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The Best Free App for Experimenting with Eye Color

Aug 20, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Have you ever wanted to see what you would look like with different eye colors? This used to be next to impossible or only obtained through irritating eye contact. But with new technology, you are given the chance to finally be that blue-eyed babe you have always wanted to be. Now if you want to post a selfie with different color eyes, all you have to do is download these best try-on apps to change your eye colors.

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Top 5 Best Eye Color Changing Apps

  • YouCam Makeup
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Eye Color Studio by Modiface
  • FaceTune2
  • FoxyEyes

Changing your eye color is so simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home, and it’s one of the most fun makeup aesthetics to try. With this new technology, you can create custom eye colors and designs specially made for you.

1. YouCam Makeup

  • 207 eye color combinations (23 colors and 9 patterns)
  • Can adjust color and patterns separately
  • Free to download
  • Can adjust colored area and transparency
  • No need to register to use

The YouCam Makeup app uses high-quality technology to create the most natural and most dramatic eye colors to try on or add to any photo. You can finally have those bright blue eyes you have always wanted or even bright purple eyes for added fun and drama to every single selfie.


Not only can you change your eye color to blue, hazel, brown, or green, but you can also change the pattern of your iris. You can choose between different iris patterns, flowers, swirls, and way more. This feature is especially helpful during the Halloween season when adding scary red eyes to your Halloween makeup really completes the whole look.

The eye color changing feature is one of the many features the YouCam Makeup app has to offer. With this app, you are guaranteed an amazing selfie every single time.

Download YouCam Makeup, available in iOS and Android

2. Adobe Photoshop Fix

  • Able to create unique styles
  • Need to be drawn manually
  • Need to register to use

Editing your eye color is made simple with the Adobe app, especially if you’re already familiar with the Adobe suite of editing software. This app allows you to change the color of your eyes using a paintbrush to create whatever color and design you would like. Other eye color-changing apps have preset eye color designs, but this one does not. Therefore, you can create an eye color and design that no one else has, making your selfie unique. It is as simple as selecting a paintbrush size and a color you want to use and having fun.

Eye Color Studio by Modiface

  • Up to 150 contact styles to choose from
  • Cannot separate color and patterns
  • Include premium options

From scary serpent eyes to sweet puppy eyes, the Modiface app has many editable eye options. Everyone’s eyes are incredibly unique, and the Eye Color Studio app lets you keep that uniqueness in your edited photo with the new “custom” feature. With this special custom feature, you are free to create whatever eye color and design you would like and apply it to your selfies. This app also allows you to add different colors to each eye, giving you that split face makeup look. Upgrade to the premium plan, and you will be given access to even more settings.


  • Can adjust transparency and the white of the eyes
  • Need register to use

Facetune2 is mostly known for its photo editing technology, which removes blemishes and makes you look like a glowing goddess in every photo. But that’s not the only feature in the Facetune2 app. One of its unique features is the eye reflection feature. When you go to edit your photo and add a new eye color, you are given more than 20 different eye reflection designs. Instead of the typical matte finish, you get a realistic glossy finish, giving your eyes a realistic and beautiful look in every photo.


  • Android only
  • Many eye color options

With more than 600 eye colors to choose from, the FoxEyes app can have you prepared for every season, especially Halloween. Available for Android users only, this app makes choosing an eye color extra easy. Halloween is prime time for this app, with a dedicated section for anime characters, animals, and you can still customize and create your own pattern for your own look. To give a more natural appearance in your selfie, this eye color-changing app lets you change the intensity of the eye colors, allowing you to achieve that perfect natural eye color.

YouCam Makeup: Your Favorite Eye Color Changing App

Ready to test out new eye colors? Our pick for the best eye color-changing apps is the YouCam Makeup app. With such high-quality technology, you are left with an amazing selfie every time. It’s a favorite not only because of the eye color-changing technology but also for the amazing selection of makeup and hair filters the app has.


The YouCam makeup app lets you change your entire look from the comfort of your own couch. Download it now for iOS or Android.

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