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Photo Editing

How to Add Snow Animation to Photos with Best Free App

Nov 17, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Add Snow Animation to Photos with Best Free App

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season, which means it’s definitely time to upgrade your photo game. Snowflakes in particular can have a profound effect on your images — but if it’s not exactly a winter wonderland out there, how are you supposed to incorporate them?

It turns out learning how to add snow to photos isn’t quite as hard as it may seem. Adding a few twinkling flakes will instantly transform your wintertime photos into even more aesthetically appealing shots that are perfect for sharing with loved ones or posting on social media. Here’s how to use the YouCam Perfect app to add an eye-catching blanket of snow overlay to any image.

Make Animated Snow Effects on Winter Pictures

During winter, where else can you add a totally fun and fresh snow filter to any picture? YouCam Perfect makes it easy to celebrate the chilliest season of the year in a totally cool style. The filter produces unforgettable animated effects, lending every picture a playfully festive finishing touch.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best App for Winter Pictures

How to Add Snow Animation to Photos 

Overlay Snow Animation on Your Photo to make it snow.

We make it easy to create winter magic with our easy-to-use snow overlay option. To get the effect, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Tap Animation
  4. Tap Weather under the Effects menu

You’ll find a selection of four different snow animations here. Choose from an old-fashioned effect that lends your picture a charming look, or try some fluffy flakes that instantly conjure images of steaming hot mugs of cocoa and relaxing evenings curled up by the fireplace. Whatever you pick, you can bet your newly animated winter graphic will grab attention wherever you share it, whether it’s with your family and friends or on your social media channels. >> Click to Get FREE Snow Animations!

Catch Falling Snow Animation in Photos

Accumulation feature make the falling snow in photos more realistic

What makes these snow filters even more outstanding is the fact that you can adjust them! Whether you’re all about light flurries that gently dust your photograph or want a more intense snowfall to grace your images, you can achieve just the right effect — and just the right level of snow — by toggling the Accumulation feature.

It’s available on three of the snow animations, so you can get just the right look. The beauty of this option is that the app automatically detects the subject in the picture, whether it’s you or even your fur baby! By toggling it “on,” you can watch those snowflakes collect and add a realistically snowy finishing touch to your image. >> Click to Get FREE Snow Animations!

What’s more, you can also adjust the snow’s speed as it falls in the picture. Prefer a light, barely there sprinkle of snowflakes? Love the way a thick blanket looks as it comes pouring from above? Whatever your vision of the ideal winter wonderland, YouCam Perfect makes it extremely simple (and quick!) to achieve the look with just a few quick taps. You’ll feel like the ultimate photo editor — even if you don’t have any experience!

Easy Way to Add Winter Color to Photos

Use Winter Filter to Create Best Winter Images

In addition to applying snow animation to your photos, you can also use winter filters to get that extra winter chill! To make your pictures look straight out of a winter wonderland, go to Edit and find the Vibrant Effect Pack in the Effects store. Then choose either Vibrant 01, Vibrant 03, or Vibrant 05 for your image - both will add brighter and whiter tones to your photos, giving your snaps frosty vibes.

To further enhance your winter tones, you can adjust Temperature or Hue via Adjust Tools to achieve perfect levels of blue and white.

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY EFFECTS NOW.

Best Winter and Holiday Photo Editing App

Just call YouCam Perfect your virtual BFF. Offering simple functionality, the app is incredibly easy to use. In just a few taps, you can transform even the most basic of pictures into attention-grabbing images. Whether it’s a simple selfie that could use a little tweaking, a fabulous family photograph that could benefit from some light filtering, or a fun outdoor shot that needs adjustment, all of your pictures are easy to enhance with the app — at any time of year.

You can also find more winter editing inspiration on our YouTube Channel:

What else can you add to your photos?

Create Best Winter Images With YouCam Perfect, Best Free Photo Editor

With the holiday season comes abundant opportunities to breathe new life into your images. Why not transform your feed into the most festive thing around? With our snow overlay options, you can make magic with your pictures — and give them the kind of festive finishing touch that truly grabs attention.

Download the App and Create Best Winter Images With Best Free Photo Editor

After all, that’s what winter is all about: beautiful, atmospheric details that set it apart from any other time of the year. Learning how to add snow to photos is one of the easiest ways to celebrate the season and share some of that realistic beauty with your family and friends. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you edit winter pictures?

B&W and White filters are popular presets for winter picture editing. In winter, the landscape covered with snow is bright and clean; these presets will add aesthetic winter vibes to your photos. 

How do I make winter pictures look good?

You can improve winter pictures with the best photo editing app, YouCam Perfect.

  • Adjust the color (temperature, tint, hue… and more)
  • Apply winter filters
  • Overlay snow effects

We recommend you try these three tools for your winter photos.

How do I add snow to a picture?

You can easily add snow to your picture with the YouCam Perfect app. Its snow effects can instantly transform your photo into a winter wonderland. Fast and easy!

Add Falling Snow to Picture with YouCam Perfect Now

Click to Download Free Snow Animation App, YouCam Perfect

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