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How to Edit LinkedIn Profile Picture At Home: 5 Free & Easy Tips

Sep 17, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How to Edit LinkedIn Profile Picture At Home: 5 Free & Easy Tips

Technology is constantly at our fingertips in today’s day and age, and having a professional and polished profile picture on your LinkedIn account is crucial. However, many of us aren’t about to have headshots taken in a studio for this purpose alone. If that sounds like you, have no fear! You can easily and quickly make a great LinkedIn profile picture, and we’re going to share five tips to help you get it done.

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What Makes a Good LinkedIn Profile Picture

When it comes to taking a great LinkedIn profile picture, we first need to talk about what goes into one.

  1. Correct image size
  2. Clean background
  3. Clear headshot
  4. Natural expression
  5. Professional gesture
  6. Decent outfit

For starters, your headshot should be the correct image size. Although LinkedIn allows you to crop and adjust your photo after uploading, you should choose a square photo. In addition to being the right size, your LinkedIn photo should feature a clean background. Examples of this could be a simple wall, a nice natural backdrop, or even a solid, muted color. Your face should be the most important part of the photo, so you don’t want a background that’s competing for attention.


A great profile picture should be a clear, non-blurry, and non-pixelated photo. You should be able to accomplish this even with your phone or webcam, just make sure to take a few options so you can choose the best quality one.

Now that you’ve set the scene for a professional-looking LinkedIn profile picture, you need to prepare the subject — you! When you’re taking your photo, ensure you have a natural expression. A nice soft smile is a great way to go — this isn’t the time to show off your kookiest facial look!

In terms of your body position and posing, go for a professional gesture or stance. Make sure your photo focuses on your upper body and head, and keep your hands relaxed, either by your side or crossed in front of you. You should also be prepared for your photo by wearing a work-appropriate outfit. Depending on the formality of your industry, that might be a suit and tie, a nice blouse, or career-appropriate attire.

5 Tips to Create Your LinkedIn Profile Pic at Home — Quick and Easy

You’re almost ready to take your LinkedIn profile picture! Here are just a few quick and easy tips to make it a little bit easier and personal from home.

1. Use a mobile phone holder — Instead of trying to rest your phone against something, use a mobile phone holder to get a solid grip. By doing so, you give yourself space for hand positioning, while also avoiding the dilemma of your profile picture looking like a selfie.

2. Find good lighting and background — if you’re able to, make sure that the lighting and background of your photo are appropriate. If you can’t find good lighting or a decent background, you’re in luck! Using the YouCam Makeup app, you can easily adjust these aspects after the fact. Simply upload your photo, tap on “Edit,” and then “Background” or “Adjust” to make the proper alterations.

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3. Add a touch of makeup — If you’d like your LinkedIn profile picture to have a little extra glam to it, the YouCam Makeup app is the place for you. With the “Makeup” tool, you can add and adjust all the makeup you’re used to, from concealer and lipstick to eyeliner and blush


4. Adjust to the right size — the YouCam Makeup app is the perfect place to go if you want to crop or rotate your picture. Navigate to “Crop & Rotate” to get the perfect square shape and vertical orientation.

5. Fix skin blemishes — sometimes a stubborn pimple or dark spot will find its way into your photo, taking attention away from your smiling face. If you’d like to smooth out your skin in the photo, navigate to the “Even Skin Tone” tool in the YouCam Makeup app and adjust the lever to your liking.


BONUS: Adjust hair color — to add an extra special touch, you can even adjust your hair color in the YouCam Makeup app! Whether your hair color is wild or rebellious or you just aren’t happy with your current hair, you can use YouCam Makeup’s precise, powerful “ Hair Color” tool to fix it with just a few taps.


Create Your LinkedIn Profile Easily with YouCam Makeup!

Now that you know everything that goes into the best LinkedIn profile pictures and how to take your photo, you’re ready to get in front of the camera! Whether you take the perfect photo the first time or you need to make some edits after the fact, the YouCam Makeup app has all the tools you need to make it happen.

With over 500 million global users and trusted by dozens of major beauty brands, YouCam Makeup app offers the most complete virtual makeup experience for you to test out the latest beauty trends and show of your creativity.

Download the YouCam Makeup app for iOS or Android today to get started!

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