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How to Create Digital Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year
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How to Create Digital Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year

Feb 2, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Create Digital Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year

During the Chinese/Lunar New Year, gifting red envelopes is a wonderful tradition as it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. In this digital age, the trend has evolved into creating digital red envelopes, adding a modern twist to this age-old custom.

Custom digital red envelopes

Read on to see how you can make creative Chinese New Year photo cards using YouCam Perfect's digital red envelope templates and spring couplet design!

Table of Contents

What Are Red Envelopes

Digital red envelope designs

Red envelopes, also known as “red packets” or “hongbao”, are traditional Chinese envelopes given as gifts during special occasions, especially Lunar New Year. These envelopes typically contain money and symbolize good wishes and blessings.

Nowadays, digital red envelopes are used as a convenient and eco-friendly way to give money, allowing people to send blessings along with their monetary gifts through messaging apps or online platforms.

Make Digital Red Envelopes

Digital Red Envelope Ideas & Designs

Traditional Red Envelope Design

Traditional Red Envelope Design

Traditional red envelopes often feature intricate patterns painted with foil to create a luxurious and eye-catching effect. These patterns can include decorations like golden coins and ingots for "prosperity," the image of a dragon, or traditional Chinese knots.

Make Digital Red Envelopes

Cute Red Packet Design

Cute Red Envelope Design

Try out our cute dragon-doodle red envelope design to add playful and vibrantness when gifting your Lunar New Year wishes!

For kids, you can add the faces of their favorite cartoon/animated characters. If you're sending a digital red packet to a friend or someone new to this tradition, use pet pictures or adorable illustrations that share their interests.

Make Digital Red Envelopes

Personal Digital Hong Bao

Personal Digital Red Envelope

In addition to using dragon images to celebrate the "Year of the Dragon," you can add your own images to create unique and personal red envelope designs!

For family members, you can add pictures of children. For friends or parents, you can include your selfie shots. You can even add your own doodles to bring a smile to your recipients and make their Lunar New Year a happy one.

Make Digital Red Envelopes

How to Make Your Own Digital Red Envelope

Step 1. Get the Best Digital Red Envelope Maker

To get the red envelope templates, you must first get the best free digital envelope maker app. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices; moreover, it is easy to navigate to popular photo editing features on the app’s homepage!

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Lunar New Year Photo Editor

Step 2. Select Your Prefered Red Envelope Template

Red envelope templates in the best Chinese New Year photo editor

YouCam Perfect currently has 3 red packet templates incorporating dragon patterns with foil stamping. We suggest first tapping the "Store" button on the app's homepage once you launch it, then navigating to Templates to find the Chinese New Year category.

Press on the image section to replace it with pictures of your family members, pets, kids, or your selfie to make this digital red packet photo card even more special. You can also press on some of the designs to adjust sizes or press the "plus" button to add more images as photo decorations!

Step 3. Save and Share Your Red Packet as a Lucky Money Envelope

As you finish customizing, save it, print it out, or send it to your friend as a Chinese New Year photo card to wish your friends a happy Lunar New Year!

*Will suggest using pictures over 1,200 pixels for good-quality print

Make Digital Red Envelopes

Advanced Editing Tip: Custom Spring Couplets

Custom Spring Couplets

Apart from digital red envelopes, the app also offers the option to create custom spring couplets. Spring couplets, known as "Chunlian" in Mandarin, are a pair of poetry lines placed vertically on both sides of the front door, along with a horizontal scroll of four characters above the doorframe during the Lunar New Year.

To create your original spring festival couplets for the year of Dragon:

  • Tap the Store icon on YouCam Perfect’s homepage
  • Locate Template and find "Chinese New Year"
  • Find the cute dragon doodle spring couplet design
  • Tap the text to add your customized messages (300+ fonts available)
  • Save and share your design and wish people a happy year of dragon

Make Spring Couplets

Digital Red Envelope FAQs

Can You Send a Virtual Red Envelope?

You can send a virtual red envelope even without the money. Instead, you can turn them into Lunar New Year photo cards as delightful and creative digital surprises. To make your original digital red envelope:

  • Get YouCam Perfect, the best app for red envelope templates
  • Tap the Store button on the app's homepage
  • Locate Template and scroll to find "Chinese New Year"
  • Press on the red envelope design you like
  • Tap the image section to replace it with your picture
  • Save and share it with people who celebrate the festival around you

How Do I Use My Photos to Make Red Envelopes?

You can easily turn a photo into a digital red envelope using the YouCam Perfect app. Simply select a red envelope template, and then add your desired photo to personalize it. The app's editing tools allow you to adjust the photo's position, size, and other effects to create a stunning digital red envelope.

What Do You Write on a Red Envelope for Chinese New Year?

When giving a red envelope, it is customary to write auspicious phrases or blessings on the lucky money envelopes. Common phrases include "Gong Xi Fa Cai" (Wishing you prosperity), "Xin Nian Kuai Le" (Happy New Year), or simply "Wishing you a prosperous year ahead."

These phrases convey good wishes and blessings for the recipient's prosperity and happiness in the coming year!

YouCam Perfect: Best Chinese New Year App to Make Red Packets and Red Couplets

YouCam Perfect is the best app for users to create digital red envelopes and spring couplets with various Chinese New Year templates, picture frames, and animated stickers with red envelopes featuring "Happy New Year" text. In the meantime, you can easily turn these custom designs into Chinese New Year photo cards to wish people a Happy Lunar New Year in 2024!

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Lunar New Year Photo Editor

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