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Photo Editing

How to Get Autumn Aesthetic Vibes in Pictures

Aug 29, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Leaves, sweaters, cooler temperatures, pumpkins, pies, and blankets! You know what we’re talking about just from those words, don’t you? It’s fall! The beautiful autumn season is upon us, and it’s time to get your picture editing tools ready for amazing atmospheric snaps akin to the season.

Add Aesthetic Autumn Vibes to PhotosAdd Aesthetic Autumn Vibes to Photos

Whether you want to add a fall-esque filter to your image or you’re looking for a fun sticker to accentuate your photo, there are countless ways for you to get the autumn aesthetic. Discover all the fall/autumn themed tools and features in the YouCam Perfect app, including brand-new animated effects, animated stickers, and templates, as well as dreamy autumn-inspired effects, frames, templates, and stickers.

Add Aesthetic Autumn Vibes to Photos with YouCam Perfect

Whether you’re looking for photo editing with autumn vibes or you want to make any standard photo sparkle just a bit more, the YouCam Perfect app is just what you need to make it happen. Widely known as the best free photo editing app on the market, it has all the features you need to create beautiful photos.

Get Aesthetic Autumn Photos with YouCam Perfect

From stickers and text to filters and object removal, YouCam Perfect has all the tools you need. Specifically, though, autumn is almost here, and it’s time to get creative with fall-inspired edits. Continue reading to find out what else YouCam Perfect has to offer!

#1. Brand-NEW Falling Leaves Overlay Effects

Falling Leaves Overlay EffectsFalling Leaves Overlay Effects

Fall vibes are the same every year, but the same cannot be said for the templates, animated effects, and stickers available in the YouCam Perfect app. Let’s talk about the brand new offers the app has for your ultimate autumn aesthetic. The app has many new materials this year, including three animated effects, three animated stickers, and seven templates. The animated effects are of falling leaves overlay, maple leaves falling and shine, and a maple leaf in the air. Animated effects are especially great for a photo that needs a little something extra. Be sure to use YouCam Perfect’s customization tools to either slow down or speed up the animation to your exact liking. 

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#2. Creative Autumn Templates

Autumn Aesthetic TemplatesAutumn Aesthetic Templates

Another fun way to add the autumn aesthetic to your pictures is with an already curated template. The YouCam Perfect app has seven new ones available to play with, each featuring colors, patterns, and motifs of the season to perfectly accentuate your fall pics. 

Get Aesthetic Autumn Photos with YouCam Perfect

We are all creative in our own way, but sometimes you just need to rely on another’s design for your inspiration! You can create autumn-inspired artistic masterpieces with YouCam Perfect’s seasonal templates, and there are several options to choose from. Most templates can be customized with your preferred colors and background, so the possibilities for autumn vibe creation are truly endless!

#3. Autumn Themed Stickers

Autumn StickersAutumn Stickers

Stickers are probably the quickest and easiest way to add that fall flair to your photo, which is why it’s so wonderful that YouCam Perfect has added several new autumn animated stickers for you to add falling leaves or other fun pieces to your image. Put them in a corner for a more subtle accent or overlap the subject for a more bold accent. Alternatively, you can embrace the cozy season with the autumn sticker packs that have 20+ unique fall themed stickers you can add to your pics. 

#4. Warm & Cozy Autumn Filter Pack

Autumn Aesthetic FiltersAutumn Aesthetic Filters

Sometimes all you need to add that extra flair to your picture is a fall color filter, and YouCam Perfect has six beautiful ones to choose from. You can add soothing, warm autumn vibes to your photos with this effect pack while also matching the fall aesthetic of the changing colors of the season. 

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#5. Fall Themed Frames

Fall FramesFall Frames

Adding a curated frame to your image is the perfect way to translate those fall vibes because it draws the eye into your creation. YouCam Perfect knows this is a great photo editing tool, which is why they have an amazing fall frame pack with six unique seasonal frames to elevate your photos. To try these frames out for yourself, navigate to Frames at the bottom of your screen, then scroll until you see Fall. What you create from there is all up to you! 

Embrace Aesthetic Autumn With YouCam Perfect

Adding the autumn aesthetic to your pictures is easy with the YouCam Perfect app, so don’t wait to download it for either iOS or Android now to get started!

Download YouCam Perfect Now

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