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Best Valentine's Day Backgrounds and Wallpapers in 2024
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Best Valentine's Day Backgrounds and Wallpapers in 2024

Feb 6, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Love is in the air! Whether you spend the day with that special someone, with a group of friends, or focus on self-care for the day, YouCam Perfect is the best Valentine's Day background editing app for you to send Valentine’s Day greetings.

Valentine's Day Backgrounds and Wallpapers for Photo Editing▲ Valentine's Day Backgrounds

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

Send messages of love and affection with cute Valentine’s Day wallpapers and backgrounds to show your person that you’re thinking of them, even if you’re long-distance. Keep reading to learn how you can get Happy Valentine’s Day backgrounds and wallpapers with YouCam Perfect!

Table of Contents

YouCam Perfect: Best Valentine’s Day Background Editing App

▲ Valentine's Day Backgrounds & Wallpapers

YouCam Perfect is the best photo editing app for Valentine's Day backgrounds, collages, greetings, and more to show your loved ones they’re special to you. YouCam Perfect has many Valentine's day photo editing contents like:

  • Backgrounds & Wallpapers
  • Animated Effects & Stickers
  • Templates & Collages
  • Frames
  • Stickers

You can combine as many of these features as you like to design the perfect Valentine’s Day photo and create a memorable celebration. YouCam Perfect has backgrounds and wallpapers ready-made for you to add to your photos, but you can also make your own with Shutterstock or do a complete DIY with YouCam Perfect’s diverse features. Read on to discover love-themed backgrounds to make your edits special.

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

Cute Valentine's Day Backgrounds & Wallpapers

1. Pink Heart Background

Valentine's Day Background - Pink Heart▲ Valentine's Day Background - Pink Heart

Make your photo look pretty in pink with these pink heart backgrounds! Add rows of pink hearts for a simple but fun look that makes your selfie stand out, or try a watercolor aesthetic with bubbly multicolored hearts for a softer effect.

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

2. Y2K Heart Background

Valentine's Day Background - Y2K▲ Valentine's Day Background - Y2K

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a throwback to Y2K! Add purple hearts to proclaim your lasting love for the holiday, your partner, and yourself. This background is perfect for showing love to everyone around you, so don’t forget to share it!

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

3. Heart Aesthetic Background

Valentine's Day Background - Love Wall▲ Valentine's Day Background - Love Wall

Hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple, but there’s nothing wrong with using a simple and crafty aesthetic. Try YouCam Perfect’s heart wreath for a more neutral background that shows the love with beautiful green leaves and cute flowers.

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

4. Heart Seamless Pattern Background

Valentine's Day Background - Heart Pattern▲ Valentine's Day Background - Heart Pattern

Seamless heart patterns give your background some excitement, and YouCam Perfect has a bunch of them to choose from to match the mood of your photo. You can choose from:

  • Tiny red and pink hearts scattered behind you
  • A neat print with hearts of different sizes
  • A cartoonish effect with bubbly red and pink hearts
  • A pastel multicolor heart background
  • An adventurous and artistic heart pattern

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

5. Love ECG Background

Valentine's Day Background - Love ECG▲ Valentine's Day Background - Love ECG

Put your Valentine’s Day spirit in the lights with this neon rainbow heart background! It features a big and bright heart at the center against a black background. Plus, it has a subtler rainbow message in the background for a glowing V-Day look.

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

6. Hearts All Around

Valentine's Day Background - Red Hearts▲ Valentine's Day Background - Red Hearts

Decorated with sparkling lights, this background makes your love shine through, even beyond the holiday. For a subtle but still festive background look, YouCam Perfect has a deep red background with soft pink and white translucent hearts for a light and soft aesthetic.

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

7. Love Messages Background

Valentine's Day Background - Love Texts▲ Valentine's Day Background - Love Texts

This background has love written all over it! It features a looping script and hearts that add a pop of red color against solid white. It’s a simple background, but it adds a cute, romantic touch to your snaps.

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

8. Romantic Place Background

Valentine's Day Background - Romantic Place▲ Valentine's Day Background - Romantic Place

Go all out with your V-Day vibes and use a festival background this February! End the dating night by going for a glowing romantic evening on the carousel with vibrant hearts floating all around you — especially if you’re going out for a date night!

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

9. Love Rose Background

Valentine's Day Background - Love & Roses▲ Valentine's Day Background - Love & Roses

Give your special someone a bouquet of gorgeous flowers this Valentine’s Day. Smell the roses with these blooms in all different shades of pink for a stunning background that instantly makes your V-Day snaps blossom!

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

10. Shutterstock Valentine's Day Background

Use Free Shutterstock Valentines Background To Change Your Selfie Background And Send Greetings To Your Lovers▲ Shutterstock Backgrounds for Valentine's Day

You don’t have to stop at YouCam Perfect’s stock of Valentine’s Day backgrounds and wallpapers. YouCam Perfect also has a feature that lets you choose photos from Shutterstock to apply as backgrounds to your photos and create your own cute and romantic wallpapers. All you have to do is go to "Shutterstock" in the app to find images you like and apply them to your Valentine's Day greetings.

*Shutterstock is currently available for iOS only.

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

How to Add Valentine’s Day Background to Photo

Change Your Photo To Pink Love Heart Valentines Day Background Easily With Best Valentines Day Background App Free Online▲ Add Valentine’s Day Background to Your Photo

YouCam Perfect’s Valentine’s Day backgrounds instantly add a romantic touch to your photos. They’re perfect for surrounding your partner and yourself with a scene that shows your love for each other, but you can also use them for friends or even to spread a little self-love. Here’s how to add them to your snaps:

  1. Download YouCam Perfect for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Go to Photo Edit and select the photo you want to change from your gallery.
  3. Choose the Background tool.
  4. Find the background you like best and tap it to add it to your photo. You can tap the shop icon to open even more Valentine’s Day background options and see how each one looks in your photo.
  5. Save your edits and share the image with your loved ones or post it on social media!

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

Make Your Own Valentine's Day Wallpaper

Make Your Own Valentine's Day Wallpaper▲ Couple Wallpaper for Valentine's Day

If you want to go all out for your loved one this season, YouCam Perfect lets you create your own unique Valentine's Day wallpapers. The app has plenty of DIY features you can use to make love-themed collages and backgrounds that express your love. If you need Valentine’s Day inspiration before you start, check out this cute couple’s wallpaper! Here’s how to do it with the app:

  1. Download YouCam Perfect for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Choose an aesthetic Valentine’s Day background or love sky from YouCam Perfect’s collection.
  3. Use the Remove BG or Sky feature in the app to create a unique background.
  4. Save your wallpaper!

*Sky feature is currently available for iOS only.

Get Free Valentine's Day Backgrounds

Valentine's Day Background Wallpapers for Photo Editing

Get Best Valentines Day Background For Your Selfies▲ Add Animations to Valentine's Day Photo

YouCam Perfect has 10+ lovey-dovey options under the Love category for you to play with before you send or post your photo. The backgrounds come in all styles, so whether you want to show off a sophisticated Valentine’s Day look or a cute Valentine’s Day wallpaper, the wallpaper maker app has the right tools for the job. Choose from the app’s stunning love-themed backgrounds like:

  • Pink heart background with hearts in rows against a solid blue wallpaper
  • Rustic Valentine’s Day background with a single heart in sepia tones
  • Soft and colorful pastel hearts overlapping each other
  • Multicolored hearts of different sizes scattered over a white background
  • Vertical rows of red hearts in a subtle Valentine’s Day theme

Cute Valentine's wallpaper background styles

To add even more love to your Valentine’s Day photos, check out YouCam Perfect’s other effects. You can add animated hearts around you and your partner, use the magic brush to draw bubbly hearts around you, or even add romantic stickers to complement your background!

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

Download YouCam Perfect: Best Valentine's Day Background & Wallpaper Maker

Share the love with YouCam Perfect’s Valentine’s Day backgrounds and wallpapers! This best Valentine's Day app has tons of ways you can show your love, whether you plan to post or send your photos to just one person. If romantic love isn’t your thing, use these effects to show your friends you’re thinking about them, too!

Whether you celebrate the love holiday by yourself or with others, YouCam Perfect has everything you need to express your feelings. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android to explore all the ways you can create the best Valentine’s Day edits and greetings!

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Valentine's Day Photo Editor

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