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10 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps in 2023 [iPhone,Android]

May 5, 2023 · 3 minutes read

Discover the best Instagram video editor for you to create the best IG reels, videos and more that will wow your followers.

Instagram has more than one way to share your creativity with your followers from reels and videos to stories there's plenty of opportunity to show off your video editing skills.

From creative filters, to pure video editing, we've rounded up the best video editing apps for your Instagram videos. Keep reading to learn more.

In this article:

Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

  1. YouCam Video
  2. InShot
  3. Picsart
  4. VSCO
  5. Filto
  6. CapCut
  7. Funimate
  8. Videoleap
  9. Zoomerang
  10. Canva

There are tons of video editing apps out there have different styles, editing options, filters and more. We’ve saved you the trouble of trying them all by gathering a few of the best Instagram video editors right here.

1. YouCam Video: Best Instagram Video Editor Overall

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Edit Instagram Videos Now

OS: iOS, Android
Key Features:

Preset Insagram Video Editing Filters

YouCam Video's Presets add instant flair to your Instagram videos

When you have less time, but still want to add something extra to you videos, YouCam Video has preset filters. The app's preset filters include:

  • Color adjustment
  • Animated filters
  • Layouts & text
  • Makeup, hair color & more!

▲ Apply presets directly from the home page or create your own to add later!

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Download YouCam Video

Not only can you choose from a range of creative and fun presets to add to your videos, you can also create your own preset filters to add in one-tap later on for speedier editing on the go.

▲ Create aesthetic Instagram Videos with YouCam Video's instant preset filters

Instagram Video Editing Creative Filters & Effects

YouCam Video has tons of effects & filters

YouCam Video is the most comprehensive video editing app available:

  • 500+ stunning effects and filters.
  • Creative AI border effects
  • Sparkling animated effects
  • 100+ Stickers & more!

▲ Try a wide range of filters from sparkles to flowers

Intagram Video Editing: Add Music

Add music to your Instagram videos with YouCam VideoWhen you want to take your Instagram videos to the next level YouCam Video lets you easily apply music to your videos:

  • 1000+ music library
  • Add your own music
  • Control volume & placement

Instagram Video Editing: Add Text

YouCam Video also has extensive ways to add text to your videos too:

  • 30+ fonts
  • Change text color
  • Align your text

Instagram Video Editing: Retouch

Refine your Instagram videos by quickly removing any skin blemishes or imperfections with YouCam Video's smart retouch & reshape tools!

  • Remove blemishes & acne scars
  • Smooth skin & remove wrinkles
  • Airbrush your skin on video
  • Reshape your face, eyes, nose, lips & more!

Instagram Video Editing: Makeup

YouCam Video doesn’t stop at the basics. It has in-depth makeup editing so you can apply any look you want to match your aesthetic. It adds an extra element to your videos to make them more cohesive and lets you show the camera your good side no matter what!

  • Try lipstick, eyeshadow, blush & more
  • Eyelashes & eyeliner
  • Creative & everyday makeup looks

Learn how to edit your Instagram videos now

2. InShot | Best Technical Instagram Video Editor

OS: iOS, Android
InShot makes it easy to cut, merge, and trim your video. When it comes to Instagram, the app lets you edit voiceover video and sync your sound without the hassle. You can even add layers to combine your videos and photos to include all the best parts of Instagram. InShot works best if your main focus is on your audio, whether you want to add your own voice or fun sound effects.

3. Picsart | Best Creative Instagram Video Editor

OS: iOS, Android
’s video editor lets you create the perfect IG Stories and Reels with everything from music to filters. You can create the exact dimensions you need by adjusting the video ratio in the app and easily trim or blend your videos in seconds. Picsart also lets you create video collages and slideshows to create the most variety when it comes to the types of videos you can make and share.

4. VSCO | Best Trend Instagram Video Editor

OS: iOS, Android
Giving rise to a trend after its own name, VSCO is one of the most popular photo & video editing apps available for iOS & Android. The sheer amount of filters and effects available make it easy to understand why it's still a wildly popular editing app.

5. Filto | Best Aesthetic Instagram Video Editor

OS: iOS, Android
FILTO is a newer app to the video editing game, but it’s definitely a heavy hitter. Filled full of creative filters, effects & stickers, there’s tons of effects to make your videos pop. Our only complaint is that it lacks some of the video editing capabilities of other apps.

6. CapCut | Best Advanced Instagram Video Editor

OS: iOS, Android
Created for more Android audience, CapCut is an excellent video editing app. CapCut is feature-packed, which is a good thing, although it could be too advanced for more novice editors.

7. Funimate | Best Fun Instagram Video Editor

OS: iOS, Android
FUNIMATE is the go-to app for making fun looping videos. In addition to fun looping edits, there’s tons of video filters, cool transitions, thousands of video backgrounds, slow motion effects, and more.

8. Videoleap | Best Instagram Video Editor for Fine-Tuning

OS: iOS, Android
Videoleap, the perfect app for beginner video editors, you can apply artistic effects, mix videos with images, and even add text and layer transformations to your videos without any advanced knowledge.

9. Zoomerang | Best Instagram Video Editor for Inspirational Edits

OS: iOS, Android
Zoomerang is a fun TikTok alternative, but lacks the range of filters that TikTok and other apps offer. It's good for a quick edit, but not for more in-depth video edits for your Instagram videos.

10. Canva | Best Instagram Video Editor for Templates

OS: iOS, Android
Canva is good if you're looking for a resouce for templates and stickers, however the app lacks some of the more fun filter options and video editing tools available in other apps.

How to Edit Aesthetic Instagram Videos 

Learn how you can edit your Instagram videos with some aesthetic filters using YouCam Video.

Step 1. Download the Best Video Editor for Instagram 

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Edit Instagram Videos Now

First of all, to get started editing your Instagram videos you'll want to download the free YouCam Video app for iPhone of Android.

Step 2. Upload Your Video

Edit your Instagram video with YouCam Video

Once you've got the app you'll want to start uploading your video. Tap the "+" icon, at the bottom of the homepage to choose your video. If you want, you can shoot a fresh video in-app by tapping the camera icon in the top right corner

From here you can choose the orientation for your video, for Instagram you'll want 9:16 which you'll see has the Instagram icon for you to find it easily. The app also has easy to find orientations for all your favorite socials including TikTok and YouTube.

Step 3. Edit Your Instagram Video

Now it's time to edit! Choose from YouCam Video's wide range of filters and effects including:

  • Sparkle, butterfly & other animated filters
  • Preset filters that you can personalize
  • Stickers
  • Hair color filters & much more

Step 4. Save & Share

Now you've edited your masterpiece it's time to share it! Tap the tray icon in the upper right corner and choose your video quality and output settings. You can also share it to your favorite socials including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more.

Download YouCam Video the Best Free Instagram Video Editor App

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Edit Instagram Videos Now

YouCam Video gives you more editing features and tools than any other video filter app. When you need to reach your followers on Instagram, YouCam Video makes it easy to upgrade your videos in seconds. Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android and find out what makes it the best free video editing app!

Other Instagram Video Editing Ideas

Best Instagram Video Editing Apps FAQ

What is the best free video editor?

There are a lot of different video editing apps available for both iPhone and android. Choosing the best free video editor for you is down to a number of things including, the type of video you want to edit, how you want to edit your video, and anything specific you might want to add to your video edit. This guide has some directions to help you choose.

What video editor do YouTubers use?

YouTubers have a variety of apps that they prefer to use when editing their videos for YouTube. These include, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro Cc. These tools are great if you need powerful video editing software, but for simpler video editing on your iPhone or android device you might want to consider a video editing app for your mobile.

What is the best free video editor for beginners?

There are many great video editing software options available including, Blender, Shortcut, iMovie, Magisto, KineMaster and more.

How can I teach myself to edit videos?

One of the best ways to learn the basics of video editing is to try a video editing app on your mobile device. For example, YouCam Video, InShot, and Filmora among others, have easy-to-use features that you can use to edit amazing videos.

What is the best video editing app for Instagram?

There are a number of different video editing apps that can create great Instagram videos for your Reels, Stories and more. Our top pick is YouCam Video for an all-round video editing experience and to create videos thatstand out on your feed. Edit your Instagram videos with a wide variety of tools including: 

  • Makeup filters
  • Retouch & reshape features
  • Add text & music
  • Animated filters 
  • AI effects & more!

What is the best video editor for Instagram?

The best video editor for Instagram is the free YouCam Video app. The app has a wide range of filters and effects for you to take your Instagram videos to the next level. Download the app for iPhone or Android and start editing amazing Instagram videos instantly.

What is the difference between Instagram Reels and videos?

The main difference between instagram reels and videos is length. Reels are much shorter and designed to be Instagram's answer to TikTok, where as videos in Instagram can last up to 60 minutes.

Edit Amazing Instagram Videos with the Best Free Video Editor in 2023

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Edit Instagram Videos Now

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