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Flower Language Filter: How to Make Flower Wallpaper from It
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Flower Language Filter: How to Make Flower Wallpaper from It

May 13, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Flower Language Filter: What is it and how to make flower language wallpaper

We have found a fun interaction filter on TikTok, called Flower Language”. And it sure is trending!

You can type in a name, a noun, your mood, your favorite song…basically anything, and then the filter will add one flower according to each of the alphabet you enter. After that, you can even pick a ribbon you like for the bouquet!

Flower Language Filter on TikTok

This filter is fun to try by itself, but why stop here? Wouldn't it be nice to save these bouquets? Or turn them into wallpapers!

If you also want to give the flower bouquets a second purpose, read on and I’ll show you how to make flower language wallpaper out of it.

Create Flower Language Wallpaper

How to make your flower language wallpaper?

Step 1. Get Your Own Bouquet from TikTok

Flower Language Filter on TikTok

First, use the Flower Language Filter to generate your bouquet. Easy peasy!

Take a screenshot with either a white or black background. This will make it easier to remove the background later on.

Step 2: Background Removal

Flower Language Filter on TikTok

You can use a photo editing app to remove the background, and in this example, we are using YouCam Perfect. This will get you a clear image of the bouquet for making the wallpaper.

You can always use the eraser tool to remove any unwanted details from the flower bouquet. Once you're satisfied with the result, go ahead and save the image.

✨[Bonus Tip] Add Border to Your Bouquet

Make Flower Language Wallpaper

If you want to make your bouquet stand out more, here's what you can do:

  • After removing background, tap on the flower bouquet. You'll find the 'Border' option in the toolbar that appears below
  • Go for white, or any color of your choice
  • This action will produce a clean, white border around your bouquet

This feature allows you to add a crisp border around your bouquet, enhancing the image with a cleaner and more aesthetic touch.

👉 Read more: How to Remove Background on Photo

Step 3: Choose Your Wallpaper Color

Flower Language Wallpaper

Afterwards, select the color you desire for your wallpaper. 

Simply tap on 'Color' and pick whichever shade complements your personalized bouquet.

Step 4: Add the Bouquet to Your Picture

Create Flower Language Wallpaper

If you want to add your bouquet to another picture, instead of using a plain background, below is the process in detail:

  • Import your background photo
  • Tap "Add Photo" to add the bouquet 
  • Pinch and resize it until you are satisfied
  • Use the eraser tool to make the result look more natural (optional)

Lastly, apply your newly made bouquet wallpaper to your phone. Just like this. 👇

Create Flower Language Wallpaper

Another way of making the flower language wallpaper

If you want to keep the exact background when recording the flower language filter, then we have another solution you can try.

#1 Remove things you don't need

Make flower language wallpaperFirst, you can import your snapshot to YouCam Perfect, and tap on 'AI Removal'. You can use the brush to paint over the area or object you wish to remove. Then you can have the clean background to yourself.

#2 Use 'Expansion' to get the right ratio

Make flower language wallpaper

At this stage, you might notice that the image ratio isn't quite ideal for a phone wallpaper. 

To fix this, use the 'Expansion' tool in the toolbar. In our case, we chose a 9:16 ratio to adjust the image.

When you add the new wallpaper to your phone, you can just pinch to crop or move the image around until your bouquet is at the right position.

Make flower language wallpaper

Final Thought

We do hope this article is helpful to you in makeing your bouquet into wallpaper, stickers, or to anything you like.

I personally enjoy this process of trying different possibilities, and good thing that photo editing apps make things easier to explore.

Enjoy! And have fun making your own flower language wallpaper.

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