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Best Photo Editor 101: How to Choose the Right App For You

Best Photo Editor 101: How to Choose the Right App For You

Jan 26, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Photo Editor App in 2022

Whether you edit photos every day for work or have more casual photo editing needs, your photo editing app should fulfill them. With so many choices on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you don’t have time to try them all.

Before you download one, think about how you plan to use your photo editing app and figure out what kind of user you are to help you choose the right photo editing app and save you time. YouCam Perfect works for most photo editing needs, and many people use it to edit their photos before they share them. Keep reading to learn more about how YouCam Perfect works and why it’s the best choice for your photo editing needs

Find the right app for you to edit photos

Table of Contents

How to Determine Which Photo Editor to Use

There are lots of photo editors to choose from, but most of them fall into one of the three main types of photo editing apps:

  1. Easy Photo Editing App
  2. Social Photo Editing App
  3. Professional Photo Editing App

Easy apps offer user-friendly platforms for people who want to edit their selfies and make quick, simple edits, from applying filters to adding aesthetic stickers and other effects. These apps let you do all that without having technical photo editing skills.

There are three main types of photo editing apps, including easy editing apps, social media editing apps, and professional editing apps

1. Easy Photo Editing App

Apps like YouCam Perfect let you make edits with just a few taps, crop and rotate pictures, and add natural edits. Facetune works well for selfies, whereas VSCO has easy presets that you can apply to each photo, cutting down on the time it takes you to edit.

2. Social Photo Editing App

Social photo editing apps give you more advanced photo editing tools and offer features specific to social media, from filters to video editing.

  • YouCam Perfect has the right tools to create trendy photos you can share.
  • Picsart’s Master Program for creators helps you keep your social media content relevant and engaging.
  • BeautyPlus has a Trendy feature that keeps you on top of makeup and other social media trends.
  • Mojo helps you create social content specific to different platforms.
  • Unfold lets you create engaging Instagram story content perfect for gaining more followers.

3. Professional Photo Editing Apps

Professional photo editing apps often mean buying an app, though you can find a lot more casual and social apps for free. Pro photo editing apps give you the most advanced tools for editing, and you might eventually want one of these if you plan to make photography and editing more than a hobby. These apps require more technical photo editing knowledge and skill.

  • Lightroom Mobile works best for professional editing on the go.
  • Photoshop fulfills more comprehensive, all-encompassing photo editing needs.
  • Photoleap has tools great for layer editing.

YouCam Perfect is the all-in-one photo editing app and the best one for both easy and social categories. It grows with you, so if you start out casual, you can keep the app if you become a more frequent social media poster. It supports layer editing and smart editing features that rival the best professional photo editing apps!

Use a photo editor and try effects, filters, frames, and more features to level up your pictures

Which Type of User Are You?

The type of user you are depends on how you use your photo editing apps and why you take photos in the first place. Whether you share them with the world or with clients, you need an app that works for you. There are three main types of photo app users:

  1. Casual user
  2. Social media user
  3. Professional photo editing user

Find out which one you are using the table below and decide which app is best for your photo editing needs!

Editing BehaviorEasy Editing Apps Social Editing Apps Pro Editing Apps 
I take a lot of photos, but rarely do any editing.V

I don’t edit frequently, but often try to make my photos look nicer.
I ‘m an active social media user (check my content several times a day).
I don't understand editing techniques, but looking for an easy-to-use editor.V

I find photo editing a fun hobby and enjoy challenging myself.

I always consider composition, lighting, angles, orientation, etc. when taking photos


1. If I’m a Casual User…

If you’re a casual photo editor, you may not take a lot of photos. If you do, you probably don’t do much editing before you share with friends and family. You don’t plan to go pro, and you likely take photos more for the memories than for sharing with a wider audience.

Still, maybe you want to have a photo editor on hand to spruce up the occasional photo for when you do send and share them. In those cases, you don’t want to spend a lot of time editing your photos. You’ll want a quick and easy way to enhance your photos with a user-friendly interface.

Use an easy editing app to do quick adjustment for your photos, like add effects to photos, or change your sky background in a tap

As a casual user, look for an easy photo editing app with these features:

  • Simple user interface that you can navigate easily
  • Presets and auto features for quick adjustments
  • Presets for features like animations, filters, frames, and collages

If you need quick adjustment tools like one-tap auto-adjust or auto-beautify, you can try them all for free in YouCam Perfect. Its platform makes it easy to find the tools you want to use and apply each feature without complex photo editing knowledge.

Download YouCam Perfect, the best photo editing app for you to do easy photo editing

The comes with beauty tools, frames, animation, filters, and more to customize your photos. Whether you edit every day or every once in a while, YouCam Perfect can help you create stunning photos with minimal effort.

👉 Download the app!

2. If I’m a Social Media User…

If you’re an extrovert who loves going out, taking photos, and sharing them on your active social media accounts, you’re probably a social media photo editor. You care about trends and try to stay on top of them, and your main form of photo editing likely involves touching up your selfies before you post.

You also want your photos to get you plenty of likes and comments, so your followers notice you. When you edit photos, you’re doing it to share with more than just your friends and family. Those edits should get you more interaction with your followers, increase engagement, and ultimately get more eyes on your accounts.

Decorate your photos with cute animated stickers using the best free social editing app

As a social media user, you need a social media photo editor. Look for one with these essential features:

These features make your photos stand out on any social platform. Trendy features help you keep up with trends, like the popular tattoos on Instagram and TikTok and the wraparound and kirakira filters on Instagram. Removing unwanted objects makes it easy to clean up your photos and draw your followers’ eyes to the important parts. Plus, when you have a community, you can discover the latest editing tips and tricks to keep engagement up.

Download YouCam Perfect, the best free social editing app

It works well if you’re becoming more active on social media, even if you were once a casual user. The app has simple enough features to be easy to use while having enough advanced tools for social media users to make more extensive edits.

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3. If I’m an Avid Photo Editor…

Whether you’re a professional photo editor or enjoy photo learning new techniques as a hobby, you like to know the ins and outs of the process. You’re always learning about new editing tools, and you know how to use all the basic ones. You might have more advanced knowledge, and you know what you want your finished product to look like.

You also pay attention to image details where others might not notice them. As an avid photo editor, you need an app that lets you do layer editing on your phone. Your photo editing app should go beyond the basics and give you the option to use more complicated tools that give you the results you want.

Easily do layer editing using a professional photo editing app

If you’re an avid photo editor, look for a professional photo editing app with these features:

Although YouCam Perfect is not a professional photo editing app like Photoshop, it has some advanced editing tools you can try. You can easily find any effect, beautifying feature, or decorative element you need without professional editing skills or knowledge. YouCam Perfect has alternative features for layer editing, and its AI technology lets you add seamless backgrounds and natural edits.

Find even more inspiration for your edits on the YouCam Perfect Instagram!

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Photo Editor 2022

Now that you know what kind of photo editor you are, you can find the right photo editing app for you! Whether you edit casually, for social media, or for work, YouCam Perfect has all the tools you need to bring your photos to life with basic and advanced tools. YouCam Perfect gives you plenty of room to grow, so even if you need more advanced tools later, it has them. Get access to the best photo editor by downloading YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android now!

Free Download YouCam Perfect, the best right photo editor for you for iPhone and Android

Photo Editor FAQs

What is the best free photo editor?

Check out our 9 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & Android 2022 article to see our top 9 picks:

  1. YouCam Perfect
  2. PhotoDirector  
  3. VSCO
  4. Picsart
  5. Snapseed
  6. Adobe Lightroom Mobile
  7. Photoshop Express Photo Editor
  8. Instasize Photo Editor
  9. Airbrush

YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editor available for iOS and Android. It gives you plenty of simple editing tools that make your photo look professional and natural. Its features work for photo editors of any level, and you can apply any of its filters, animations, aesthetic backgrounds, and more in just a few taps!

What helps to know when choosing the right photo app?

Know the type of photo editor you are and what kinds of tools you’ll need. Check out the table above to decide which type of user you are and find the best app for your needs.

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What features should I look for in a photo editing app?

It depends in part on what you personally need the app to do, but in general, you can look for features like presets for animation, filters, and frames, remove unwanted objects, blur a photo, and more!

What photo editing app is trendy and user-friendly?

YouCam Perfect helps you stay updated with Instagram and TikTok trends. The app has presets to help you curate your social media aesthetic with filters, photo quality editing, and more. It’s easy to use with many features you can apply in one tap! Plus, the community feature shows you what others are doing, so you can hop on new trends as they take off.

How can I edit my photos like a professional?

YouCam Perfect features give you natural and seamless edits so that, even as a casual user, your photos still look professionally edited. YouCam Perfect’s AI technology identifies the areas you want to edit and perfectly applies the edits without any extra work on your part. And it’s free, unlike many professional editing tools. If you’re thinking about taking the next step with photo editing, YouCam Perfect can help you do it!

Find the Best Photo Editor & Start Editing

Free Download the #1 All-in-one Photo Editor for iPhone and Android in 2022, YouCam Perfect

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