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Best AI Headshot Generators: Create Headshots With AI
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Best AI Headshot Generators: Create Headshots With AI

Mar 1, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best AI Headshot Generators in 2024

In 2024, AI tools provide a diverse range of possibilities, including virtual hairstyle try-ons, predicting your future baby's face, dynamic gender-swapping transformations, and lifelike AI headshots!

Step into the future of professional headshots and AI business photos with the best AI headshot generators for AI generated headshots, AI portraits and AI business photos in 2024. These cutting-edge tools utilize the power of AI to transform ordinary photos into captivating, professional headshots. Keep reading to learn more about each tool!

Table of Contents

Best AI Headshot Generators in 2024: Apps & Online

  1. YouCam Makeup: Best AI Headshot Generator For iOS
  2. Fotor: Best AI Headshot Generator for Android
  3. Aragon.AI: Best Online AI Headshot Generator
  4. Headshot Pro: Best For A Variety of Backgrounds & Outfits
  5. Dreamwave: Best for Unlimited Backgrounds and Styles

Best AI Headshot Generator Price Comparison

YouCam MakeupiOS$7.99 for 20 headshots 🥇
FotoriOS, Android, Online
$19.99 for 40 headshots 🥈
Aragon.AIOnline$35 for 20 headshots
HeadshotProOnline$29 for 25 headshots
DreamwaveOnline$39 for 120 headshots 🥉

Keep reading to learn more about each AI headshot generator and its benefits to choose the one that suits your needs!

1. YouCam Makeup: Best AI Headshot Generator For iOS

Best AI Headshot Generator YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup's AI headshot generator is a game-changer, offering an easy and fun way to create professional-looking headshots and AI business photos.

With YouCam Makeup's AI headshot tool, you can pick from a variety of styles – 40+ styles for women and men, ranging from suits and dresses to shorts and polo shirts. Simply select up to 5 styles that resonate with you.

Generate male AI headshots with YouCam Makeup

▲ Male AI Headshot Styles ▲

Here's the best part – you only need one photo of yourself. No need for a fancy photoshoot – just choose a photo you love. Upload it, and let YouCam Makeup's AI do its magic. In a blink, you'll have a professional-looking AI headshot that reflects your chosen style.

Key Features of YouCam Makeup:

  • Various AI tools (e.g. AI Avatar, AI filters, AI clothes changing)
  • Various photo editing features (retouch, reshape, makeup filters)
  • Only 1 image source needed to generate AI headshots
  • Quick to produce headshots in less than 30 minutes

Generate female ai headshots with the youcam makeup app

▲ Female AI Headshot Styles ▲

Best For:

YouCam Makeup's AI headshot generator tool is the optimal choice for generating AI headshots and AI business photos directly on your phone, ensuring convenience and accessibility. It is also the only AI headshot generator in this list that works based on just one image. Additionally, YouCam Makeup offers the most cost-effective AI headshot generation option with 20 headshots for just $7.99. With its user-friendly interface and affordability, YouCam Makeup provides an excellent choice.


  • $7.99 for 20 headshots
  • $11.99 for 40 headshots

How To Generate AI Headshots With YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup's AI headshot generator tool

Use YouCam Makeup to generate AI headshots in 6 simple steps:

  1. Download the YouCam Makeup app.
  2. Open the app and tap the "AI Headshot" feature.
  3. Choose up to 5 outfit styles.
  4. Upload your photo.
  5. Choose to generate 20, 40 or 80 pictures.
  6. Wait a few minutes for the AI to generate your AI headshots.

AI headshots generated with YouCam Makeup

Whether you're updating your LinkedIn profile, creating a standout social media presence, or just want a polished look for any occasion, this AI headshot generator has got you covered.

In a nutshell, YouCam Makeup's AI headshot generator offers a simple and effective solution for anyone wanting to generate professional headshots effortlessly.

Download the best ai headshot generator app YouCam Makeup

2. Fotor: Best AI Headshot Generator for Android

Fotor: AI Headshot Generator

Discover the magic of AI-generated headshots with the Fotor app, an excellent choice for Android users!

Fotor stands out as a versatile photo editing app, offering a range of tools, including AI Avatar, AI Cartoonizer, and AI text-to-image generation. With its comprehensive features, you can easily explore creative possibilities and enhance your images.

Key Features of Fotor:

  • Various AI tools and photo editing tools
  • Available for iPhone, Android & online

Best For:

Fotor is ideal for those seeking both AI headshot generation and a wide range of photo editing tools. The avatar generator is particularly useful for creating distinctive profile pictures for gaming, social media, or professional purposes. Fotor produces 40 headshots for $19.99.


  • $19.99 for 40 headshots

How To Generate AI Headshots with Fotor

  1. Tap into the "AI Avatar (headshot)" feature.
  2. Select "Professional Styles".
  3. Choose your gender — "female", "male", or "other."
  4. Upload a front-facing photo of yourself and then add 8-15 images.
  5. Select your desired number of portraits (40, 120, or 220).
  6. Watch as the app works its AI magic to generate professional headshots.

3. Aragon.AI: Online AI Professional Headshot Generator

Generate AI headshots with Aragon.AI

Explore the creative possibilities with Aragon.AI, a dynamic website that goes beyond conventional boundaries, offering professional AI-generated headshots, dating profile photos, and even festive AI Christmas-themed images.

Key Features of Aragon.AI:

  • Generates high-resolution headshots (1024px x 1824px)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Best For:

Aragon.AI is best for generating tailored AI headshots for specific applications, such as social media or professional roles. Aragon.AI produces 20 headshots for $35.


  • $35 for 20 headshots
  • $45 for 40 headshots
  • $79 for 100 headshots

How To Generate AI Headshots With Aragon.AI

  1. Start by selecting your gender (man, woman, non-binary).
  2. Answer four quick questions about your age, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity.
  3. Upload six photos of yourself.
  4. Choose from 3 different packages.
  5. Wait 30 - 60 minutes depending on the package you chose.

4. HeadshotPro: Online AI Headshot Generator

HeadshotPro Online AI headshot generatorHeadshotPro customizes its AI model using your photos, ensuring high-quality results suitable for professional use. The tool provides diverse backgrounds and outfits in the generated images, offering flexibility for various applications and allowing you to choose photos that best suit specific needs.

Key Features of HeadshotPro:

  • Get AI headshots within 2 hours
  • Variety of backgrounds and outfits
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Best For:

HeadshotPro is best for anyone who wants to create professional headshots for platforms like LinkedIn, offering customization for different industries. HeadshotPro produces 25 headshots for $29.


  • $29 for 25 headshots
  • $39 for 75 headshots
  • $49 for 150 headshots

5. Dreamwave: Online AI Headshot Generator

Dreamwave AI headshot generator

Dreamwave is another top-tier AI headshot generator capable of delivering high-quality headshots. It demands a smaller set of source images, starting with 5 pictures. The processing time is notably short, averaging just one hour. Crafted by AI experts formerly associated with Google and MIT, Dreamwave ensures realistic images and high output resolution.

Key Features of Dreamwave:

  • Generate AI headshots based on 5 images
  • Headshot generation in less than an hour
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Best For:

Dreamwave stands out for offering unlimited background and style options. It is an ideal solution for those seeking complete styling freedom, enabling the creation of headshots that can be fun, quirky, or professional. Dreamwave produces 120 headshots for $39.


  • $39 for 120 headshots

What is the Best AI Headshot Generator?

Having good headshots is important for showing yourself or your business in a professional light. Thanks to AI headshot generators, anyone can easily get a new professional-style profile picture for social media, business websites and more.

Generate AI headshots with the Youcam Makeup app

Of the AI headshot generators in this list, two stand out above the rest. The first is YouCam Makeup. You’ll get 20 high-quality headshots in less than 20 minutes for just $7.99. Its best feature is the ability to generate AI headshots based on one image.

The second one is Aragon.AI, which stands out as a great online tool for generating AI headshots. Plans start at $35 for 20 headshots and will be delivered in one hour.

AI Headshot Generator FAQ

What is the AI that does headshots?

YouCam Makeup Headshot AI

YouCam Makeup uses advanced AI technology to create realistic, professional headshots in just a few minutes. You can personalize your headshots with various customization options, such as different backgrounds, poses and outfit styles.

What is the best AI headshot app?

Some of the best AI headshot generator apps in 2024 for creating professional headshots include YouCam Makeup, Fotor, Vivid AI and Canva.

How do you do an AI headshot?

Generating AI headshots is simple: Use YouCam Makeup's AI headshot tool and upload a single image of yourself. Then pick 5 AI clothing styles and let the app's AI do the rest. Wait a few minutes until you get your professional AI headshots in amazing quality!

What is the best AI generator for portraits?

The best AI generators for portraits in 2024 are YouCam Makeup, Fotor and Aragon.AI!

What is everyone using for AI headshots?

For generating AI headshots, many are turning to YouCam Makeup's AI Headshot tool, which sets itself apart by requiring just one image for the generation process. This stands as a notable advantage compared to other headshot generators that typically request at least six images, making YouCam Makeup a convenient and efficient choice for creating AI headshots with minimal effort!

What app is everyone using for AI portraits?

The app everyone is using for AI portraits is YouCam Makeup! This app combines the power of AI with a user-friendly interface, making it super convenient to generate AI portraits with either its AI Avatar tool or its AI headshot tool.

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