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6 Best Free Photo Cut Out Apps and Online Tools in 2024
Photo Editing

6 Best Free Photo Cut Out Apps and Online Tools in 2024

Mar 22, 2024 · 3 minutes read

When you need to cut something out of your photo, you want an app that makes a clean edit. But how do you know which one to use? We put together a list of the six best free image cutout apps and online tools for iPhone and Android to help you remove photo backgrounds easily for further editing.

Whether you're a graphic designer, social media manager, or just someone who enjoys creating fun photo edits, cutting out images is a skill that comes in handy.

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6 Best Image Cut-Out Apps and Online Tools for Free Background Removal

We'll be sharing the 6 best free apps and online tools to cut out images easily and naturally. Read on for our complete review and find the one for you!

1. YouCam Perfect: Best AI Cut-Out Photo App

YouCam Perfect App: Best Free Image Cut Out App for iPhone and Android

▲ Photo Cut-Out before and after with YouCam Perfect

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone and Android

Rating: 4.8 and 4.4

YouCam Perfect is best for quick cutouts to clean up clutter with seamless edits that you can share anywhere.

Its free Cutout tool uses AI technology to detect the background so you can easily cut the subject out in seconds.

How to Cut Something Out From an Image With YouCam Perfect

▲ Auto AI Background removal before and after

The tool lets you cut out your subject instantly and change your background or combine different photos for a high-quality look.

The accurate tool makes it easy to swap faces, create silhouettes, change backgrounds, and experiment with other fun edits.

How to Cut Out Images With YouCam Perfect

  1. Go to Photo Edit and choose a photo to upload from your phone.
  2. Tap the Cutout tool.
  3. Drag the Smart Brush over the person or subject you want to cut. You can also tap the AUTO AI button for instant detection.
  4. Tap the green check and use the background tool to make changes to your cutout.

2. Best for Online Image Cut-Out

Cut out Picture App:

Price: Free

Available on: Web tool

Rating: N/A

Best for: is best for removing the background from your photo to swap with another. instantly removes your background for a clean edit. You can change your background, add your image to a presentation, and create fun graphics easily.

How to Cut Out an Image With

  1. Upload the image you want to cut out.
  2. The tool will automatically cut the portrait out for you.
  3. Download your photo!

3. Photocut: Precise AI Background Remover

Cut out Picture App: PhotoCut

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone

Rating: 4.7

Best for: PhotoCut is best for creating collages and stickers with your cutouts.

PhotoCut—Background Eraser has a simple cut-and-paste editor that instantly erases your background. With its auto templates, you have lots of options for background changes, or you can quickly cut out multiple photos to combine them into a stunning collage. The app also lets you create stickers and transparent images that you can put together any way you want.

How to Cut Out an Image With PhotoCut

  1. Select the Cutout tool.
  2. Use the outline brush to select what you want to cut out and the smart eraser to clean up any details.
  3. Choose a background for your photo.

4. piZap: 100% Free Image Cropper

Photo Cut out App: piZap

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone and Android

Rating: 4.7 and 4.3

Best for: piZap is best for making edits easily with no editing experience necessary.

piZap’s precise cutout tools let you transfer one image to another with an adjustable brush tool. You can use its Custom and Shapes features to make precise cutouts, and then use the app’s other features to touch up and redesign your cutouts.

How to Cut Out Images With piZap

  1. With piZap, choose the photo you want to edit.
  2. Select the Cut-Out tool and select your brush size. Paint over the area you want to cut out.
  3. Use the Custom and Shapes features to refine your cutout.
  4. Apply your cutout to a new background or image.

5. Photo Cut Out Editor: Photo Cut Out App for iPhone

Photo Cut out App: Photo Cut Out Editor

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone

Rating: 4.6

Best for: Photo Cut Out Editor is best for a wide variety of cutout tools to fit your editing needs.

Photo Cut Out Editor has seven cutout tools so that you can manually and smart-select the area you want to cut out. It comes with over 100 backgrounds and various effects and filters to enhance your snaps in just a few taps. 

How to Cut Out Images With Photo Cut Out Editor

  1. Choose the cutout tool.
  2. Draw a line over the areas you want to cut out for smart selection.
  3. Choose the background option to change your background.

6. Cut Cut: Easy-to-Use Android Photo Editor

Photo Cut out App: Cut Cut

Price: Free

Available on: Android

Rating: 4.4

Best for: Cut Cut: Photo Editor & CutOut is best for replacing your cutout background and sharing with WhatsApp.

Cut Cut: Photo Editor & CutOut has lots of customization features, including backgrounds, to beautify your cutouts. Its cutout feature puts you in a new scene with intelligent technology that makes your edits look natural. Plus, you can keep up with WhatsApp status trends using its cutout tool, as well as its filters and stickers.

How to Cut Out an Image With Cut Cut

  1. Choose the Cutout tool.
  2. Brush over the area you want to cut out.
  3. Choose a new background from the app.

How to Cut Out Photos: Top 3 Use Cases

Make Photo Silhouette

cut out image

▲ Create a silhouette with the AI Cut-Out

Creating stunning silhouettes is made easy with photo cutout tools. The tool utilizes advanced algorithms to precisely detect and isolate the subject of your choice, allowing you to effortlessly remove the background and create a clean silhouette.

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Remove and Change Photo Background

Cut out photo background

Whether you're looking to enhance product images, create stunning compositions, or craft eye-catching visuals, photo cut-out tools can provide the flexibility and precision you need for photo background changing.

Create a Fun Face Swap Photo

Cut out faces using a cut paste photo app

Whether you're looking to have some fun with friends' faces, create unique photo montages, or experiment with different looks, our Cut Out tool provides a user-friendly platform to make it all possible.

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More Photo Editing Ideas

Cut Out Image App FAQs

Is There an App to Cut Things Out of Pictures?

There are many cutout apps to choose from, including:

  • YouCam Perfect
  • Photo Cut Out Editor
  • piZap
  • Cut Cut: Photo Editor & CutOut
  • PhotoCut—Background Eraser

YouCam Perfect is the easiest and fastest cutout app, and it gives you the cleanest edits!

How Do I Turn a Picture Into a Cutout?

Use YouCam Perfect’s cutout feature to select and cut out your image with the smart brush. Then, change your background or turn your cutouts into a sticker pack!

How Do You Cut Out a Little Part of a Picture?

YouCam Perfect’s Cutout feature lets you manually select the area you want to cut out. To cut out part of your picture in the app:

  • Tap "Photo Edit" and upload a photo
  • Locate "Cutout" in the menu bar
  • The feature will auto-detect the subject and isolate it from the background
  • Press the green check to confirm your cut-out result
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