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How to Edit Body Shape Naturally with the Best Body Editor App

Nov 20, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How to Edit Body Shape Naturally with the Best Body Editor App

Not every picture comes out perfect — even if, at a glance, it does look pretty incredible. But upon closer inspection, you realize that there are a few details about your body shape that don’t quite resonate with you. Maybe it’s the lighting, or the angle, or some other factor that’s simply out of your control.

While you couldn’t have helped it at the moment, you can do something about it now. The YouCam Makeup app is the best body editor app that's designed specifically to simplify things and breathe new life into those photos that are almost perfect, but not quite.

With the app, you can easily edit anything from the background to your body shape to create the image you originally had in mind. The result? A photograph that looks natural and is definitely worthy of sharing. Read on to learn more about what you can do to make magic with the best app to edit body shape.

YouCam Makeup: the Best Retouch & Body Editor App

YouCam Makeup is the best makeup selfie app with advanced body editing tools that takes any photograph you can imagine to the next level. With just a few taps, you can transform virtually anything from the shape of your lips to the size of your hips.

What’s so special? Think options. YouCam Makeup app's Body Shaper featured is designed to offer the most detailed yet easy-to-use adjustments. With a floating anchor, the YouCam Makeup Body Shaper can allow users to Enhance and Slim any body parts that are on your photo, all with a simple slide bar. In this free form, your body shape can be adjusted easily in the most natural yet effective way.

Download the YouCam Makeup app to try now, or read on to learn more about this amazing feature!

How to Edit Body Shape Naturally With YouCam Makeup

The app to edit body shape is incredibly easy to use. There’s no guesswork required — we make it so easy for you to tap and edit until you’re 100% delighted with the results. Here’s how to get started:

1. Download the YouCam Makeup app

Find the YouCam Makeup app, available for both iOS and Android, in the App Store and on Google Play. There are many features to love about the app, but let’s begin with the obvious one first: It’s completely free, so you can get started in minutes.

2. Find The Body Shaper Retouch Tool


Now it’s time to work on that picture. Select Photo mode first, then open the image that you wish to edit. Don’t worry about getting it perfectly right the first time. You can always play around with different edits and erase your work until you’re completely satisfied with the end result. You may just want to familiarize yourself with the functions at this stage so you can launch into body-editing next.

3. Enhance Breast, Hips and Other Body Parts


Here comes the fun part. Head to Retouch, then click Body Tuner. Now it’s time to adjust your figure however you see fit. First, tap on Enhancer to enjoy a fuller silhouette, whether on your breast or hips. The round anchor of the Enhancer tool can be moved, enlarged, or shrunk easily with your phone. Use the slide bar to adjust intensity. You can easily change your body shape naturally, from a score of 100 to zero.

4. Make Your Waist Smaller or Bigger


Next, tap on the Slim tool. Similar to the Enhancer tool, the YouCam Makeup app also offers an easy adjustment anchor with this waist slimming feature. Put the anchor on your waist in the photo, and use the slide bar to change the shape of your waist, whether make it smaller or bigger. Have fun playing from score zero to 100 to find your ideal fit.

5. Adjust Face Shape

Don’t stop there, though! Once you’ve achieved body shape perfection, why not try reshaping your face and eyes? You can use the app to slim your face, plump your lips, or change the shape of your jaw or chin. Results can be completely subtle, allowing you to achieve a natural look.


Have Fun Reimaging Your Body Shape With YouCam Makeup

Anytime is a good time to play around with an app to edit body shape. Think of it as a bridge to photo perfection. With a few quick taps, you’ll be thrilled with the end result. That’s the type of literally priceless body shape app you can always get behind. Download the YouCam Makeup app in the App Store and on Google Play today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app to make your waist smaller?

Yes. With the YouCam Makeup body editor app, you can use the Slim tool to make your wait on photos smaller in a natural way.

What is the best breast plumping app?

The YouCam Makeup body editor app offers the best breast plumping feature to enhance your breast on your selfies. With an easy-to-use body anchor and slide bar, you can adjust breast shape on your selfies from zero to 100 naturally with this body editor app.

Is the body editor app safe to use?

YouCam Makeup body editor app strictly values users' privacy. All users' photos will be kept 100% safe and confidential.

How to use the body editor app?

To use a body editor app like YouCam Makeup, upload your selfie that shows your breast, hips, waist, or any other body parts you'd like to adjust. Then, use the Body Tuner tool under the Retouch tab, to choose between Enhance or Slim features. Finally, put the body editing anchor on the body parts you'd like to adjust, and use the slide bar to get the adjusting ratio you are looking for.

Download YouCam Makeup: Best App for Body Editing & Enhancing


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