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4 Ways To Create Stunning Fall TikTok Videos with a Video Filter

Sep 10, 2021 · 3 minutes read
4 Ways To Create Stunning Fall TikTok Videos with a Video Filter

Summer went by in a flash, but with fall on the way there’s so much on the horizon. With the crisp air, leaves changing, and tons of exciting events like Halloween and Pride Month, there are so many reasons to get outside and record a fun TikTok or selfie video. With the YouCam Video app, once you’ve captured your fall footage, you can easily enhance it with a video filter to help your content shine.

Add a Filter To Your Video

Taking your fall TikToks or selfie videos to the next level is super easy with a video editing app such as YouCam Video. From color refinement to adding text and stickers, there are so many ways to edit and stylize your videos. When you want to add a fun video filter to a video, YouCam Video has you covered. Read on to discover why YouCam Video is the best video filter app to enhance your videos.

How To Put a Filter on a Video

Adding a filter to your video clips with a video filter app has never been easier. Once you have filmed your TikTok or selfie video, download the YouCam Video app. Then simply upload your clip to YouCam Video to start experimenting with video filters. Read on to discover four of the best video filters to use on your TikTok videos this fall.

Video Filter

Video Filter #1: Earth Tones

For a more down to earth style as we come into fall, the Earth Tone range of video filters in YouCam Video can give your video clips a more mellow naturecore tone. When you want to add subtle rays of sunlight, or give your videos a nature vibe with an extra touch of green and yellow tones, these will be your go-to filters. Add these filters to your clips when you are looking for a natural, yet effective enhancement to your TikTok videos.

Video Filter

Video Filter #2: Warm and Cozy

As the weather starts to cool down and the warm sweaters and chunky scarves come out, it’s the perfect time to create a cozy scene in your videos. Whether your video features footage of nature, or shots of friends cuddling up inside with good books and cups of tea, warm up your fall TikToks with the collection of video filters called warm and cozy. These filters create a rich ambience that is the perfect addition to any fall video clip.

Video Filter

Video Filter #3: Rainbow Filter

Even though it’s not quite Pride Month yet, there’s no reason you can’t start the celebrations early. With the rainbow filter on the YouCam Video app, you can choose from a fun selection of rainbow filters, including soft and subtle styles, as well as more vibrant and dramatic filters that will brighten up your videos instantly. These video filters are perfect for brightening up those clips that are shot on gloomy fall days too! Add some extra color to your selfie videos with a colorful rainbow style.

Video Filter

Video Filter #4: 60s Aesthetic

The 60s aesthetic has a colorful style that reflects the spirit of the decade. The 60s Aesthetic range of filters features a variety of colors and hues that can give your TikTok videos a whole new look. This creative video filter collection will certainly help you light up your social feed this fall.

Video Filter

Try the best video filter editor YouCam Video

From bright and colorful to more low-key and subtle, there are so many unique filters to discover in YouCam Video. Play around and discover your new favorite fall filter now!

YouCam Video Filter

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