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How to Create Best Free Lunar New Year Cards in 2024
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How to Create Best Free Lunar New Year Cards in 2024

Feb 6, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Chinese New Year App: Create Best Free Chinese New Year Cards in 2024

Lunar/Chinese New Year is a time of celebration, reflection, and spreading joy between families and friends. One beautiful way to convey these sentiments is through the exchange of heartfelt Lunar New Year cards.

Lunar New Year card designs

Make Lunar New Year Cards

From different card ideas and styles to making your own card designs, we will guide you on creating the best Chinese New Year photo ecards in 2024. Let's get started!

Table of Contents

YouCam Perfect: Best App to Make 2024 Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese New Year Card Templates

As the Lunar New Year approaches in 2024, creating personalized greeting cards is simple by using YouCam Perfect - the best Chinese New Year ecard maker.

In addition to pre-made Chinese New Year card templates and collage styles, the app also offers a variety of cute photo stickers and New Year's backgrounds to help users enhance their Lunar New Year picture cards. Download the app now to create your unique designs and get these free Chinese New Year cards for 2024!

Make Lunar New Year Cards

Lunar New Year Photo Card Ideas

1. Personal Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

Personal Chinese New Year Greeting Cards Made With the Best Chinese New Year Card Maker

Craft a personal Chinese New Year greeting card that incorporates red color and delicate floral motifs to inspire others! Share your card on social media to express your cultural heritage, showcase your creativity, and extend festive wishes to your friends and followers.

Make Lunar New Year Cards

2. Pet’s Lunar New Year Cards

Pet’s Lunar New Year Cards

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon by featuring your beloved pet in a festive photo card! Include your adorable pets in patterns that incorporate decorations like golden coins, ingots, or traditional Chinese lanterns.

Afterward, you can share the joy with your friends and followers on social media by showcasing your cute furry friends. It's a wonderful way to bring a smile to their faces during this festive season.

Make Lunar New Year Cards

3. Couple’s Chinese New Year Photo Cards

Couple’s Chinese New Year Photo Card Templates in the Chinese New Year Card Maker

Celebrate the love and connections between you and your partner using a romantic and memorable card this Chinese New Year. All you need is a short but heartfelt message like "Xin Nian Kuai Le, My Love" (Happy New Year, My Love) and pictures on your phone to share your favorite couple moments!

Make Lunar New Year Cards

4. Lunar New Year Greeting Cards for Family

Lunar New Year Greeting Cards for Family

Send warm wishes to your family members with a greeting card featuring your family pictures. You can easily customize these photo card templates while showing off your favorite family moments and joy.

Moreover, it's a meaningful way to celebrate the Lunar New Year and foster a sense of community and togetherness with these digital surprises!

Make Lunar New Year Cards

5. Digital Red Envelope eCards

Digital Red Envelope eCards

Tired of common photo card styles? We have a cool Chinese New Year ecard idea to share with you - making a digital red envelope photo card! You can use our digital red envelope templates with personalized messages to wish people good luck and prosperity, even without sending money.

Read More: How to Create a Digital Red Envelope to Wish People Good Luck

Make Lunar New Year Cards

How to Make Your Own Chinese New Year Card Design

Step 1. Get the Best Chinese New Year Card Maker

Firstly, you need to get the best Chinese New Year card maker. It’s free to download and available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Lunar New Year Photo Editor

Step 2. Select Your Preferred Greeting Card Template

Greeting Card Templates for Chinese New Year

Once you have the app installed, tap the “Store” button on the app’s homepage. Find the Template category for Holiday themes, and scroll till you find the “Chinese New Year” style.

Browse through the pre-designed templates and choose the one that matches your style and theme. Whether you prefer traditional red and gold designs or modern and minimalist layouts, YouCam Perfect offers various free Chinese New Year Card templates for everyone.

Step 3. Save and Share Your Chinese New Year Photo Card

Customize Your Lunar New Year eCard

▲Where to find the sticker pack: Stickers > Free Stickers > Kawaii Countdown

Aside from using pre-made ecard templates, you can utilize the card maker's Stickers feature to add a personal touch and get creative with your card design. As you're satisfied with your greeting card edits, save and share it with people who celebrate the festival around you!

Make Lunar New Year Cards

Chinese New Year Photo Card FAQs

When Is the Lunar New Year 2024?

Although the date of the Lunar/Chinese New Year varies every year, occasionally it falls in January or early February. You can look forward to it happening on 10th February 2024.

Where Can I Get the Best Chinese New Year Picture Cards?

You can easily get customizable and aesthetic Chinese New Year picture cards for free using an ecard maker like YouCam Perfect, with card templates filled with decorations incorporating traditional Chinese symbols such as red lanterns, cherry blossoms, and gold ingots

What Do You Say in a Chinese New Year Card?

In a Chinese New Year card, it's customary to convey wishes of good fortune, health, and prosperity. You can include phrases like "Wishing you a prosperous Lunar New Year filled with happiness and success" or "May the Year of Dragon bring you joy and abundance."

Alternatively, simple phrases like "Gong Xi Fa Cai" (Wishing you prosperity) and "Xin Nian Kuai Le" (Happy New Year) should work well!

What Is the Best Free App to Create Chinese New Year Photo Cards?

When it comes to creating Chinese New Year photo cards, YouCam Perfect is the top choice. It offers a variety of pre-made Chinese New Year ecard templates, collections of cute and festive sticker packs, and picture frames specifically designed for the Lunar New Year for free.

How to Get Creative with My Chinese New Year Photo Card Designs?

To get creative with your Chinese New Year photo card designs, you can use YouCam Perfect's digital red envelope templates to make unique greeting cards to celebrate the spring festival. To achieve the look:

  • Get the best Lunar New Year card maker - YouCam Perfect
  • Tap the "Store" icon on the app's homepage
  • Locate Template and find the Holiday category
  • Scroll till you find "Chinese New Year" templates
  • Press on the red envelope design you prefer
  • Start customizing your creative Chinese New Year photo card

Start Your Happy Chinese New Year 2024 Photo Editing to Celebrate the Year of Dragon!

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Lunar New Year Photo Editor

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