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12 Best Free AI Image Generators & AI Photo Generators in 2024
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12 Best Free AI Image Generators & AI Photo Generators in 2024

May 6, 2024 · 3 minutes read
3 AI Images Generated With Starry AI, YouCam Makeup and Imagine

Are you tired of boring images? Then you should turn them into unique AI images!

In 2024, the latest AI technology brings us amazing tools to generate AI images - from AI avatar and AI headshot generators, to image-to-image and text-to-image generators, along with amazing AI art styles that let you create amazing AI art by turning your images or text prompts into cartoons, animes and many more.

Explore the best apps and online tools to generate trending AI art, including AI girls, AI cars or AI paintings!

Best AI photo generator app for AI avatar images, YouCam Makeup.▲ AI Avatar feature in the YouCam Makeup app for AI image generation ▲

Table of Contents

Whether you want to get AI-generated avatars of yourself or create AI art, AI image generators have something for everyone.

Read on to explore 12 of the best AI image generators and art generators in 2024!

6 Best AI Image Generators & AI Art Generator Apps in 2024

  1. YouCam Makeup - Best AI Image Generator & AI Photo Generator
  2. YouCam AI Pro - Best Text-To-Image Generator
  3. WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator
  4. Fotor - AI Image Generation & AI Photo Generator
  5. Imagine: AI Art Generator - Text-To-Image Generator
  6. Gencraft - AI Art Generator
AppAI AvatarImage To Image
Text To Image 
YouCam Makeup✔️

YouCam AI Pro✔️
Wombo Dream✔️

AI image generator apps are powerful tools that use machine learning algorithms to create high-quality images, but as you can see from our overview table above, not all of them offer the same AI image generation tools.

Read on to learn more about each app's features and benefits to choose the right AI image generator app for you!

1. YouCam Makeup: Best AI Photo Generator & AI Image App

YouCam Makeup is the best AI image generator app for turning images into works of art!

Discover the best AI Image Generator YouCam Makeup.

Upload the images you want to turn into AI images and choose from YouCam Makeup's numerous features for image-to-image AI generation, such as AI Avatar, AI Clothing & AI Filters!

The top AI photo tools offered by the YouCam Makeup app include:

 AI Image App Best Usage:
  1. AI Avatar Generator
  2. AI Headshot Generator
  3. AI Outfit Generator

AI Image Generator For AI Avatar Photos

Generate AI Avatars with the best AI Image Generator App YouCam Makeup

The YouCam Makeup app offers the most amazing AI Avatar feature that can help you generate AI images in 30+ styles, for example:

Generate AI images with the YouCam Makeup app

30+ avatar styles in YouCam Makeup

With the AI Avatar feature, simply by uploading 10 selfies, you can get up to 200 avatars!

App Store Reviews:

YouCam Makeup users praise the app for being easy to use and generating quality results, but wish the app's AI features were available without a premium subscription.

AI Image Generation For Creating AI Headshot Photos

Generate ai headshots with the best ai image generator app youcam makeup
With YouCam Makeup you can not just create amazing avatar images, it's also the perfect AI headshot generator!

To generate AI headshots with YouCam Makeup, use the app's AI Headshot tool and choose from 20+ outfit styles!

Create personalized, visually appealing, and professional-looking headshots by uploading only one photo.

AI Outfit Generator For Changing Clothes in Photos

Generate ai images with youcam makeup's ai outfit generator

YouCam Makeup also offers a top-notch AI clothes changer tool called AI Fashion. Using advanced AI technology, the app delivers stunningly accurate results, providing up to 40 different outfit ideas from just one uploaded picture.

With 30+ outfit styles, including vintage, wedding, y2k, and more, YouCam Makeup offers an amazing AI clothes changing feature for both women and men.

2. YouCam AI Pro: Best Text-To-Image Generator

YouCam AI Pro is an innovative app that enables you to create captivating AI-generated images from simple text prompts.

AI Text-to-image generator app YouCam AI pro

YouCam AI Pro's notable text-to-image technology allows you to effortlessly generate highly detailed AI images, including AI Girl and AI Car images by typing in prompts.

Use the app's text-to-image feature to generate all kinds of images and art styles. From Valentine's Day or Easter greeting cards to Anime art and Disney style art, YouCam AI Pro can do it all!

App Store Reviews:

App users praise the YouCam AI Pro app for generating well detailed paintings, while some users wish they'd have more than 5 free tries per day.

👉 Read more: How to use the best text-to-image generator.

3. WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator

WOMBO Dream AI Art Generator

The Wombo Dream app is great for turning images and text prompts into works of art.

The app comes with a text-to-image generation tool, an image-to-image generation, as well as an AI avatar feature and 120+ amazing AI art styles.

App Store Reviews:

App users like Wombo's many free AI styles, including a Disney style option, while some users wish the app flow was more user-friendly. Users say the app shows ads, but not too exessively.

4. Fotor - AI Image Generation & AI Photo Generator

Get AI generated images with Fortor

Fotor is yet another great option for turning images into works of art using AI.

The app's top AI features include text-to-image generation, AI headshot generation and AI selfie filters.

Simply upload the photo that you want to turn into artwork and select one of Fotor's AI tools to get your own AI art!

If you have a Pro membership you can access the app's premium features, and have 100 credits each month to generate AI images.

App Store Reviews:

While Fotor users generally praise the app for its good AI image generation quality, some are unhappy about the credit system for premium users, limiting their monthly credits to 100.

5. Imagine : AI Art Generator - Text-To-Image Generator

Imagine : AI Image Generator AppWith a 4.3 star rating for Android and a 4.5 star rating for iOS, this app is one of the best AI image generator apps right now.

Imagine : AI Image Generator turns words into amazing AI-generated art, paintings and drawings with just a few clicks. Choose from over 100 AI art styles and create AI images with endless variations.

App Store Reviews:

Imagine users say the app offers some amazing AI art styles, but the best ones require a premium subscription.

6. Gencraft - AI Art Generator

Gencraft AI Image generator app

Gencraft is an emerging AI image generator app that's rapidly gaining popularity. Packed with features like text-to-image and image-to-image capabilities, offering a diverse selection of 30+ AI styles, and an exclusive AI video generation tool (available only to subscribers), Gencraft is revolutionizing creative content creation.

App Store Reviews:

Gencraft users praise the app's good image quality, that it is easy to use and comes with many advanced features. Some users wish they'd have more than 5 free tries per day.

6 Best AI Image Generator Online Tools in 2024

  1. Bing AI Image Generator - Trending Text-To-Image Generator
  2. Starry AI - Text-To-Image Generator
  3. Midjourney - Text-To-Image Generator
  4. Jasper AI - Text-To-Image Generator
  5. DALL-E 2 - Text-To-Image AI Generator
  6. Dream By Wombo - Text-To-Image Generator

1. Bing AI Image Generator

Bing AI Image Generator Screenshot

Step into the creative realm with the Bing AI Image Generator, a popular website for text-to-image AI generation. Known for sparking trends like the Disney Pixar movie poster craze, it helps users to transform text into artworks.

For those seeking alternative apps to craft Disney and Pixar style cartoon movie posters and cartoon style images, both YouCam Makeup and YouCam AI Pro stand out as fantastic options, offering a user-friendly and imaginative approach to bring your ideas to life.

2. Starry AI - Text-To-Image Generator

Starry AI is a text-to-image generator that can generate images based on your text prompt. You can use this online generator to generate AI art as well as illustrations and realistic photos.

Here's how you can generate AI Art with Starry AI:

Starry AI Website: Start

Step 1: Go the, then click on Start Creating.

Starry AI: Choose AI Art Style

Step 2: On the next page you get to choose which kind of AI images you want to create: Art, Photos, Illustrations or Your Style.

Starry AI: Put in text prompt to generate image

Step 3: Describe the image you want to generate, choose one of the 13 art styles, choose the canvas size, and then click on Generate!

The art generator will generate 4 images to match your description.

Starry AI generated Images With Text-To-Image-Tool

▲ AI Art generated with Starry AI ▲

You can generate images for free four times before you get asked to purchase a subscription.

3. Dream By Wombo - Text-To-Image Generator

Dream is another great online generator for creating AI images and AI art! Here's how it works:

Step 1: Go to to generate AI images.

Dream By Wombo Image Generator Website

Step 2: Put in your text prompt and choose one of the over 120 AI art styles!

Step 3: Click on Create.

Dream By Wombo Generated AI Art

▲ AI Art generated with Dream By Wombo ▲

Step 4: Wait for the AI to generate your images. Once you're happy with the results you can click on Finalize to download your images.

4. Midjourney - Text-To-Image Generator on Discord

Midjourney Webtool Interface

Midjourney is a popular AI text-to-image generator currently only accessible through Discord.

To generate images, you need a verified Discord account. Then you can join their Midjourney server. After typing in your image description, the Midjourney bot will generate four images for you.

If you are new to Discord, it might take you a moment to figure out how to use this text-to-image generator.

5. Jasper - Text-To-Image Generator

Generate AI images from text using Jasper

Jasper allows users to generate creative visuals from text inputs in minutes thanks to its powerful natural language processing algorithms which interpret user-inputted phrases accurately every time!

6. DALL-E 2 – Text-To-Image AI Generator

Use DALL-E 2 AI text to image generator

DALL-E 2 uses cutting-edge deep learning algorithms which enable it to understand the user-inputted language perfectly and produce visually appealing graphics in response.

How to Generate AI Images With An AI Photo Generator App

Step 1: Download the Best AI Image Generator YouCam Makeup

Discover the best AI Image Generator YouCam Makeup.

Start by downloading the best AI image generator, the YouCam Makeup app.

Step 2: Open AI Avatar Feature & Select Styles

How To Generate AI images using YouCam Makeup: Choose Gender and styles

Once you have the YouCam Makeup installed, tap "AI Avatar" to create your avatars.

You can create female, male or neutral avatars as well as pet avatars for your cat or dog.

Explore the available options and select the styles that resonate with your artistic vision. Whether you prefer pop art, cartoon, or illustration, there's something for everyone.

Step 3: Upload Images to Generate AI Photos

Upload the images you want to transform into AI photos, then wait while the app generates your AI avatars.

It can take up to 15 minutes to generate your avatars. You can explore other functions of the app while your avatars are being generated and once they're ready, you'll get notified!

Step 4: Save and Share Your AI Photos

Generate AI Photos with the best app

When the app is done generating your avatars, you can further edit them with the app's advanced selfie editing tools. Apply makeup, hair colors, backgrounds and more to get the exact style you want!

Once you're satisfied, save your AI images to your device's gallery.

How To Make AI Photos of Yourself

With YouCam Makeup's AI Avatar tool, it is super easy to make AI photos of yourself!

Generate AI Photos of Yourself

Simply follow these 5 steps to generate AI photos that look exactly like you:

  • Step 1: Download YouCam Makeup.
  • Step 2: Open the app's "AI Avatar" tool.
  • Step 3: Choose a gender and up to 10 AI avatar styles.
  • Step 4: Upload 10 - 20 photos of yourself.
  • Step 5: Wait for your AI photos to be generated and then save them to your phone.

Download the Best AI Image Generator: YouCam Makeup

Best AI Image Generator YouCam Makeup

Discover the best AI Image Generator YouCam Makeup.

YouCam Makeup is the AI image generator app with the most versatile AI photo features, from image to cartoon, aging simulator, object removal to AI clothes changing. Download the free app today to experience the magic of AI!

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AI Image Generator FAQs

What is the best AI photo generator?

The best AI photo generators in 2024 are:

  1. YouCam Makeup
  2. YouCam AI Pro
  3. ARTA
  4. Wombo DREAM
  5. Wonder

How do I generate AI pictures?

How to generate AI pictures:

  1. Download an AI image generator like YouCam Makeup, YouCam AI Pro, Wombo DREAM or Wonder.
  2. Open the app to find its AI Selfie or AI Avatar tool.
  3. Upload your photo and choose the AI style you want for your AI pictures.
  4. Let the app do it's magic and then save your AI pictures!

What app is everyone using to make AI pictures of themselves?

Popular apps that everyone is using to make AI pictures of themselves include Lensa, Epik, and YouCam Makeup!

What is the best AI image generator?

YouCam Makeup is the best AI image generator because it offers an array of AI avatar styles plus multiple AI-related features, and it always gives you a high-quality image. You can turn selfies into cartoons, art, or AI avatars that look like YOU!

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