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5 Best Free Video Editing Apps For Instagram Video

Mar 12, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Make every Instagram Video pop with the best video editing app

In the age of video, even Instagram has shifted its focus beyond still images. If you want to grow your following, you need to know how to make videos for Instagram that wow your followers. With the right video editing app, you can create viral videos that get noticed. Keep reading to discover the best video editing apps that will make your videos stand out on any social feed!

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Choosing the Best Video Editing App for You

When you want your videos to get attention, you need an app that makes them the best they can be. Not every app works well for every user, so before you choose yours, consider your personal video editing needs. You might want to create exciting and fun reels while someone else is looking for a more professional look. You can find apps for both, but knowing the one to choose makes all the difference in how people see your videos. When you choose your app, consider things like:
  • The focus of your video
  • Features and effects you want to add
  • Color and video quality
  • Frame organization and transitions
  • Tone and visual impact

If you want to adjust your video quality alone, for example, an app that focuses on additional effects like music, text, and animation might not work as well for you. Discover several different apps below to find out which one can enhance your video in all the right ways!

Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram Video Available Right Now

There are tons of video editing apps out there. We’ve saved you the trouble of trying them all by gathering a few of the best ones right here.

1. YouCam Video

YouCam Video is the most comprehensive video editing app available. It lets you adjust your video quality as well as add stunning effects and filters that make it shine. YouCam Video is made for sharing your videos on social media with portrait, landscape, and even square orientations specific to Instagram. Its intelligent technology also means you don’t have to make manual edits like you would in other video editing software.

Best Video Editing App For Instagram

YouCam Video doesn’t stop at the basics. It has in-depth makeup editing so you can apply any look you want to match your aesthetic. It adds an extra element to your videos to make them more cohesive and lets you show the camera your good side no matter what!

+ Made for social media
Extensive quality editing options
Lots of filters and effects
Easy and quick to use
Makeup and hair editing features

- No backgrounds or frames
Can’t use brushes and some other customization features

2. InShot

InShot makes it easy to cut, merge, and trim your video. When it comes to Instagram, the app lets you edit voiceover video and sync your sound without the hassle. You can even add layers to combine your videos and photos to include all the best parts of Instagram. InShot works best if your main focus is on your audio, whether you want to add your own voice or fun sound effects.

+ Extensive sound editing features
+ Easy trimming and merging tools
+ Video speed adjustments
+ Many filters and sound effects

- Few stickers and animated effects
- Few collage options

3. Picsart

Picsart’s video editor lets you create the perfect IG Stories and Reels with everything from music to filters. You can create the exact dimensions you need by adjusting the video ratio in the app and easily trim or blend your videos in seconds. Picsart also lets you create video collages and slideshows to create the most variety when it comes to the types of videos you can make and share.

+ Many options for video styles
+ Dimensions specific to IG
+ Trendy filters and effects
+ Video collages
+ Video trimming and merging
+ Extensive music library

- No speed editing features

4. Canva

Canva is known for creating beautiful images and designs, but it can help with your videos, too. You can seamlessly edit on mobile with features like splicing and cutting and even add transitions and music to bring your video to life. Then, share to Instagram directly from Canva, so you don’t even need to make space on your phone!

+ Features specific to social media sharing
+ Share directly from Canva to IG
+ Trimming, cutting, and splicing tools
+ Easy to add transitions and effects

- Many features and effects require the premium version
- Can’t combine photos and videos

5. Filmora

Filmora lets you trim, split, merge, and even rotate your video clips. It has templates to help you create as well as edit your videos, and you can adjust the display however you like. With effects like music, voiceover, animation, and stickers, the app has plenty of exciting tools to enhance your videos. You can even use its advanced camera features and AR camera to create memoji and animoji selfie videos. When you’re done, share straight to Instagram!

+ Has backgrounds and layering
+ Many animated text and sticker features
+ Share videos to IG straight from the app
+ Take video with the app

- No video collage options
- No custom brushes

Download the Best Free Video Editing App for Instagram Stories: YouCam Video

YouCam Video gives you more editing features and tools than any other video filter app. When you need to reach your followers on Instagram, YouCam Video makes it easy to upgrade your videos in seconds. Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android and find out what makes it the best free video editing app!

Best Video Editing App For Instagram

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best free video editor?

There are a lot of different video editing apps available for both iPhone and android. Choosing the best free video editor for you is down to a number of things including, the type of video you want to edit, how you want to edit your video, and anything specific you might want to add to your video edit. This guide has some directions to help you choose.

2. What video editor do YouTubers use?

YouTubers have a variety of apps that they prefer to use when editing their videos for YouTube. These include, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro Cc. These tools are great if you need powerful video editing software, but for simpler video editing on your iPhone or android device you might want to consider a video editing app for your mobile.

3. What is the best free video editor for beginners?

There are many great video editing software options available including, Blender, Shortcut, iMovie, Magisto, KineMaster and more.

4.  How can I teach myself to edit videos?

One of the best ways to learn the basics of video editing is to try a video editing app on your mobile device. For example, YouCam Video, InShot, and Filmora among others, have easy-to-use features that you can use to edit amazing videos.

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