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Video Editing

How to Slim Your Face on Videos

Oct 16, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Slim Your Face on Videos

How to slim your face

There are so many options for face slimming these days, from more invasive surgery options to less invasive makeovers or face slimming exercises (it’s true!). The most common options include:
  • Face slimming botox
  • Face slimming fillers
  • Face slimming surgery

How to slim your face

Botox and aesthetics (the beautician kind), are all well and good, but all these kinds of options are invasive, expensive, and in some cases require upkeep and multiple appointments. Lucky for us, beauty has come a long way and there are a variety of non-invasive (and frankly, cheaper) options available. Some ways to slim your face on videos effortlessly:
  • Face contouring makeup
  • Face slimming haircuts
  • Face slimming app
From these options, you are probably most familiar with face contouring makeup and hairstyles that can help achieve the look of a slimmer face. Although we all know about FaceTune’s ability to retouch selfies and change backgrounds, a face slimming app might be more surprising to you, especially for videos. YouCam Video has many useful tools to help you create the look you want on your selfie videos, whether that be for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram or any other socials. In particular, YouCam Video’s retouch tools allow you to easily achieve a slimmer face on your selfie videos in just a few taps. Read on to discover how to slim your face on videos in a couple of fun ways with YouCam Video.

Face Slimming App for Selfie Videos

We all know about selfie apps that can retouch your photos, but retouching videos is a different matter. YouCam Video has a wide selection of retouch tools that allow you to create the look you want on your selfie videos. In particular, for face slimming, YouCam Video has a retouch tab that includes the option to adjust your face shape.

To slim your face with YouCam Video simply:

  1. Open the YouCam Video app ( you can Download YouCam Video from the App Store or Google Play Store).
  2. Upload the selfie video you wish to slim your face on.
  3. Go to the Retouch tab.
  4. Under Retouch go to Face Shape. Adjust your face as much or as little as you want with all the features!

How to slim your face on video

The face shape tab allows you to refine your facial features in a number of ways:
Adjust your whole face shape - this reduces (or increases) the overall size of your face.
  • Refine your chin shape - make your chin larger or smaller, or even adjust chin length.
  • Increase or reduce the width of your face.
  • Enhance your cheekbones.
  • Smooth out your jawline for a softer effect.

How to slim your face on video

In combination all these tools can help to achieve the slim face you want on your selfie videos. However, there is also another option for you to try with YouCam Video, contouring and highlights with virtual makeup.

How To Contour Your Face on Selfie Video using Virtual Makeup

Another super useful aspect of YouCam Video is the wide variety of virtual makeup that you can use on your selfie videos. If you want to slim your face using contour and highlight, but don’t know how to do that makeup yourself, YouCam Video can help. There is a whole makeup studio that can apply full makeup looks, or you can simply design your own makeup look from scratch.

To try out the contour and highlight features in YouCam Video simply:

  1. Open YouCam Video (download YouCam Video from iOS or Android stores).
  2. Upload the video you want to edit.
  3. Tap on the Makeup tab.
  4. Scroll across to see the Contour and highlight tabs.

How to slim your face on video

The contour tool has a variety of contouring patterns for you to try out and you can try the contour in various shades as well. Adjust how intense the contouring makeup is as you like and then see the results. For highlights there is a similar set up, choose your pattern, color and intensity as you like.

How to slim your face on video

These are just a couple of ways to enhance your selfie videos in an easy way to achieve the look you want. YouCam Video has a wide variety of other tools and features to create fun and exciting TikToks, YouTube, or Instagram videos. From unicorn hair color, to aesthetic filters and effects, there are tons of features to try out on your next selfie video.

How to slim your face on video

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