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5 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android in 2022

May 6, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Face Swap Apps for Photo Editing on iPhone and Android in 2022

When you want to give your followers a good laugh, there’s no better way than face-swapping. This fun photo editing activity lets you switch up your face with your friends or your favorite celebrities and create hilarious edits in seconds. Check out the 5 best face swap apps for free download to see how you look with a different face in just a few taps!

Discover 5 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android

1. YouCam Perfect: Best Free Face Swap App

Best for: YouCam Perfect is best for quick and easy face swapping that you can share anywhere.

    Download YouCam Perfect, the best face swap app

    YouCam Perfect’s Cutout tool is one of the easiest ways to swap your face with someone else’s. With just a few taps, the app finds your face and cuts it out, so you can create seamless face swaps. Once you cut out the faces you want to swap, it just takes a couple of swipes to put them where you want. And don’t forget to explore YouCam Perfect’s other exciting features to make your snaps stand out!Easily Swap Face from Photo with YouCam Perfect's Cutout tool

    Available on: iOS and Android

    ✂️ Learn How to Swap Face from Photo With YouCam Perfect

    2. Reface: Best Face Swap Video App

    Best for: Reface works best for swapping faces in videos.
    Rating: 4.8

      best face swap app: Reface

      Reface app lets you swap faces live and on video. Reface’s face editing features are so realistic that you can almost believe that you’ve taken on someone else’s image. Whether you want to create GIFs, memes, or play around with a regular video, Reface lets you do that with its easy and intelligent platform.

      Available on: iOS and Android

      3. Snapchat: Face Swap Lens Effect

      Best for: Snapchat is ideal for creating funny face swaps with friends.
      Rating: 4.2

      best face swap app: Snapchat

      With Snapchat app, you don’t have to go through the effort of cutting out faces before you make the switch. Put the camera in selfie mode, and simply tap and hold where your face is on the screen until the face map appears. Find the Face Swap effect in lenses and stand next to the person you want to swap with until your faces are lined up properly. The app will automatically swap your faces, and the results are guaranteed to make you laugh!

      Available on: iOS and Android

      4. Faceover: Photo Face Swap App

      Best for: Faceover works best for making fun face edits with multiple people.
      Rating: 4.7

      best face swap app: Faceover

      Faceover app can not only swap your face with the person next to you but give everyone in your photo different faces. You can cut out, rotate, and flip faces, no matter how many people are in your photo. With realistic results, you can fool your friends and followers with edited baby pictures or paste the same face over everyone in your friend group.

      Available on: iOS and Android

      5. Face Swap Live: Real-time Face Swap App

      Best for: Face Swap Live is best for swapping faces in real time.
      Rating: 4.5

      best face swap app: Face Swap Live

      Face Swap Live app sets itself apart by letting you and your friends swap faces before you even snap your pic. It uses AR technology to apply live face swaps, face masks, and more. Watch your lips move and try out different facial expressions with your face on the body of your best friend, your dog, or a celebrity!

      Available on: iOS and Android

      Learn how to swap face easily on phone with the best free photo app

      How to Swap Face from Photo with YouCam Perfect

      With YouCam Perfect’s cutout tool, you can make face swapping a snap. You’re not limited to face swapping either. You can also cut out other parts of your photo and paste it onto a new background!

      1. Free Download the Face Swap App

      Download YouCam Perfect free for iOS and Android from the app store. Many features are free to use. 

      Download YouCam Perfect, the best face swap app free

      2. Add Photo to Swap Faces

      Overlay your and your friend's faces on original photo and get ready to swap faces

      Open your photo gallery and choose the photo of yourself that you want to edit. Go to Add Photo and choose the photo you want to swap your face with. Just be sure you can clearly see your face!

      3. Cut Out & Change Faces

      Cut out faces in the photo and adjust their position to swap face

      Then, trace around your face or use the Cutout tool to cut out your and your friend's faces.

      4. Swap Faces!

      Drag your face cutout and position it where you want it on the other photo. After that, use tools like filters, opacity, and other quality adjustments to make the change look more natural.

      Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Face Swap App

      YouCam Perfect has all the tools you need to create the most realistic face swaps. Download the app for iOS or Android today to impress your friends and give everyone a good laugh!

      Free download YouCam Perfect, the best face swap appRelated Posts:

      Face Swap App FAQs

      What face swap app is everyone using?

      YouCam Perfect has over 4 million downloads. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need any special photo editing knowledge to make professional-looking edits.

      📷 Read: Best Photo Editor 101: How to Choose the Right App For You

      Is there a free face swap app?

      YouCam Perfect is a free face swap app for iPhone and Android. It has many features you can access without paying, plus a premium version with more effects.

      Which app is the best for swapping faces in pictures?

      The best app for you depends on how you want to use it. Here are the five best apps for refacing:

      • YouCam Perfect
      • Reface: Face Swap Videos
      • Snapchat
      • Faceover: Photo Face Swap
      • Face Swap Live

      YouCam Perfect has the most versatile cutout feature for simple face swapping and other photo edits.

      How do I face swap an existing photo?

      Use YouCam Perfect’s cutout tool to select your face. Then, swipe to replace the original face in another photo.

      Ready to Have Fun with Face Swap App

      Download YouCam Perfect, the best face swap app free for iPhone and AndroidSubscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram to get more creative editing ideas and awesome selfie tips!

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