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Tim Burton Challenge: More Tim Burton Filters to Try
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Tim Burton Challenge: More Tim Burton Filters to Try

May 2, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Tim Burton Challenge: More Tim Burton Filters to Try

With new AI filter coming up every week, we have discovered another fun filter for you to try. That is -- The Tim Burton Filter!

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

This AI Filter works like this: You upload a picture to the CapCut template and it will automatically transform you into a Tim Burton character.

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

Source: CapcutNewYork

Even if you're not into Tim Burton, the effect is pretty cool and eerie. I'm having fun putting my pictures in this template and seeing how they turn out.

Again, I did not stop here. I also tried some Tim Burton filters in YouCam Perfect, which give a similar look with more choices.

Let's dive in!

More Tim Burton Filters to Try

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

👻 Effects created by "AI Selfie" in YouCam Perfect

In YouCam Perfect, you can try adding the Tim Burton vibe using the "AI Selfie" feature. You will find 4 Tim Burton Character-like filters under the "Halloween" section.

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

This AI filter above is personally my favorite. I think it has the spooky vibe but can still make you look pretty in it. If you want to try the Corpse Bride style in Tim Burton, I would recommend "Muertos", which is the second AI filter in this category.

Tips to Customize Your Tim Burton Photos

To help you get unique Tim Burton filters in this challenge, we've also tested out several other features and list out some tips to help you out. Here goes!

#1 Apply the B&W Filters

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

Don't fancy the colorful picture?

You can still apply B&W filters on the generated photo to create the vibe exactly like Tim Burton filter. Here's a few examples below.

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

👻 By applying all kinds of B&W filters, you can easily get different spooky vibes.

#2 Make Your Eyes Even Scarier

If you want to take your Tim Burton-themed picture up a notch, you can use a special feature called "AI Replace".

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

AI Replace basically helps you paint over the area you want to replace, and will generate something new according to your prompts. 

This is how to do it. You can paint over the eye area, and type in "creepy eyes" as your prompt to get a scarier effect.

👉 Read more: Change Faces and Objects in Photos with AI Replace

#3 Add Tim Burton Fonts

There are also some fonts in Tim Burton styles you can add to your picture. You just need to choose the font you like, and type down things like "IF I WAS A TIM BURTON CHARACTER"

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

By doing so, I found this makes your photo even better!

#4 Add Scary Stickers

Lastly, you can add some spooky stickers to make your picture really pop. What's even cooler is that these aren't just regular stickers—they're animated ones that are really fun to look at.

Tim Burton Challenge on TikTok

How to find these stickers:

  • Find 'Edit' in the toolbar
  • Navigate to 'Animation'
  • Choose 'Stickers' and find 'Holiday' section to apply Halloween-themed stickers

Final Thought

I do hope you find this article helpful and can start customizing your Tim Burton pictures in this challenge. I'm sure the ones you create can stand out from the rest of the pictures.

As a big fan for all kinds of trendy AI filters on TikTok, I will share more interesting filters for you to try, such as the Fallout Filter that just recently gone viral.

So, stay tuned!

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