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Black-And-White Portrait Generator: Get B&W Photos With AI
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Black-And-White Portrait Generator: Get B&W Photos With AI

Mar 7, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Black and White Portrait Generator: Create B&W Photos with AI

Black-and-white portrait photography isn’t a thing of the past. Even now, it can add gorgeous shadow effects to your portraits and set the mood.

Turn picture into black and white fashion photography

B&W photography can enhance your subject and draw the viewer’s attention to facial details, clothing textures, and composition choices.

Keep reading to learn how to enhance your studio portrait photography with YouCam Perfect's powerful AI!

Best AI-Powered Black and White Portrait Generator

YouCam Perfect is a free-to-download photo editing app, with dozens of AI image generation features.

Select Styles for Studio Portrait Photography

▲ YouCam Perfect Interface

With its "AI Studio" feature, you can get high-quality black-and-white portraits, simply by uploading 8~12 photos of yourself.

Black and White Portrait Photography

Left: Original image / Middle: template images / Right: results

There were more than 12 black and white photography styles for you to choose from, and you can get a natural face swap effect with your photos!

Read on to learn how to create a set of your own.

How to Generate Black and White Portraits with AI in 4 Steps

A black-and-white aesthetic can enhance almost any kind of photograph when it’s done right.

Follow these steps to upgrade your AI studio photography portrait!

Step 1. Download the Free AI B&W Portrait Generator

Create Black-and-White Photography

▲ "AI Studio" before and after

YouCam Perfect is free to download for iOS and Android. Aside from the "AI Studio" feature to make black-and-white portraits, the app also has black-and-white filter collections to help you get aesthetic B&W photo effects.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, go to the "AI Studio" feature from the main screen.

Step 2. Select Styles for Studio Portrait Photography

Select Styles for Studio Portrait Photography

In AI Studio, you’ll find various black-and-white styles to try on your portraits. The app defaults to selecting all nine styles, which will also come with a "best nine" grid to showcase your black and white portraits at once. 

Step 3. Upload 8-12 of Pictures of You

Now, upload between 8 and 12 photos of yourself for crafting your new AI black and white images. We recommend using pictures with different facial expressions, angles, and backgrounds so that YouCam Perfect can detect your features accurately.

You can also try mimicking the angles in the example images for your chosen styles for better outcomes.

Step 4. Save 9 Black and White Photo Results

AI-Generated B&W Photography in Best Nine Grid

▲ "AI best nine" image generated for users to easily share on socials

When you’re done, save the pictures you like best and post them to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. You can share them just for fun or use them as a professional headshot image for LinkedIn as well.

Create Your Black and White Portraits with AI

AI black and white portrait photography

The "AI Studio" feature turns your ordinary selfies into artistic shots you can use on any social platform. It saves you hours of posing and trying to capture the perfect look and instead upgrades your photos on the spot.

Download YouCam Perfect to create stunning B&W photography that highlights your best features!

B&W Photography FAQs

How Can I Get Personalized AI Black-And-White Portrait Photography?

YouCam Perfect uses pictures of you to create a new AI black-and-white image that matches your ideal style with its "AI Studio" feature without typing in the prompts.

You can choose from nine styles that uniquely highlight you, create an artistic and vintage effect, and suit everything from fashion photos for Instagram to professional headshots for LinkedIn and resumes.

What Is the AI App That Makes Studio Portrait Photography?

YouCam Perfect creates black-and-white portrait photographs for everyone using its advanced AI technology. Just choose your favorite styles, upload a few photos of yourself, and watch the magic happen!

  • Tap "AI Studio" on the app's home page
  • Locate "Black & White" and pick 9 styles
  • Upload 8~12 pictures of yourself
  • As you receive the notification, save and share your B&W photos generated by AI
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