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5 Best ID Photo Editors in 2024 for Free ID Photo Editing
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5 Best ID Photo Editors in 2024 for Free ID Photo Editing

Nov 13, 2023 · 3 minutes read
How to Get the Best ID Photo with 5 Best Online Editors

If you’re in need of a professional-looking ID photo, look no further. Whether it's for passport photos, driving license pictures, or a professional headshot- this guide of top ID photo editors got you covered.

Best ID photo editor to edit background and retouch face for ID photos for free.

Keep reading to find out the best ID photo editors to let you get your ID photos easily at home in 2024!

5 Best ID Photo Editors for Free ID Photo Editing in 2024

Whether it’s a selfie editor or passport photo software that you need, this list has all the tools that can make portrait pictures look professional without having to spend hours on complicated editing software.

Read on to find out!

1. YouCam Makeup: Best for ID Photo Background Editing and Retouching

YouCam Makeup is an all-in-one ID photo editor app that can let you edit the ID photo background, adjust lighting, and crop the ID photo image all at once.

Download the best ID photo editing app

The top features for ID photo editing in the YouCam Makeup app include:

Edit Background for ID Photo

Change the background of your ID photo with the best ID photo app

One of the best features of YouCam Makeup is its ability to auto-change backgrounds to white for your portrait photos.

This means that whatever background you took your photo in—whether it’s your living room or outdoors—you can easily change it to white background with auto people detection, making any photo perfect for ID photos without manually removing the background.

Relight Face for ID Photos

Relight Your ID Photo with the Best ID Photo Editing App

Lighting is also one of the most important elements for professional photo editing. The YouCam Makeup app has a unique 3D Lighting feature that allows you to relight your face in the photo naturally, with the capability to adjust the angle, softness, and warmth of the lighting flexibly.

Blemish Removal for ID Photos

Remove blemishes of your ID photo using the best ID photo editor app

YouCam Makeup is one of the best AI photo retouching apps that offers the best skin smoothing and blemish removal features to get you flawless skin in the ID photo easily and naturally.

Get a perfect ID photo using the best ID photo editing app

The app also allows you to add makeup effects such as blush and lipstick with one simple swipe. With its easy-to-use interface, YouCam Makeup can help you create stunning ID photos in no time!

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YouCam Makeup is the best photo app to edit your selfies, from applying makeup filters, edit face shape, remove blemishes and all other face editing features.

2. IDPhoto4You: Best for ID Photo Cropping

IDPhoto 4 You is a easy-to-use ID photo editor to help you get the right photo size for differnt ID photos and crop automatically online.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive solution to getting an ID photo taken, then check out the website IDPhoto4You.

The site offers a cropping tool that you can cut the image into a passport size easily and quickly. It allows downloading the printable image after editing. You can make sure to meet all the necessary requirements by selecting your country, ensuring hassle-free processes every time.

3. Passport Photo - ID Photo

Use Passport Photo - ID Photo App to edit your ID photos

Passport Photo - ID Photo is especially useful if you're looking for a quick way to take your passport or visa photos without needing any special equipment. All you have to do is upload your picture directly from your smartphone!

This app also helps users adjust their photos according to government regulations so that they don't run into any issues when submitting them for approval.

4. ID Photo Application: All-In-One ID Photo Editor

Edit your ID photo using ID Photo Application

If you need to get an official document like a driver's license or passport approved quickly, then this app is just what you need. With its advanced technology, ID Photo Application helps users capture their faces accurately with just one click.

It also supports multiple sizes so that your photo meets all international standards – meaning that you won't have any problems when submitting it for approval!

5. PicWish: Easy-to-Use Online ID Photo Editor

Use the PicWish online editor to get the best ID photo

PicWish is another great website offering services related to taking and editing ID photos online. The site provides users with various tools such as background removal and color correction in order to make sure that each picture looks perfect before submission on various official websites or applications.

Additionally, PicWish also offers several tutorials on how best to take professional quality pictures with just your phone camera – making it easier than ever before!

How to Edit ID Photo for Free With the Best ID Photo Editor

Here’s how you can use YouCam Makeup to get a great ID photo in no time.

Step 1: Download the Best ID Photo Editor

Download the best ID photo editing app

The first step is to download the free YouCam Makeup app on your device. It’s available for both Android and iOS, so no matter what type of phone or tablet you use, you should be able to find it in the appropriate app store.

Step 2: Upload Your Photo

Now that you have the app open, select a photo from your device’s library from "Photo Makeup".

From here, you can start editing your photo to make sure it looks perfect for your ID card.

Step 3: Edit ID Photo Background

Change the background of your ID photo with the best ID photo app

Start by removing those messy backgrounds to get the perfect white backdrop for the ID photo.

Tap "Edit" then "Background", and the YouCam Makeup app will auto-detect the background without affecting the person. Then, select the white background you saved on your phone.

Step 4: Edit Lighting for ID Photo

Relight Your ID Photo with the Best ID Photo Editing App

The next step is relighting your photo so that it looks as natural as possible. Tap "Retouch" and you'll find "3D lighting".

This is especially useful if you took your photograph outside and need to adjust for natural lighting conditions like shadows or glare from the overhead sun. Take some time tinkering with these settings until everything looks good on screen.

Step 5: Retouch Face for ID Photo

Remove blemishes of your ID photo using the best ID photo editor app

No one likes seeing blemishes on their skin when they take a picture; luckily, YouCam Makeup makes it easy to remove them with just a few simple taps.

All you have to do is to select "Blemish" and then let the app do its work! When finished, check out how much better your photo looks with all those pesky blemishes gone!

Step 6: Save & Share

Now that all of your edits are complete, save the photo and crop it to your ideal ID photo size.

Download YouCam Makeup: Best ID Photo Editor App

Download the best ID photo editing app

With just 6 simple steps outlined above, there's no reason not to try to edit the ID photo by yourself! Download the YouCam Makeup app and make sure every one of your future IDs looks amazing!

More Editing Ideas

How to Get the Best ID Photo FAQs

How do I get a clear ID photo?

Taking an accurate and presentable ID photo doesn't have to be hard work any more thanks to the amazing online editors! Whether it's through apps like YouCam Makeup or websites like PicWish - there's something out there for everyone who needs help getting their photographs ready in no time at all.

Can I take ID photos with my phone?

With the help of YouCam Makeup, you can do just that! This app makes it easy to edit and enhance your photos so they look more professional and polished.

What app makes ID pictures?

Using YouCam Makeup for taking ID photos is an easy way to ensure that yours always look their best! With its array of editing features—from removing backgrounds and relighting photos to getting rid of blemishes--this helpful app makes taking beautiful pictures easier than ever before.

Start ID Photo Editing With the Best ID Photo Editor Now

Download the best ID photo editing app

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