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Best iOS and Android App to Remove Red Eyes

Sep 3, 2021 · 3 minutes read

We’ve all been there — an otherwise fantastic photo ruined by those pesky red dots on the eyes of a subject. Red eyes are caused by a camera capturing the light reflecting from the retina at the back of your subject’s eye when a flash is used at night and in dim lighting, and they’re a common occurrence in photos. But don’t let red eyes ruin your otherwise perfect snap. With just a few taps, you can remove red eyes quickly and easily with the YouCam Makeup app!

YouCam Makeup: Your Go-To Makeup Selfie App

Before we get started on how you’ll remove red eyes from your images, let’s talk about the app that will make it all happen —YouCam Makeup! YouCam Makeup is praised for being one of the easiest and quickest selfie editing apps out there, and to make it even better, it’s free to use.

The app offers countless features, with some of the most popular being face smoother, shine removal, and teeth whitener. In addition to these great editing tools, did you know you can also remove red eyes from photos with the YouCam Makeup app? In this article, we’ll show you just how easy it is so that you can improve this unsightly aspect in your photos.

What Causes Red Eyes in Photos?

The first step in removing red eyes from photos is to understand why it happens to begin with. Your camera flash or another bright light source is reflected from the retina, causing the redness you see in the resulting image. The more distance between the lens and the flash, the less likely you will have red eyes in pictures. Reflection intensity varies depending on the size of the pupils and the person’s age and eye color, which is why the red-eye effect might appear for some subjects and not others.

In some situations, you might also see yellow eyes in a photo. This is a result of the flash falling exactly on the optic disc region, where the optic nerve connects to the eye. This optic disc is situated slightly on the side of the eye, closer to the nose, and by simply looking at the camera in a particular way, you’ll see the resulting yellow eyes.


How to Avoid Red Eyes

While you can adjust red eyes after the fact, a more anticipatory strategy would be to avoid red eyes in the first place. To do so, try to have more natural light and avoid using flash when taking your photo.

Of course, this can’t always be done, but if you have the choice, turn the flash off and look for as much natural light as you can. Lastly, you’ll want to avoid looking at the camera. You might be dreaming of the perfect group photo with all your friends smiling at the camera, but in the case of a dark or shadowy environment, you might want to consider a more avant-garde pose.

Best iOS and Android App to Remove Red Eyes: YouCam Makeup

Sometimes, none of the above options for preventing red eyes are possible, but thankfully, the YouCam Makeup offers fast and easy red-eye removal. To get the editing started on your photo, begin by tapping Photo Makeup.


From there, you’ll want to select the photo that needs editing. Next, tap Retouch at the bottom of your screen, and scroll over to Red-Eye. Toggle the button at the bottom of the screen to automatically remove red eyes from your photo!

In the case of a more complicated photo, you might need to make a few manual adjustments to the face or faces in your photo. If necessary, tap the image of a face in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, where you’ll then see a closeup of the face in question. You can then reposition the white dots so that they are properly positioned. Doing so will ensure your red-eye edits are as accurate as possible. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

    Download YouCam Makeup: The Best Makeup Selfie Editing App

    We’re sure you expected removing the red eyes in your photo to be difficult or ineffective, but with the YouCam Makeup app, your edits can be made with just a few taps. Now that you know how easy it is, download the YouCam Makeup for either iOS or Android now to get started today.

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