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6 Family Portrait Tips for Thanksgiving Photoshoot 2023
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6 Family Portrait Tips for Thanksgiving Photoshoot 2023

Nov 21, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Best Family Portrait Tips for Thanksgiving 2023 Using the Best Thanksgiving Photo App

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel holidays of the year since so many people want to spend it with family. When you make taking a family portrait a tradition, you don’t have to leave the celebration behind.

But you do want to make sure everyone looks their best. Keep reading to learn how you can use YouCam Perfect to enhance your Thanksgiving group photos and useful photoshoot ideas to create holiday memories that will last!

Table of Contents

1. Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Group Photo

Tips for Thanksgiving Family Portrait with the Best Thanksgiving App

Lighting and backgrounds may not seem like the most important part of your Thanksgiving family photos. However, shooting outdoors or in a room that lets in plenty of natural light avoids dramatic shadows and glare.

Your background should match the occasion with elements like fall leaves and brown or deep orange hues. Try to take your photo after the Thanksgiving meal, so you catch everyone in good spirits and no one feels rushed to return to cooking. You can use a Thanksgiving photo app to create visually appealing group photos, such as adding falling leaves to photos.

2. Coordinate Matching Outfits for Thanksgiving Family Photos

AI Fashion Tool for Thanksgiving Photos

▲ How to get the look: AI Fashion > select styles you prefer > upload a family photo

Coordinate family outfits with similar colors or patterns for a cohesive portrait, and consider pose ideas for everyone in your photo. You want to have some playful poses for the kids without making the shot stressful for the adults.

You can use YouCam Perfect's AI Fashion feature to plan for styles of matching outfits and get prepared beforehand.

3. Plan Your Thanksgiving Group Photo Composition

How to edit family portraits with a Thanksgiving app

▲ Photo editing tools to recompose and enhance your Thanksgiving photoshoot

YouCam Perfect covers all the essentials with its Crop & Rotate, AI Enhance, and other adjustment tools. You can cut out power lines from your outdoor shot, center the photo, or add a dramatic angle.

With the brightness and contrast features, you can bring out the color and light in your picture for a more vibrant effect.

4. Apply Warm-Tone Thanksgiving Filters to Family Pictures

Thanksgiving photo filters in the Thanksgiving app

YouCam Perfect comes with tons of filter categories, including fall and holiday-themed collections. Try the Warm and Cozy filter pack for a bright and soft effect, or use Vintage Feel for a more stylized, nostalgic portrait.

Make autumn leaves rain around your family with the Animation tab’s Fall collection. You can adjust the speed or pause the animation for a still-life effect.

5. Add Unique Thanksgiving Elements to Photos

Thanksgiving photo templates in the Thanksgiving app

YouCam Perfect’s special Thanksgiving effects make your family photos come alive with a cornucopia of backgrounds. With Turkey Day templates, you can wish your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving or create a collage of all the best moments from the holiday.

The Thanksgiving templates in the app come with pre-designed layouts and Thanksgiving-related text (customizable), allowing you to express creativity while embracing this heartwarming holiday with your beloved family members.

6. Follow the Photography Rules for Thanksgiving Photoshoot

Put together a visually pleasing portrait using a few simple photography rules. Use them as guidelines and get creative to get a unique shot that ticks the boxes for a beautiful Thanksgiving portrait.

Here are a few suggestions before you set up:

  • Use the rule of thirds: Divide your shot up into nine equal parts and use the intersections of the lines to position your subjects for an appealing photo.
  • Frame your shot naturally: Look for opportunities to use doorways, windows, trees, and other structures that allow your environment to frame your group and offer context.
  • Create balance and symmetry: Avoid random positioning and arrange your family members in a way that makes sense to the viewer. You can put taller family members to one side and arrange others in descending order or have some family members stand while others sit in front.

How to Get the Perfect Thanksgiving Family Portrait with a Free Photo Editing App

YouCam Perfect enhances your Thanksgiving family portrait with tools that suit beginners and experienced photo editors. Don’t forget to use its beauty tools to retouch your photos and add filters to set the holiday mood. Here’s how to use YouCam Perfect to put the finishing touches on your family photos!

Step 1. Download the Best Thanksgiving App

YouCam Perfect and all its photo editing tools are free to download from the App Store or Google Play. As an all-in-one editing app, it lets you try any features for free to give your Thanksgiving photos an overall upgrade.

Shared Materials by Strapi
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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Step 2. Upload Thanksgiving Family Portrait for Editing

Thanksgiving photo collage in app

Tap the Photo Edit feature on the main screen to open your album. Most of the time, you’ll have taken several family portrait photos while trying to get the perfect shot. Choose your favorite to upload and start editing.

Step 3. Explore Thanksgiving Photo Editing Features

Thanksgiving photo frames in the Thanksgiving app

The Thanksgiving photo app equips useful tools for users to edit group photos such as pre-made templates and Thanksgiving picture frames. Its Object Remover eliminates background clutter for a clean and focused picture. If your background didn’t turn out the way you want, you can always replace it with the app’s artistic backdrops.

Step 4. Save & Share Your Family Portrait!

Now that you’ve spruced up your family portrait, it’s time to send it out! You can post it to Instagram or send it through your messaging app from YouCam Perfect, so you don’t waste any time.

Thanksgiving Family Portrait App FAQs

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Location for the Group Thanksgiving Photo?

Before you take your portrait, consider the lighting and background. You want a space that offers lots of natural light and a backdrop with fall colors, an autumn landscape, or Thanksgiving décor.

Can I Print My Edited Photos for a Physical Album?

While you can’t order prints directly from YouCam Perfect, you can download your photos and order them elsewhere. YouCam Perfect can improve your photo’s quality, too, so you get better physical pictures.

How Can I Encourage Natural Interactions for Candid Photos?

Conversation helps subjects get into the moment and forget about the camera, so try asking them about themselves or any Thanksgiving stories they have. You can also encourage them to do some basic movements, like holding hands or interacting with a prop.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with YouCam Perfect - The Best Thanksgiving App!

Show how thankful you are for your family this Thanksgiving with a stunning family portrait. YouCam Perfect lets you highlight all the right parts of your photo without hiring a pro. Download the app to capture every heartwarming moment and share it with everyone!

Download YouCam Perfect, The Best AI Photo Editor App for iPhone & Android in 2023

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