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5 Tips to Make Your Winter Photography Look Aesthetic
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5 Tips to Make Your Winter Photography Look Aesthetic

Nov 17, 2023 · 3 minutes read
5 Tips to Make Your Winter Photography Look Aesthetic

Welcome to the enchanting world of winter photography, where the frosty season unveils countless opportunities to capture breathtaking and visually captivating moments.

In this article, we will guide you through 5 tips to add winter aesthetics to your photos, which are easy to achieve with a winter photo app like YouCam Perfect. Get ready to transform your social media feed with awe-inspiring images and celebrate the snowy season.

What is Winter Aesthetics

Add winter aesthetics in photos using a winter photo app

Winter aesthetics in photos refer to capturing and enhancing the visual appeal of winter scenes, emphasizing the unique beauty associated with the season. It involves creating images that convey the peaceful, cozy, and often enchanted atmosphere of winter. Oftentimes, winter photos contain color shades like:

  • Yellow: Infuse a cozy and warm ambiance inspired by lights
  • White: Drawn from the typical element of winter - snow
  • Red: Related to a festive and vibrant Christmas ambiance
  • Green: Inspired by Christmas trees and decorations

5 Tips for Creating Aesthetic Winter Photography in YouCam Perfect

After knowing the color theory for aesthetic winter photography, read on to see how a winter photo app can offer to create your own winter aesthetics easily.

1. Apply Winter Filters to Photos

Apply Festive Holiday Filters

Apply Holiday filters for aesthetic winter photos

You can add a touch of magic and nostalgia, making your winter photos more festive and wintery. Contrasting red or green from winter accessories or holiday decorations, the Holiday filter pack can add visual interest and create a captivating ambiance in your winter shots.

Apply Winter Filters to Photo

Apply Cool-Tone Filters

Apply cool-tone filters to winter photos with a winter photo editor

Winter is often associated with cool colors such as blues, grays, and whites. The Holiday 02 filter can help you achieve the look, and further evoke a sense of coldness and tranquility, contributing to the overall winter aesthetic with the immersive frosty sense.

Apply Winter Filters to Photo

Apply Warm-Tone Filters

Apply warm-tone filters to winter photos using a winter photo editor

While cool tones dominate, incorporating warm accents like soft yellows or subtle reds can add warmth and balance to the photo, creating a harmonious visual experience. These warm accents in the Holiday 06 filter can be presented through winter accessories, holiday decorations, or even natural elements like sunlight filtering through the snow-covered branches.

Warm and cozy filters for winter shots in YouCam Perfect

You can also try out the Cozy & Warm filter pack in the app, incorporating warm accents can add depth and balance to photos. By adding a touch of warmth, the filters evoke the feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter day.

Apply Winter Filters to Photo

Apply Black and White Filters

Apply black and white filters to create aesthetic winter photography

Emphasizing the contrast between light and dark elements in winter photos can enhance the sense of depth and visual interest. You can try applying B&W filters or use the black-and-white photo effect in the Mono filter pack to make your winter shots more captivating and memorable.

Apply Winter Filters to Photo

Apply Subdued-Tone Winter Filters

Apply subdued-tone winter filters to photo with a winter photo app

Muted and subdued tones are often associated with the aesthetics of winter. The subtle hues of muted blues, greys, and whites in the Winter Aesthetic filter pack create a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere.

YouCam Perfect equips pre-made winter aesthetic filters in the Effect features, these soft and understated colors within the filter pack help elevate your winter scenes with a sense of calmness and introspection.

Apply Winter Filters to Photo

Apply Fantasy Winter Filters

Apply purple shade filters for fantasy winter photography

Applying purple shade filters to photos is an effective way to achieve winter aesthetics. You can try out the Holiday 03 filter on your snowy winter photography for a fantastic visual appearance. The cool and calming tones of purple can enhance the wintry atmosphere in images, adding a touch of enchantment and mystery.

Apply Winter Filters to Photo

How to Apply Winter Filters to Photos

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload a photo
  • Navigate to Effects
  • Select the Winter category for aesthetic filter packs
  • Select the Portrait category for B&W filter packs
  • Save and share your photo of winter aesthetics

2. Add Snow Effects to Photos

Add snow effects to photos using a winter photo app

Make your winter scenes even more enchanting by adding realistic falling snow effects. Whether you're capturing a snowy landscape or a festive moment, these effects add a touch of magic to your photographs.

Adding a few twinkling flakes will instantly transform your wintertime photos into even more aesthetically appealing shots that are perfect for sharing with loved ones or posting on social media.

Add snow effects to photos using a winter photo app

These snow filters offer an additional level of impressiveness as they can be customized. Whether you desire a gentle dusting of light flurries or a more intense snowfall to enhance your images, you can achieve the desired effect by using the Accumulation feature, which allows you to control the amount of snow in your photos.

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Add Snow Effects to Photos

3. Aesthetic Winter Backgrounds

Add winter backgrounds to photos

Using a winter photo app like YouCam Perfect allows users to switch the winter photo background for an aesthetic winter vibe without the need for physical props or actual winter scenery.

Winter photo backgrounds in the winter photo app

The app has 30+ winter backgrounds with frosty winter views or festive Christmas materials, the feature can auto-detect photo subjects and separate them from their original photo backgrounds. Plus, its Stock feature also supports tons of winter backgrounds provided by Shutterstock without pre-saving winter backgrounds online.

❄️Read more: How to add winter backgrounds to photos

Add Winter Backgrounds to Photos

*The Stock feature is currently available for iOS only

4. Winter and Holiday Photo Frames

Winter and holiday photo frames for aesthetic winter shots

Frame your winter photos with festive holiday picture frames! The photo frames in YouCam Perfect enable users to easily add a festive and wintery feel to their winter photography, creating eye-catching and vibrant winter shots to engage with others on social media.

Besides, you can customize your winter photos within the app by adding cute Christmas stickers that connect to the frame you already applied.

How to Add Winter Frames to Photos

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload your winter shot
  • Locate Frames and tap on the Store icon
  • Tap Holiday for Christmas photo frames
  • Locate Stickers and tap on the Store icon
  • Select the sticker packs you prefer to decorate your frames
  • Save and share your aesthetic winter photo

Add Winter Frames to Photo

5. Customizable Snowy Templates

Explore customizable templates in YouCam Perfect that allow you to add unique snow elements and instant festive looks to your photos. The winter photo app currently provides 25+ collage styles and 20+ customizable templates in the Season and Holiday category, enabling you to tailor your winter photography to your creative vision for showing your winter aesthetics.

The collage styles in the app let users upload 1 to 6 photos at a time. If you're not yet satisfied and want to add more photos, press the "add" mark to add more pictures with winter vibes, or use the in-app holiday stickers and exhibit your winter aesthetics by creating your digital winter scrapbook.

How to Customize Winter Templates with Your Photos

  • Tap Collage and upload 1~6 of your winter photos
  • Press the Store icon and find Holiday for Christmas styles; find Season for winter styles

or you can use pre-made aesthetic winter templates:

  • Open the home page and find the Store button
  • Locate Template and find Season for winter templates; find Holidays for Christmas templates

Try Customizable Winter Templates

Winter Photography App FAQs

What Is the App That Adds Snow to Photos?

YouCam Perfect is the go-to app for adding realistic snow effects to your photos. With its user-friendly interface and Animation features, the app serves as a perfect tool for creating a winter wonderland in your pictures. To add snowing effects to your winter shots, simply:

  • Tap Photo Edit
  • Upload your photo
  • Find Animation
  • Tap Weather under the Effects menu

How Do You Edit Winter Photos?

You can edit your winter photos by using a winter photo editor like YouCam Perfect, which equips various winter filters, animated falling snow effects, aesthetic winter photo backgrounds, festive picture frames, and customizable snowy templates that help create stunning winter photos.

How Do You Put a Snowy Background on a Picture?

To put a snowy background on your winter shots:

How Do I Edit Winter Photos on My iPhone?

When editing winter photos while traveling, you might want a tool that can immediately enhance the overall photo appearance and share it on your socials. The YouCam Perfect app is the best choice for you to edit winter photos on the go. It's free to download and available for iOS and Android users.

The app also equips winter filters, Christmas photo frames, and Snowy templates for you to express creativity in your winter photography.

YouCam Perfect: Best App to Edit Beautiful Winter Photos

Winter photography is where people present the chilly season and stunning views with frost, snow, and white aesthetics in their daily lives. As winter unfolds its icy charm, the winter enthusiast in you can be presented using the best winter photo editor, YouCam Perfect

With the app's winter filters, cozy Christmas picture backgrounds, and falling snow effects, you can effortlessly showcase the enchanting beauty of the season. Start adding winter aesthetics to your photos this winter!

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