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5 Best Apps to Remove Wrinkles From Photos in 2023
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5 Best Apps to Remove Wrinkles From Photos in 2023

Oct 19, 2023 · 3 minutes read

Today’s selfie editing apps have powerful features that can give you smoother skin and remove blemishes fast. But it can be hard to choose one when you have so many options, and testing wrinkle remover apps on your own take too much time.

Remove wrinkles from selfies using YouCam Makeup's Wrinkle ToolKeep reading to discover the five most recommended wrinkle remover photo editors now!

Table of Contents
  1. Eye Bag Removal
  2. Blemish Removal
  3. Redness Removal

5 Best Wrinkle Remover Photo Editors in 2023

The wrinkle remover apps were designed to help you remove wrinkles and blemishes from your photos easily. Read on to discover our top picks!

1. YouCam Makeup: Most Natural Wrinkle Remover App

Remove wrinkles with YouCam makeup

Available: iOS / Android
: 4.8 / 4.5

YouCam Makeup has the most precise wrinkle removal tool that makes wrinkles and fine lines disappear from your forehead, eyes, and nasolabial folds.

Download the best wrinkle removal app YouCam Makeup

Its AI-powered tool automatically detects wrinkles, and it even differentiates them from stray hairs and other types of lines.

Remove wrinkles before and afterYou can adjust your wrinkle removal with the app’s slider to choose whether you want to lighten your wrinkles or make them disappear completely.

Unlike other photo editing apps, YouCam Makeup doesn’t just blur your wrinkles—it gets rid of them without losing your photo quality.

Remove wrinkles before and afterIt also offers an AI-powered Removal feature to let users edit out any blemishes manually. This is perfect for further adjusting the wrinkle-removal effect on your photos.

It also enables you to remove eye bags, dark circles, spots, and other unwanted objects on your face.

How to Remove Wrinkles from Photos with The YouCam Makeup App

2. BeautyPlus

: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.8 / 4.5

BeautyPlus has an easy-to-use wrinkle removal tool that gets rid of wrinkles in one tap. Like YouCam Makeup, it also detects your wrinkles and removes them seamlessly.

However, it doesn’t detect them separately, so you either remove all your wrinkles at once or none, which doesn’t leave much room for customizing your preferences.

3. FaceApp

Available: iOS / Android
: 4.7 / 4.6

Faceapp’s Unwrinkled filter removes your wrinkles to give you a natural look. You can choose from five different buttons to adjust your filter intensity and get your desired appearance, from complete removal to more defined wrinkles.

However, it doesn’t have a slider, which means you don’t get to make the same precise adjustments you would with YouCam Makeup.

4. Facetune Editor

Available: iOS / Android
: 4.5 / 4.3

Facetune doesn’t have a tool specifically for wrinkles.
However, you can use its Smooth and Smoother tools to even out any lines you want to remove on your skin. It doesn’t do this automatically, though.

Instead, you have to touch the areas you want to edit and manually smooth your wrinkles, which can take a little longer.

5. Airbrush

Available: iOS / Android
: 4.8 / 4.7

Like Facetune, Airbrush has a broad Smooth tool, rather than one dedicated to wrinkles. It uses a brush, so you can drag your finger across the wrinkles you want to remove. The app will make the wrinkles disappear for a natural look.

How to Remove Wrinkles from Your Photos on iPhone and Android

YouCam Makeup is the fastest and most complete way to remove wrinkles in photos.

It gives you a more youthful look and helps you gain confidence in your appearance if your wrinkles and fine lines are getting in the way of loving how you look.

Follow these steps to start removing your wrinkles.

Step 1: Download the Best Wrinkles Remover App

Download the best wrinkle removal app YouCam Makeup

Download YouCam Makeup, the best free wrinkle removal app, from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Upload Your Photo

Tap Photo Makeup to open your phone’s gallery and upload the photo you want to remove wrinkles from.

Step 3: Remove Wrinkles with a Slider

Remove wrinkles before and after

Go to Retouch and select Wrinkle. Choose whether you want to remove all wrinkles or select a specific area to remove.

Slide the bar to adjust your wrinkle removal intensity in each area.

Step 4: Save the Photo

Tap the pink Save button in the top right corner to download your edits, and then share them with your friends and followers!

More Than Just a Wrinkle Remover App

YouCam Makeup makes it possible to take a gorgeous selfie no matter what your skin does that day.

Here are just a few of its other tools that can give you a confidence boost.

Eye Bag Removal

YouCam Makeup’s eye bag removal tool takes away your sleepless night—at least when it comes to your selfies.

Remove eye bagHere’s how to remove eye bags in your photos:

  1. Download YouCam Makeup.
  2. Tap Photo Edit to upload a photo from your gallery.
  3. Go to Retouch and select Eye Bag.
  4. The app will automatically detect your eye bags.
  5. Slide the bar to the right and watch your eye bags disappear!
  6. Save your edits and share them on social media.

Blemish Removal

Acne and other blemishes are normal, but they don’t have to ruin your perfect snap. With YouCam Makeup, you can remove blemishes instantly to create smoother skin.

Remove blemish
Follow these steps to try it:

  1. Download YouCam Makeup.
  2. Tap Photo Edit and upload your photo.
  3. Go to Retouch and select Uneven Skintone.
  4. Slide the bar to adjust how smooth your skin gets.
  5. Save and share!

Redness Removal

Lots of different skin conditions can create redness on your face, but you don’t have to cover it with makeup.

Remove redness

Here’s how to remove flushed or irritated areas with YouCam Makeup:

  1. Download YouCam Makeup.
  2. Tap Photo Edit and upload your photo.
  3. Go to Retouch and select Redness.
  4. Slide the bar to reduce redness in your face.
  5. Save and share!

Download YouCam Makeup: The Best Wrinkle Remover App

Download the best wrinkle removal app YouCam Makeup

There are lots of wrinkle-removal apps to choose from, but none of them beats YouCam Makeup.

Download YouCam Makeup free for iOS or Android to start smoothing your skin!

Wrinkle Remover App FAQ

Is there an app to remove wrinkles?

You can use several apps to remove wrinkles, including:

  • YouCam Makeup
  • BeautyPlus
  • FaceApp
  • Facetune Editor
  • Airbrush

We recommend YouCam Makeup for its comprehensive wrinkle removal and adjustment tools.

How can I get wrinkles out of a picture?

Go to YouCam Makeup’s wrinkle tool and select the areas you want to smooth. Then, use the slider to adjust your wrinkle removal intensity.

How do I get rid of wrinkles on my iPhone photos?

Download YouCam Makeup for iPhone, and upload the photo you want to edit. Then, use the wrinkle removal tool to edit different areas of your face or remove all your wrinkles at once.

What is the simple trick to erase wrinkles?

YouCam Makeup gives you instant wrinkle removal with its Wrinkle tool. With it, you can ditch expensive concealers and save time when you don’t have to apply makeup.

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