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Black and White Filter | Make Image Black and White
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Black and White Filter | Make Image Black and White

Jul 17, 2023 · 3 minutes read
The best free black and white filter for photos, easily transform your images into black and white

Black and white filter creates a different effect than color, and it makes for a whole new way to express yourself. It gives your photos a tranquil, more-focused feel and helps you direct viewers’ attention where you want it to go. You can make photos black and white with YouCam Perfect. Keep reading to learn how to use the best black and white photo editor app to turn your snaps into black and white works of art!

black and white filter

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What Is Black and White Photography?

black and white filterblack and white filterBlack and white photography uses monochrome shades ranging from white to black, including all shades of gray in between, to create beautiful photos. Rather than using color for their effects, they use different amounts of light to highlight the image.

Black And White (B&W) vs. Monochrome Photography

While black and white photography is a type of monochrome, monochrome is a broader term for an overall effect. Monochrome photography uses varied shades of the same color to represent different colors in the photo.

In both cases, the effect guides the viewer’s eye to the different textures and shapes in the photo, rather than relying on color to bring out each feature. While it was once the only option for photos, it has become popular for its minimalist look and the way it draws attention to the subject of the photo. Taking black and white photos can even help with improving your photography skills!

Types of Black and White Filters

Red Filter Black and White

black and white filter
▲ Black & White Filter 01

black and white filterThe Red Filter is a popular type of black and white filter used in photography to achieve specific effects and enhance certain elements within an image. When applied, it selectively blocks or attenuates the wavelengths of light associated with the color red, resulting in a distinct black and white conversion.

Yellow Filter Black and White

black and white filter
▲ Black & White Filter 03

black and white filterYellow filters offer a subtle impact compared to other colored filters, often resulting in a barely discernible difference. However, even this slight adjustment can add a touch of enhancement to a photograph. Due to their versatility, they are commonly favored by beginners as they can be utilized effectively across various genres of photography.

Orange Filter Black and White

black and white filter
▲ Black & White Filter 02

black and white filter

Black and White Filter with Color Splash

black and white filter with color splash

▲ Color splash technique applied to the roof

The combination of a black and white filter with a color splash technique offers a captivating visual effect in photography. In this approach, the majority of the image is converted to black and white, while specific elements or areas retain their original colors, creating a striking contrast and drawing attention to the highlighted portions.

Try for yoursel

Black and White Filter: Sketch Effect

black and white filter
black and white filterThe sketch filter is a cool option to transform your original photo into a drawing like image. To apply it > select photo > find AI style > Sketch

👉 Learn more on: How to Turn Photo to Sketch

YouCam Perfect: Best App to Add Black and White Filter to Photos

Get a uniquely vintage look with YouCam Perfect's black and white filters. This app is the best photo editing app for when you want to spice up or tone down your selfies. It also lets you add a personal touch with features like:

Its photo editing options help you customize your photos until you get the look you want. The AI technology detects your image and applies the features you choose exactly where and how you want. It creates a natural look to any photo after you edit. YouCam Perfect has everything you need to create photos you’re proud to show off.

How to Make a Photo Black and White?

YouCam Perfect has plenty of quick and easy black and white photo editing options to explore. Its black and white filter pack gives you tons of ways to alter your photos using different amounts of light, contrast, saturation, and more. If you want to go beyond the basics, YouCam Perfect has advanced filters that let you customize your black and white photos like a pro.

1. Black and White Filter (B&W Filter)

black and white filterblack and white filterApplying a black and white filter takes just a few taps with YouCam Perfect. Follow these steps to create a black and white aesthetic worth sharing:

  1. Under Effects, select Portrait to open more options.
  2. Scroll to find the B&W option.
  3. Tap to apply!

2. Noir Filter

The B&W filter adds a bright glow around you. If you want your followers to notice your new hairstyle, accessories, or outfit, B&W will make it impossible to miss. But this vibrant and focused filter isn’t the only one YouCam Perfect has to offer. Check out its other black and white effect using these steps:

  1. Select Edit at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose Effects.
  3. Scroll to find the Artistic filter and tap it to open more options.
  4. Choose the Noir filter to apply it to your photo.

Noir creates a clear, crisp black and white filter to your photo. It highlights the brighter areas so that viewers notice everything you want them to see.

3. Monochrome Aesthetic Filter 

black and white filter with color splashblack and white filterIf you’re looking for something more creative, the Mono-Tone filter adds a pop of color to your photo. It creates a black and white effect that leaves certain colors in your selfie, so they take center stage. It’s perfect for showing off your new lipstick, nails, or even bright background foliage. Get it using these steps:

  1. Under Effects, select Mono-Tone to open more options.
  2. Scroll through the Mono-Tone options and choose the one that highlights what you want to become the photo’s focal point.
  3. Tap to apply!

4. Custom Black and White Filter

Sometimes you want a more personalized and customizable edit. YouCam Perfect lets you do that, too! To get your own unique black and white photo effect, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Edit and select Tools.
  2. Choose Adjust from the options menu.
  3. Scroll to Saturation and adjust the sliding bar to -100 to make it black and white.
  4. You can also select Contrast and adjust the slider for more vivid detail in your photo.

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Free Black and White Photo Editor App

You can make photos black and white with YouCam Perfect. It makes even advanced edits easy, so you can experiment to find the filters that bring out the best in your photos. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android to make your picture black and white today!

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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Black and White Filter - FAQs

How Do I Put a Black and White Filter on a Picture?

  1. Upload your image
  2. Find ‘Effects’ > Black and White Filter
  3. Explore all the black and white filters
  4. Apply the best one for your photo

What Is the Black and White Filter?

The black and white filter is a photographic technique used to convert color images into grayscale, removing all color information and leaving behind a monochromatic rendition. This filter is commonly employed to create a timeless and classic aesthetic, emphasizing shapes, textures, and tonal values within the image. The black and white filters converts the original color photo into a gray shade style. Its usually use for portraits, landscapes or photos where you want to further enhance

How Do I Turn a Picture Into Black and White?

  1. Upload a photo to the photo edit tab
  2. Select the ‘Effects’ tab and find the B&W filters pack
  3. Apply your style of black and white filter
  4. Save and share

What Filter to Use for Black and White Photography?

When it comes to black and white photography, different filters can be used to achieve specific effects and enhance certain aspects of the image. Here are a few commonly used filters:

  • Red Filter: A red filter darkens the blue sky and enhances the contrast between different colors. It is particularly effective in landscape photography, emphasizing cloud formations and reducing atmospheric haze.
  • Yellow Filter: A yellow filter provides a subtle contrast boost and enhances tonal separation. It is versatile and suitable for various genres of photography, making it a popular choice among photographers, especially beginners.
  • Orange Filter: An orange filter further intensifies contrast and darkens blue skies, similar to the red filter. It is commonly used in landscape and architectural photography to emphasize textures and details.
  • Green Filter: A green filter lightens green tones while darkening reds and oranges. It is often used in nature and landscape photography to enhance foliage and create separation between different elements.
  • Infrared Filter: An infrared filter simulates the effect of infrared photography, resulting in unique and ethereal black and white images. It renders foliage as white and creates a surreal atmosphere.

The choice of filter depends on the desired outcome and the specific characteristics of the scene being photographed. Experimenting with different filters can help photographers achieve the desired effects and create compelling black and white photographs.

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