpainting Tool

▲ Pro Tip: First use AI Removal, then try AI Replace for generative fill

In this article, we will explore the 7 best AI replacement and AI inpainting tools available in 2024. These tools utilize artificial intelligence to enhance and transform images, enabling users to seamlessly replace objects and fill in missing areas.

7 Best AI Image Replacers for iPhone, Android, and Online Users in 2024

In the following content, I'll use the same original image to test each tool's "AI clothes change" capability using the same prompt. Let's dive into the details:

1. YouCam AI Pro: Best for AI Replace

AI Replacer: YouCam AI Pro; change clothes in photo using AI

Available on: iOS

YouCam AI Pro is one of the best AI replacers to achieve perfect AI inpainting with outcomes that exactly match the prompts you type in for AI image replacement. For AI clothes change, say, turn a casual outfit into an evening gown in my favorite color blue.

As user upload their photo in "AI Replace", paint on the clothing area they want to replace and type in the prompts like "blue luxury evening gown." Then, any individual would be able to get random outfit ideas from the feature within seconds by regenerating outcomes using the same prompt!

Press here to learn how to achieve a similar look using YouCam AI Pro.

*The AI Replace feature is currently available for iOS only

2. Canva: Best for AI Magic Edit

AI Replacer: Canva

Available on: iOS/Android/Web

As a huge fan of Canva, Magic Edit is also one of my favorite AI features from its "Magic Studio" collection. People can easily try out this powerful tool by using its demo photo, with clear instructions to guide them through the image-replacing process.

To test the feature using your original media resource in Canva, find "Effects" under Magic Studio as you upload your image and locate "Magic Edit." Then brush over the area you wish to edit (or select the whole image) and describe what to add or change. Though the feature will generate 4 results at a time, most of the blue evening gowns will incorporate orange colors from my income picture.

3. Picsart: Best for AI Swap

AI Replacer: Picsart

Available on: iOS/Android/Web

Picsart offers an AI image generator that specializes in AI swap capabilities. This tool allows you to swap faces, change part of your image, and create fun AI photo edits with 3 image replacements/day (2 outcomes/time).

To replace a specific area of your image in Picsart, simply upload the image and use the brush tool or autoselect feature in "AI Replace" to highlight the area you want to replace. Then, provide a brief description or text prompt specifying what should replace the selected area. The more detailed your description, the better the results will be.

4. Fotor: Best for AI Inpainting

AI Replacer: Fotor

Available on: iOS/Android/Web

When it comes to AI inpainting, Fotor is another choice available as I searched on the Internet. Whether you want to switch cloudy sky photos to sunny ones or want to remove and replace unwanted elements, the "AI Replace" feature within can easily help achieve the look.

However, during the trial process, I noticed that this AI replacer would not help detect your input image, which might lead to replacement failures or imperfect results without knowing the reasons. Furthermore, the feature will sometimes fail to generate the outcomes from your prompt.

5. LightX: Best for Replacing Photo Objects with Prompts

AI Replacer: LightX

Available on: iOS/Android/Web

LightX offers an innovative AI image generator that allows users to replace photo objects with prompts. The user experience in this AI replacer is pleasant, with an easy-to-navigate interface and neat layout, users can easily find the features they prefer to edit and enhance their pictures.

For free users, you'll be granted 10 free AI generations/day (1 generation = 1 credit). After uploading your photo, adjust the brush size with the slider and mark the area you want to replace. Type in the prompt and wait for the AI to work on its magic. If you're not satisfied with the result, you can press "Generate More" for regeneration under the same prompt

6. Adobe Firefly: Best for Generative Filling

AI Replacer: Adobe Firefly

Available on: Web

Adobe Firefly is a cutting-edge AI text-to-image generator that excels in generative filling. Though it requires an account to access its AI Replace feature, if you're already familiar with software under the Adobe family such as Photoshop and Illustrator, you'll find this feature easy to get started.

As signing into your account, you'll have 25 free credits/month to experience Adobe Firefly's powerful generative fill tool. What I love about this AI generative filling tool is it will first generate 3 results (all photorealistic and accurate) according to your prompts. You can even press the "More" button to generate additional outcome images.

7. Best for AI Object Replace

AI Replacer:

Available on: Web is an object replacer that helps users quickly retouch photos by adding objects to selected areas. According to their websites, you can achieve the desired AI inpainting effects under various use cases, including marketing materials, e-commerce shots, personal images, and professional photoshoots.

You can try out the object replacement result by using their sample photos for free. However, if you want to test out the feature using your own shot, it will ask you to subscribe on a monthly/yearly basis to generate your results.

AI Replace & AI Inpainting Tools Comparison

AI ReplacerOutcomes/RegenerationAccuracy
YouCam AI Pro1/✔️✔️
Adobe Firefly3/✔️✔️

How to Replace Image Objects On Your Phone

If you want to replace image objects on your phone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download the Best AI Inpainting Tool

First things first, get the best AI replacer for AI inpainting.

YouCam AI Pro

*The AI Replace feature is currently available for iOS only

Step 2. Upload the Photo to Start AI Inpainting

Upload the Photo to Start AI Inpainting

Now, upload the photo you want to work on. Then navigate to “AI Replace” on the menu bar under "Edit" mode.

First draw on the area, object, or people in your photo. Then, type in the prompt (items or effects you wish to achieve). As you press the "Apply" button, the AI replacer will analyze your image and identify areas that can be replaced or inpainted, further achieving inpainting results based on your prompts.

Step 3. Save Your AI Replace Photo

After making the necessary replacements or inpaintings, save the edited photo to your phone's gallery.

AI Image Replacer FAQs

What Is AI Inpainting?

AI inpainting is a technique that utilizes artificial intelligence to fill in missing or damaged areas in images. It can seamlessly reconstruct missing parts and make images appear complete and visually appealing.

As users upload their images, the AI will analyze the structure, understand the context, and generate realistic replacements based on the identified object.

What Is the AI That Replaces Parts of Images?

Whether you are an iPhone, Android, or web user, most AI replacers and AI inpainting tools offer impressive features and functionalities for you to easily replace part of your image. Also, consider the ones we've tested to achieve the look:

  • YouCam AI Pro: Best for AI Replace
  • Canva: Best for AI Magic Edit
  • Picsart: Best for AI Swap
  • Fotor: Best for AI Inpainting
  • LightX: Best for Replacing Photo Objects with Prompts
  • Adobe Firefly: Best for Generative Filling
  • Best for AI Object Replace

Is There an AI That Changes Clothes in Photos?

You can easily generate AI clothes, change clothes in photos, or add clothes to photos using AI with YouCam AI Pro:

  • Tap "Photo Edit" and upload your image
  • Locate "AI Replace" in the menu bar
  • Paint on the clothing area, then enter the clothing style in the text input field
  • Press "Apply" and turn your fashion dream into reality
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