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5 Selfie Filters You Can Use On Your Videos

Sep 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
5 Selfie Filters You Can Use On Your Videos

The keys to the best selfie are angle, lighting, and then the filters, but in this age of TikTok, selfie videos are taking over. TikTok is full of videos from amazing creators all finding their own aesthetics and adding unique touches and flourishes. If you’ve ever wondered how to add selfie filters to videos, you can do it easily with a video editing app like YouCam Video.

YouCam Video has tons of amazing (and free) video filters for you to add to your selfie videos. Much like selfie photo filters, all you need to do is add your video to YouCam Video and choose from the wide range of filters to create your own inspiring TikToks and selfie videos. We've identified 5 ways to change up your selfie videos with photo filters:

  • Selfie filters that center focus on you.
  • Selfie filters that create a story.
  • Selfie filters to create a scene.
  • Selfie filters that make you look sweet.
  • Selfie filters that show creativity.

To get started, here are five of our favorite free video filters from YouCam Video.

selfie filters

When you want to focus on you: Portrait photo selfie filter

When you want all eyes to be on you, a perfect filter can do the trick. Create a moving portrait with your selfie videos using YouCam Video. The Portrait range of filters can take your videos to the next level and make sure you are always the center of attention. One of our favorite Portrait photo filters is Cool. With this filter, the subtle change in lighting casts a cooling glow onto you and anyone else who is featured in your videos.

selfie filters

To use this photo filter on your selfie videos, vlogs, and any other video, simply add your video to YouCam Video, go to Effects and find Cool filter under Portrait.

When you want to create a story: Scenery photo filter

You’ve spent a day or two taking in and shooting some amazing scenery and now you’re down to editing. Creating your story doesn’t have to be difficult. Discover how to enhance the natural beauty of the scenery you’ve shot in a subtle way using the scenery photo filters from YouCam Video. One of our favorite Scenery photo filters is Zephyr, this filter gently balances colors and brightness to highlight the natural beauty of the scenes — and you — in your video story.

selfie filters

Find Scenery filters for your videos in the free YouCam Video editing app, simply import your video to get started video editing your story.

When your want to show your creativity: Artistic photo filter Orchid

Feeling artistic? YouCam Video has a whole range of artistic filter styles for you. From classic black and white, to vibrant modern filters, there’s a photo effect to make your selfie video shine. A highlight of the artistic filter range is the Orchid filter, which creates the perfect combination of light and dark, adding a brooding artistic atmosphere to your videos.
selfie filters

Create your works of art with YouCam Video by adding your videos and choosing Artistic photo filters. Design your masterpiece now!

When you want to create a memory: Mood Moments photo filter Mood Moments 1

Sometimes a selfie or video requires a special mood to truly capture the moment. Luckily, there is a selection of filters which complements and enhances the colors, creating a special mood for your video. Enhancing your video with Mood Moments lets you add a special contrast, brightening your videos and taking your special moments to the next level. One of our favorite filters from this range is the first filter. This filter enhances the blue tones in your videos that adds brightness and clarity to your videos.

selfie filters

To try Mood Moments filters for yourself, simply add your video to YouCam Video and choose Mood Moments under Effects.

When you want to look super sweet: Foodie photo filter

You may think that these photo filters are only designed for snaps of your brunch meal, but think again! While these filters can indeed make your food snaps look amazing, they can also be added to your selfie videos and TikToks to make you look even more fabulous. Level up your selfie video with one of our favorite photo filters called Cake. This photo filter has a fine-tuned focus and contrast that will make your videos shine.

selfie filters

Make your selfie videos good enough to eat with foodie photo filters from YouCam Video. Add your video now to get started!

Download YouCam Video to start creating your next selfie movie.

selfie filters

Begin your selfie editing fun by downloading YouCam Video, available now for iPhone.

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